5 Priority home spaces to upgrade

24 Mar, 2022

5 Priority home spaces to upgrade

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Sometimes it doesn’t matter how careful we are in managing our homes. Even if we give our properties regular attention, there are elements that will need an upgrade from time to time. We have all lived in rented properties. And in a rental the list of things that needs to be fixed or replaced is always too long. We excuse the list telling ourselves that it’s not our forever home.

However, as a homeowner things are obviously quite different. In reality there are 5 priority home spaces that should always command your attention. Read on to learn more about how to deal with them.

Five  priority home spaces everyone wants (or needs) to upgrade

5 priority home spaces
Attending to priority areas in a home will help it look like you have fully renovated

When a part of your home needs an upgrade, there can be no kicking the can down the road. And with UK house prices going up and up, it makes a lot more sense to work on developing your property instead of looking for somewhere new. But making these changes is about more than fixing problems. It is about bringing your property closer to your vision of your perfect home.

There are some rooms and elements of our homes that everyone wants to make their own. It does not matter whether you live in a new build house or a basement flat. Some rooms are always going to be at the top of the to-do list. Here are some of the most popular and the most necessary.

The Kitchen

As the old saying goes, the kitchen is the heart of the home. When the family comes home for Christmas, we immediately gather in the kitchen for a catch-up over a cup of tea and a biscuit. When we go to a friend’s barbeque party in the heat of the summer, there will always come the point when people move. You’ll notice that somehow everyone moves to the kitchen without it being announced.

In addition, the kitchen is also one of the parts of the home that can cause us the biggest headaches. How many of us have announced that we are sick and tired of the oven not cooking something properly? How many of us have said that we simply do not understand what the person who designed the layout of the kitchen was thinking?

Committing to a big kitchen redesign can be a serious undertaking, but it really is one of those areas that will benefit from an upgrade.

a classic look on your kitchen remodel
Attention to some details will help you to achieve a timeless look

Space for Big Appliances

On the note of ovens, every home has at least one major appliance that is no longer operating at the same high level that it used to. One of the most common culprits is the washer dryer. Over time, the parts will begin to wear out, and you will notice that it takes longer to drain and longer to dry. This is particularly important to think about right now as energy prices are going through the roof.

Can you really afford to keep putting your dryer on for another cycle in the hopes that it will actually dry your clothes instead of heating them up? Newer appliances will have a better energy efficiency rating, which means that they will help to save on your energy bills. We all need to think about how we can cut down on our carbon footprint, and this is a great place to start.


The bathroom is right up there, with the kitchen on most people’s lists of things they wish they could change about their homes. For some people, nothing will do except a complete remodel. That means ripping out the bath, shower, sink, flooring, and starting over from scratch.

There is definitely something liberating about taking the clean slate approach, and there is no substitute for having a bath or shower that you are actually happy with after months or even years of putting up with something you really do not like.

However, you do not need to take things as drastically as putting in underfloor heating. Bathroom remodels can be a very long process, and they can get very expensive very quickly.

Consider small aesthetic changes

It may be worth thinking about what smaller aesthetic changes you can make that will have a similar impact on a lesser scale and won’t take your bathroom out of action for a long time. For example, you could think about installing a stylish new sink instead of taking everything out, or even replacing the old faucets with something that speaks to your own personal vibe instead of what is already there.

make a better bathroom
Renovating a bathroom always makes a big impact keeping your home up to date

New Blinds and Window Treatments

One of the biggest changes you can make to the look and feel of any room is the window treatment. We all have at least one room in the house that feels like it would be so much nicer with better curtains or blinds. Perhaps if the curtains weren’t quite so drab and heavy it could feel more modern.

Blinds and curtains often like a significant project, too big to handle on a whim. It might not be a huge project, but it could make a dramatic improvement.

We would counter both of these points by saying that it can be a very simple process with the right provider. A window treatment is the kind of change that will absolutely improve how you feel about the room.

Save energy

With those increasing energy costs, this is a smart time to think about investing in thermal vertical blinds. They will keep the warmth in. You may not be feeling the need for that extra warmth this summer, but the autumn will be here before you know it.

Have a look at the selection of thermal blinds from Lifestyle Blinds. They can help you find the perfect match for your space, and they have a wonderful range of different options to choose from.

The Guest Room

– One of the really important 5 priority home spaces to remember

Anyone who has a spare room in their property knows the dangers of such a space. It can very easily turn into one of those spaces that is trying to do too many jobs. We put a bed in there in case someone comes over to stay the night. Then we also have our computer in there so it can double as a quiet office space.

We fill it with boxes and all the stuff that we want to keep but don’t have space for elsewhere. Then we get annoyed that we haven’t turned it into the home gym or entertainment centre. You know, those projects that we keep talking about. If we keep putting off converting our spare rooms into something useful, then we are creating an impossible task.

Final thoughts on the 5 priority home spaces to upgrade when you can

It is important to take a step back and ask yourself what you really want to do with these 5 priority home spaces. Many of us have now returned to the office, or at least will be in the near future, so maybe you don’t need to have a workstation in guest room. However, you still might need a space somewhere to find peace in a busy home. So why not think about setting up a mini library or screening room?

The summer may be a great time to toy with setting up a home gym to see what fits well in there. Alternatively, you could invest in some proper storage options. A room without a purpose is wasted space that you could be doing so much more with. Make the most of each space in your home with a clear purpose. And upgrade s often as you can with thoughtful appropriate accessories.


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