4 Top practical home design ideas

21 Aug, 2023

4 Top practical home design ideas

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If you are considering ways to design and refurbish your home and need affordable practical home design ideas read on. In this article we offer homeowners from all walks of life a number of inexpensive and practical ideas to refresh your home. Read on to learn more.

Winning Practical  Home Design Ideas to Consider

Choosing a different look and colour of the light bulbs in your home is among the most practical home design ideas that allow change

When you are putting a lot of effort into designing your property, it is paramount that you do not simply think about the most common features of homes. Instead think slightly broader. Consider a wider range of practical home design ideas that might be less popular and more unusual.

These are likely to become striking features of your home that will grab your guests’ attention. Then, here are some of the home design ideas that are always winners, no matter what your home looks like.

·      Bean Bags

Just because you want your home to be luxurious, this does not mean that it cannot be fun. Rather than only purchase smart and minimalist features for your abode, you should extend your interest to vibrant and exciting additions that can fulfill your inner child and can make your home an inviting space to be in.

practical home design ideas
Bean bags are not only popular in children’s rooms, they are very practical home design ideas

For instance, giant bean bags are comfortable and can prevent back pain, as well as easily stored. However, you should not leave your kids out of the action.

Instead, you should look around for a giant bean bag chair for a kids’ room that can make them feel at home in their room and ensure that they have a room that feels as if it has been specially designed with them in mind.

·      Statues

To ensure that your home design is arresting from the moment that any visitors step inside of it, you might consider investing in statues. Instead of sticking to wall art, statues can ensure that your house exudes expense and that you can tap into the classical styles that never go out of date.

Not only this, but owning a piece of art that you love can ensure that your home becomes a creative and inspiring place for you to live and work in, and it can mean that your home décor never blends in or looks too similar to anyone else’s.

Statues are also among the most mobile and highly practical home design ideas. You can take the statue from space to space, and move them around when you want a design refresh.

·      Fireplaces

feel at home
A few practical home design ideas around the fireplace include adding suitable seating, spot lights and accessories to get that ‘feel at home’ sensation

When you are looking into designing your home, you should make sure that your fireplace is at the top of your list. Even if you do not use it very often, your fireplace can make or break the appearance of your home. You should look for extravagant and stately fireplaces that match any other décor ideas that you have planned.

For instance, you might search for a marble or limestone mantelpiece that can look effortlessly stylish, while also keeping your home warm and cozy.

·      Feature Walls

If you want to draw attention to a certain part of your home, though, you should think about opting for a feature wall. A feature wall can be an excellent idea for those who want to avoid plain and boring walls.

practical home design ideas
Choose a colour and type of paint that creates a focal point and a protective layer for your room

You might decide to paint your feature wall in a different and more vivid color than the rest of your walls, or you might plaster wallpaper over it to give it add a pattern to it and to create a theme for your room. By doing this, you will be ensuring that this wall stands out.

If you are designing a child’s room, you might opt for wall murals and stickers for a quick and easy way to create a feature wall. A feature wall is a classic practical home design idea that breathes life and fun into this living space. And you can paint in a practical eggshell paint to protect against knocks and scratches.

Final thoughts on practical home design ideas

Wherever you live or keep a home it is an important step when you decide to refresh your home decor. Most of us look for practical home design ideas because it is likely we are organising the refurbishment largely ourselves.

So consider these great ideas for their instant practicality, their potential to refresh your home environment. Whether you choose to change your lightbulbs, add bean bags in various rooms, add movable statues, dress fireplaces or paint a feature wall each one offers impact at an affordable price.


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