3 Essential home maintenance routines

26 Jul, 2022

3 Essential home maintenance routines

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If you are a homeowner or own another property, you will know about home maintenance. If you don’t then read on to learn the 3 essential home maintenance routines you absolutely much keep up to maintain the condition and value of your property.

3 Essential home maintenance routines to keep up

essential home maintenance
Wooden window frames and cladding need maintenance

Essential home maintenance routines are a key responsibility of homeownership

Being a homeowner is a big responsibility. It’s important that you can remember to perform a variety of essential home maintenance steps to keep your property in the best possible condition.

Thankfully, most of these are straightforward and easy to do.  They are certainly not as difficult as you might imagine. Read this informative guide to get you started. It contains three essential routines you need to make sure your property stays in great shape for years to come!

So, if you’re interested in finding out more, then simply read on to learn about best budgeting for home maintenance for essential home maintenance. 

Service your boiler 

One of the most important home maintenance steps that you need to follow is to service your boiler on a regular basis. Your boiler is such an important feature of your home, as it provides you with hot water and heating helping to keep your family warm and healthy during the cold winter months.

A boiler fail could mean no heating in the Winter

If you are left in the depths of winter without access to heating or hot water, then you will certainly be feeling uncomfortable and likely unwell.

Servicing your boiler is absolutely essential home maintenance. It will prevent such a scenario from ever taking place, so there’s no time like the present to call an expert to come down and test your boiler to make sure it’s in the best working condition. 

essential home maintenance
A boiler and hot water tank needs regular servicing for safety

Clean Your Drains 

Your drains should be cleaned regularly as part of your essential home maintenance, if you want to avoid blockages and flooding. Otherwise, you could run the risk of serious consequences if you forget to look after your drains.

Manage inside and outside drains for essential home maintenance

Cleaning drains inside your home is super easy. You can buy drain cleaning chemicals from most home stores for very little money. All you have to do is pour the chemicals into your drain. Let them do their magic. They will dissolve or dislodge any blockages or residue that’s built up inside your drains.

Outdoor drains are a little different, as you should enlist the help of expert drain services to make sure you can clean these more complex drain systems in the most effective way. A blocked garden drain can be a total nightmare, so find a professional to add to your phonebook. 

Maintain Your Garden 

essential home maintenance
Maintaining your garden keeps helps to sustain the value of your property and makes it look occupied even when you are away

Managing your garden is essential home maintenance

Does your garden currently look like a rainforest, overgrown with unruly plants that are close to taking over? This could actually be doing your home far more damage than you might ever expect. Big tree roots can dig their way beneath your home and subsequently cause real damage.

Tree surgeons regularly offer some key maintenance tips. They always warn against leaving large trees too close to the property. If can and often does affect your property’s structure. A wild garden can also attract pests in the form of insects, small animals like rodents and more.

So consider your planting scheme and maintain your lawn and flower beds to ensure the health of your plants and garden.

a front garden of a white house that looks like it has regular garden maintenance
Managing your garden is a priority in your essential home maintenance routines

Essential home maintenance in summary

It’s absolutely vital that you use these home maintenance steps if you can. It means you can take good care of your property. So what are you waiting for?

Get out there and take the opportunity to service your boiler, clean your drains, and maintain your garden to make sure everything stays in tip top condition! And if you are away from home ask your house sitter to check in and keep things going while you are away from home. 


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