3 Energy Efficient Tips for your Home

19 Aug, 2020

3 Energy Efficient Tips for your Home

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Managing our use of energy in each individual home will help us sustain the limited natural resources. As every homeowner knows it takes work to keep energy efficient at home but with a few simple steps you can maintain optimal use of all domestic energy used. Here are three energy efficient tips for your home to help you get started, save money and manage use of global natural resources.

Top Tips to keep your Home Energy Efficient

Energy efficient
Choose energy efficient light bulbs

With how much damage the overuse of energy can cause to our environment, many people are becoming more interested in living more environmentally friendly. This goes for how they travel, where they shop and even where they live. 

Many people want their homes to be energy-efficient, so they can reduce their carbon footprint and do their part to help the world. Not only that, but many home buyers want an efficient home, so making your home more energy-efficient can actually increase it’s value. But what are some things you can do to boost the efficiency of your home? Well, this article is going to go over a few of them.

Reduce Your Usage

Careful home energy management helps the national grid

If you want your home to be more energy-efficient, the first thing to do is reduce your usage. Most of us use far more energy than we need. We leave the lights on, waste a lot of water, and overuse things like air conditioners and furnaces.

Using these less, and for shorter amounts of time, can greatly reduce our contribution to the degradation of nature. Sure, this involves some changing of habits, but helping the environment is worth it. For example, instead of cranking the heat on a winter day, consider reaching for a blanket or a comfy sweater.

Reducing usage could also help you out financially, as well. While perhaps the best way to save on your energy bill every month is to check EnergyBot and compare rates, reducing your usage can also save you a lot.

Energy efficient LED lighting in large formats

LED lighting can more importantly save even more money when used in larger rather than simply domestic formats.  Arenas like schools or factories, office buildings and hospitals, all benefit from wider use of LED lighting where suitable simply because of the cost savings.

Purchase and Use Energy Efficient Solutions

While some people are willing to make significant changes to reduce their usage, others cannot be bothered. Thankfully, there are still ways to make your home more energy efficient without having to change much at all. For example, if you switch out your lights for efficient LED bulbs, you can cut down your energy usage and cost by a large amount. Not only that, but they will often last much longer, and will only cost you a few dollars more than traditional bulbs.

Other examples include purchasing a low flow toilet, efficient appliances like fridges, washing machines and dishwashers. Sure, some of these solutions and appliances will be costly, but they will eventually pay for themselves with how much they are able to save you.

Protect Your Home from the Weather

Insulate your walls to minimise heat loss in Winter

One of the most underrated, yet important, parts of having an energy-efficient home is weatherizing it. This essentially means sealing the home so that the outdoor air stays outside. If you have any leaks or cracks in your home, they could be letting the air in and out? But why is this a problem?

Well, if you are trying to keep your home cool with air conditioning, and this crack is letting a draft of hot air in, you will need to run your air conditioner for much longer to reach your desired temperature. As a result be on the lookout for any cracks, leaks or drafts in your walls.

They can happen anywhere, but they are most common by doors, windows or other entry points to the outdoors. In addition to identifying and sealing these leaks, your home should also have efficient windows, and a sufficient amount of insulation present. All of this will help your home maintain the temperature you like much easier.

Managing vacant property efficiently

Find housesitters

When you are leaving your home to go on holiday, resist the urge to leave all the lights on while you are away. This can be very expensive and waste energy especially if you are on holiday for several weeks at a time. Naturally, you will be concerned about the security of your home and property. A better way to manage the security of your home and the energy bills is to find housesitters. Join a housesitting website to find live in housesitters who will guard your home.

Free sitters – Yes, free housesitters!

If you choose the right sitters from a professionally run website you can also find free housesitters. These sitters will move into your home as live in house and petsitters. So they can also offer petsitting to look after any resident pets. They will pay their own way and care for your home and pets as if they were their own. The people who choose to do this are often retired or semi retired folk who like to travel and have active holidays. They exchange their time and services for free accommodation. It’s a fair exchange. And in this way you can find free housesitters. Plus they offer added advantages…

Snowbird home protection

If you live in a cold climate and your home must cope with very cold weather housesitters can help. Regular Snowbirds who seek sunnier climes in the colder months know the value of live in housesitters. They can manage your property and the snow gathering outside your front door. They also will be present to manage any extreme weather situations such as burst pipes in your home which might happen in your absence. Housesitters can be hugely beneficial in your absence.

Garden sitters help eliminate signs of an empty property

One real giveaway sign of an empty property is a neglected garden. Your housesitters can also act as garden sitters to help you maintain the condition of your garden so that opportunists do not think it is abandoned and therefore worth breaking in.

A final word on being energy efficient

In conclusion, making your home a more energy-efficient place should be easy thanks to the tips in this article. Of course, these are far from the only three options, so be sure to do your own research and make the efficient changes that work for your life.



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