11 Ways to display collections for best impact

11 May, 2023

11 Ways to display collections for best impact

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Collectors around the world find they start keeping particular items for sentimental reasons, or sometimes collections start as investments. It is easier to keep and display collections as a homeowner where you have space to enjoy your items. In this article we offer you 11 ways to display collections for great impact. Read on to learn more.

Great impact ways to display collections

ways to display collections
Gather items by function as a way to display them

Collecting is a hobby many of us enjoy. Whether it’s vintage stamps, antique teapots, sports memorabilia, or even unique pebbles from your travels, each collection tells a story. A story about who you are, what you love, and the journeys you’ve taken. But what’s the point of having these fascinating pieces if they’re hidden away? Here are some creative ways to display your collections and make them a focal point in your home.

Top 11 Ways to display collections

  1.  Use shelves for structured ways to display collections

The most obvious and classic choice is to use shelves. However, you can elevate shelves as ways to disp0lay collections by being selective. Select carefully what you put on display. Top Tips –

  • Group items by theme, colour, or size for a cohesive look.
  • Experiment with the arrangement, create some depth and height by stacking some items or using stands for others.
  • Floating shelves can work well for a modern, minimalist aesthetic, while rustic wooden shelves may suit a more traditional or country style.
  • Consider an acrylic display case which has all the advantages of shelving units, plus the fact it will keep your collection safe from dust, debris, and other accidents too.

Again, just try to make the display as arty as possible.

ways to display collections
Consider shelves as how to display small decorative items.
  1.  Try shadow boxes

Shadow boxes are a really useful way to display small collectables. They add depth to your collection and turn each of your collected items into a work of art in their own right. From vintage buttons to military medals, anything can be showcased in a shadow box. Plus, they can be easily hung on a wall or placed on a shelf depending on what you plan to do with them. 


  1.  Create a gallery wall

Why should paintings and photographs have all the fun? Gallery walls can be fantastic ways to display collections too. This could work well for items like decorative plates, hats, or vinyl records. Be creative with the layout and intersperse the items with artwork or mirrors for added interest. The good thing about this option is, the more stuff you have, the more interesting your gallery wall will appear, so if you’re a hoarder of your collection, this could be just the option for you.

ways to display collections
A display wall gives you a lot of space and latitude to share your collection for impact
  1.  Upcycled items

Upcycled items can add a unique touch to your display. A vintage ladder could serve as a creative bookshelf, or old wine crates could be mounted on the wall to showcase small trinkets. The possibilities are endless and allow for a truly personalised display.


  1.  Under a glass cloche

A glass cloche is a stylish way to display small collectables while also keeping them safe. It draws the eye and adds a touch of elegance to any collection from the most delicate ornaments to the quirkiest vintage robots, amongst other things. A cloche can protect delicate items while still allowing them to be appreciated from all angles, which is exactly what collectors of small delicate objects require, I’m sure you will agree.


  1.  Hanging displays

Don’t forget that your walls can be a great display space, and offer a modern way to display collectibles especially if you have a larger collection of items. Everything from hats and guitars to vintage toys and even pretty scarves, can be hung on the walls so that you can enjoy your collection wherever you are in your home or whatever you may be doing. This is also a really good hack for those of you who want to proudly display your collections while also saving as much space in your home as possible. 


  1.  Use your furniture

Large collections can be integrated into your furniture. A coffee table with a glass top and a display drawer can be a fantastic way to showcase items such as books, crystals, and even delicate ornaments These are safer ways to display collections naturally if you don’t have any children or pets in the home! Alternatively, a bookcase could double up as a display case for your favourite items.

ways to display collections
Use your shelves and furniture to create a niche area for your displays. It’s how to display collections without looking cluttered.
  1.  Make use of unconventional spaces

Don’t limit your display to conventional spaces. There are many different ways to display collections in the home. Think about less traditional areas, like the space above your kitchen cabinets or a narrow hallway. Smaller collections can be displayed on mantelpieces, window sills or even on top of a stack of books.


  1.  Use a room divider

A room divider can offer a unique way to showcase your collection while also serving as a functional piece of furniture. Choose a divider with shelves or one made of a transparent material, like glass or acrylic, so your collection can be viewed from both sides.


  1.  Incorporate your collection into your everyday life

Some collections can be integrated into your daily life. Collectable china is one such collection. Beautifully patterned vintage teacups can be used when you have guests over for tea. You can also find a small table top unit for small items. It’s how to display trinkets to best effect. 

Collections of everyday items seen in your home

Or, your collection of colourful scarves can be displayed on a rack and chosen for your outfit of the day. This approach is one of the handy ways to display collections. And it allows you to enjoy your collection in a practical way which is good because it is often such a shame when people spend their lives building a collection only to hide it away in the attic and rarely ever interact with it at all.


  1.  Create a dedicated space

If you have a collection you’re particularly proud of, why not dedicate a whole space to it? A reading nook could house your collection of antique books, or a corner of your living room could become a mini museum of your travel souvenirs.

Using the spare room for alternative ways to display collections

If you have a spare room, then you could kit it out with wall-to-wall shelving units and glass display cases. These are good ways to display your collections. Turn it into your very own mini-museum of your very own collectibles. Some people who do this even open up their collections to the public, although that might be a bridge too far for many homeowners!

Final thoughts on ways to display collections

So there you have it. A wonderful selection of 11 ways to display collections for impact in your home. Showcasing your collections doesn’t just have to be about preservation, it can also be an extension of your personal style and a way to make your home truly unique. Remember, the goal of displaying a collection is to enjoy it.

Choose the ways to display collections that best highlight the uniqueness of your items. Ensure that they bring you joy every time you see them. Have fun showing off your collections!


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