4 Effective Tips for Selecting the Right Food for Your Dog with Skin Allergies

26 Feb, 2024

4 Effective Tips for Selecting the Right Food for Your Dog with Skin Allergies

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If you are a pet owner and have experience with dogs over the years you know that dogs with skin allergies can have a hard time. And by default their owners too worry and get anxious about this issue. In this article we offer four top tips on how you can help them by choosing the right food for your dog with skin ailments. Read on to learn more.

4 Effective Tips for Selecting the Right Food for Dogs with Skin Allergies

dog biscuits with nutrients for dogs with skin allergies

Offering dogs with skin allergies suitable nutrients in treats like dog biscuits can make it easier. Photo by okeykat

As a dog parent, you might see your dog experiencing discomfort from scratching and rashes. Dogs with skin allergies often have a hard time. These symptoms could be indicators of skin allergies. Similar to humans, dogs are also prone to developing frustrating skin conditions that can negatively impact their lives.

It’s distressing to witness your dog in discomfort

As a dog owner, it’s distressing to see your dog in excessive discomfort, compelling you to look for effective solutions. Selecting the food tailored to your dog’s needs could be one of the most crucial aspects of addressing skin allergies in your furry friend.

Not only are these allergies detrimental to your dog’s health but they can also be equally harmful to your well-being. A recent study in Allergo Journal International tried to examine how many dog owners are prone to dog allergies. Out of the surveyed dog owners, roughly 25.3% had dog allergies. Moreover, 16% of households having dogs had at least one person with a dog allergy during a skin test.

These findings indicate the urgent need to tackle the growing menace of skin allergies in dogs. To make things easier for you, this blog aims to shed light on a few easy tips that can help you do just that.

Consult with Your Veterinarian

a veterinary surgeon listening to an alsation's heart
If you have dogs with skin allergies make sure you consult your local veterinarian to ensure your care routines are suitable

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko

If you are unsure about making the right choices for your dog, it’s a wise decision to seek guidance from your veterinarian. On vet visits, you can get customized guidance based on your dog’s past and present health conditions. They can also suggest a few brands or formulas which are ideal for dogs with skin allergies.

Your vet will identify any dog skin allergies

Moreover, your vet can identify any health issues causing skin allergies in your dog and suggest suitable dietary changes. With regular veterinarian visits, you can fulfill your dog’s nutritional needs and effectively manage skin allergies.

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the preference for telehealth tools has been high among both veterinarians and pet owners. However, many pet owners prefer in-person visits.

In fact, 88% of pet owners believe that in-personal physical examinations and vet visits are important for the best care for their pets. These findings from the 2023 Pet Owner Attitude Survey highlight the importance of physical visits for superior care.

Choose Hill’s Dog Food for Better Health

adding nutrient tablets to a dog food bowl
Adding appropriate nutrients to your dogs meal can help dogs with skin allergies

Choose Hill’s dog food to promote your dog’s well-being. The brand offers many tailored formulas that are specifically made to fulfill different dietary needs, including skin sensitivities. Among their wide range of products, Hill’s Derm Complete dog food is designed to support skin health by removing different barriers.

The Hill’s prescription diet derm allows pet owners to witness skin healing in 21 days in dogs with food allergies. Moreover, this dry dog food helps improve sleep quality in your dog, thus supporting overall health. This information, extracted from PetCareRx, serves as a strong impetus for dog owners to switch to Hill’s prescription diet foods.

Prescription diet foods

Hill’s prescription diet foods are clinically tested to give satisfactory results in supporting healthy skin and coats. Containing rice protein concentrate and other quality ingredients, Hill’s Derm Complete dog food can reduce your dog’s discomfort from skin allergies.

Moreover, the brand offers products labeled as hypoallergic and limited ingredients, which are ideal for dogs with food and environmental sensitivities. Choosing Hill’s dog food means ensuring your dog receives the optimal amount of nutrition they need to flourish.

Monitor Your Dog’s Health

It’s important to regularly track any changes in your dog’s skin condition to maintain his overall health. Look for signs like itching, irritation, or redness, which could be indicative of a reaction to their food. Note down any changes you see and discuss them with your vet during visits.

You can take an active role in addressing nutrition if you have dogs with skin allergies by being aware of their health and adjusting their diet. Timely check-ups with your veterinarian are crucial to ensuring your dog gets the optimum care for their skin conditions. With the right interventions, you can witness your dog enjoying a happy and healthy life.

Your dog as a member of the family

Remember, many dog owners consider their dogs to be their family members rather than just pets. In fact, many individuals believe that caring for a dog is easier as compared to looking after a child. According to a survey of 1,000 American dog owners by USA TODAY, about 80% of dog owners reported having such beliefs.

With such findings, it becomes even more important to give your dogs with skin allergies the best they deserve. Regular monitoring allows you to shift your focus away from traditional methods toward creating customized plans to improve your dog’s health.

Read Ingredient Labels Look for Allergens

food packets on shop shelves
Make sure you read the product labels to ensure you are happy with the ingredients

Looking for potential allergens is crucial while choosing the food for your dog with skin allergies. Consider looking at ingredient labels for triggers like artificial additives. Choose foods that are particularly created to be hypoallergenic or limited ingredient diets to bring down the possibility of prompting allergic reactions.

A few dog food products don’t list hidden allergens such as fillers and by-products, making it essential for you to stay cautious. For sensitive dogs like yours, opt for organic ingredients that are unlikely to trigger any harmful reactions. You should also keep changing protein sources to reduce the risk of developing new allergies. This thorough scrutiny of labels can help you make the right and healthy choices for your dog.

Foods for dogs with skin allergies

Lastly, monitor your dog’s reaction to various foods and change their diet accordingly. After introducing new foods, maintain a diary to note any difference in their skin condition, itching, or discomfort.

Even after being aware, some pet owners still lack motivation to buy only healthy products for their furry friends. For such individuals, a 2023 survey by BENEO could act as a strong catalyst for change. As per their survey, over 50% of pet owners are ready to pay a premium price for pet food with scientifically proven healthy ingredients.

Final Thoughts on Dogs With Skin Allergies and How to Help Them

In closing, the choice of food is an important element in uplifting your dog’s well-being. By implementing these easy tips, you can make the right decisions that promote your dog’s skin health and reduce discomfort. Moreover, your veterinarian is a reliable ally in addressing any underlying health issues by taking into account your dog’s unique needs.

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