5 Packing tips for moving house

8 Mar, 2023

5 Packing tips for moving house

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Most people move house several times in a lifetime. As a first time homeowner you may not have much experience. In this article we offer you 5 packing tips for moving house that will keep everything safe and secure.

5 Packing tips for moving house: How to keep everything safe and secure

packing tips for moving
Top packing tips for moving – Label the boxes as you pack them., Use a code you understand for the contents.

No one wants to move into a new home only to discover that precious possessions are damaged or worse destroyed. And hopefully they made it to your house safely. In order to prevent this from happening, you need to follow these tips. Whether you are moving three blocks or three states over, you will be able to get all of your items over without any fuss!

1.   Label boxes with care

In order to make sure that your moving boxes aren’t stolen either while you are packing them label in code. Make sure your code is as vague as possible when labeling your boxes. Especially if you have valuables and electronics it is good to be careful. Thieves like to steal electronic goods.  For example, if you have a Playstation 5 in a box, then label that box ‘family games’ to veil the contents.

2.   Take inventory as you pack

packing tips for moving
Pets become agitated as they sense their home environment changing – Help them prepare for a move

You don’t want to lose track of anything during the move. One of the top packing tips for moving is to keep track of your valuables. Don’t just check for everything as you start to unpack. Rather make a list of everything you might want to keep safe before you pack. Then write them down as you put them away in the boxes. Then you can match your unpacking to the list you made.

3.   Ensure your security system is packed last and unpacked first

As your home empties and you get closer to the move, keep any security systems working until the last day. You don’t want people to steal a box or two without any way to detect them. So make sure to keep your security system up and ready to go until the final day of your move. Then make sure that it is the first thing unpacked once you get into your new home.

make moving house easier
Planning big jobs like the packing ahead of time will help a great deal – Top packing tips for moving.

4.   Consider paying your moving company to pack your belongings

If you are already hiring a moving company for your move consider asking for more help.  You might as well have the moving company pack your belongings for you but remain mindful of these packing tips for moving. While you might have some personal items that you pack yourself it will help. And you will still be on hand to answer any questions that the moving company has.

The moving company will take care of packing your boxes and properly storing your stuff for you.

They are experts and will be able to pack your belongings properly because they have done it many times before. They know how to pack just about anything to where it survives the trip. Check moving quotes they offer on agoyu.com and then see if your moving company can pack your boxes for you!

5.   Keep your special belongings with you

packing tips for moving
Pack pet cushions and blankets last and unpack them first, to help settle them in their new home

One of our final packing tips for moving is if you have any special papers, jewelry, or other belongings that are extremely valuable, keep those separate.

You should put them in a bag or secure strongbox and then keep them with you at all times.

You don’t want them to be stolen or damaged, so make sure that you keep all your valuables with you and in your sight at all times.

It is better to be safe than sorry

Packing tips for moving house in summary

While you might think that you are being too safe and investing too much in security, think again.

Even if you are only moving a few blocks, it is better to keep all of your packed goods safe. This will ensure they aren’t damaged, lost, or stolen during the move.

After all, your home is the most vulnerable whenever you are moving out of the old one and into the new one, so keep your security up, make note of these packing tips for moving and you’ll also be able to keep your items close too!


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