5 Small easy care dog breeds

12 Aug, 2022

5 Small easy care dog breeds

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While many of us have experience of pet care and in some countries that usually means dog care, some have not. If you’re considering getting a dog  and are worried about the pet being high maintenance, read on. Experienced pet owners know there are some easy care dog breeds that you should consider first.

5 Small easy care dog breeds

While it’s true that all dogs require a high standard of care, some breeds are more high maintenance than others. These five small easy care dog breeds are perfect for first-time dog owners. They are especially good for pet owners looking for a low-maintenance pet that’s easy to take care of.


easy care dog breeds
Dachsunds are very friendly dogs and great with children

Despite their size, miniature dachshunds are brave and make loyal companions and excellent family pets. They’re good with children if introduced to them at an early age and can get along with other pets too. Dachshunds only have little legs so you don’t need to worry about taking them out on long, strenuous walks. They only need around 30-60 minutes of exercise per day. And ideally you would split this up into two short walks.

Dachshunds can be difficult to train initially as they’re so stubborn, meaning that housetraining may require a bit of persistence but if you persevere you’ll have a sociable and devoted pint-sized companion for life.

French Bulldog

French bulldogs (or Frenchies) are cheeky and cuddly dogs, who make laid-back and loving pets who are happy to go along with whatever is happening. This makes them perfect for families and busy households as they’re equally happy curled up on a lap as they are on the road, travelling with their owners. Frenchies don’t need a lot of exercise, but a daily walk (or a couple of short walks) will help keep them healthy.


Pomeranians are confident and curious dogs with fantastic personalities. They can be stubborn at times but with proper training, they make an excellent pet who will enjoy following you around everywhere no matter what you’re doing. You’ll need to brush their coat daily but in return, you’ll get a clever and affectionate furry pal who loves new experiences.

small dog breeds
The Pomeranian is an easy dog to care for and play with

Jack Russell

Jack Russel terriers are perfectly petite, so ideal for small homes. They’re smart and make excellent guard dogs, so a great choice if you’re looking for a furry friend who’ll make you feel safer. Jack Russels are typically good-tempered with people and animals they know, making them an excellent family pet. Jack Russells are highly trainable, making housetraining easier. They’re energetic dogs who need plenty of exercise to keep them happy so they’re best suited to active households.

Shih Tzu

Shih Tzus may look fancy but they’re actually a fairly low-maintenance breed. Their docile personalities make them a good choice for families with children. Many Shih Tzus are happy to spend hours cuddling on the sofa, and when not cuddling they are sleeping. They only require moderate exercise of up to one hour per day and many are quite lazy!

Easy care dog breeds in Summary

All dogs require training, patience and understanding of their breed. Moreover they will have natural dog behaviours you need to be aware of. However, low-maintenance easy care dog breeds like these typically require less exercise. Moreover they will happily slot into most busy households and family life.

No matter what breed of dog you choose, don’t forget to purchase all the essentials you’ll need for your new fur baby, including a leather dog collar with an ID tag, a comfy bed, dog bowls and plenty of toys to keep your new dog happy and entertained.



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