How to play sports indoors – At home!

4 Jun, 2021

How to play sports indoors – At home!

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Experiences like the recent lockdown across the world changed many of our habits. For sports and activities we were suddenly restricted to literally playing at home. Now not all homeowners have a large enough house or garden to accommodate a sport and two teams playing the sport. Yet many of us found ourselves ready and willing to improvise with rules and equipment to play favourite sports indoors and at home.

Enjoy your favourite sports anytime – How to play sports indoors 

how to play sports indoors
Some sports can be easily adapted to indoors

Sometimes you just feel like staying back at home and not stepping out. Other times you might be forced to do that due to any number of factors like the rain or a lockdown! However, you might still want to play your favourite sports indoors but just can’t figure out how. Usually, the problem that we face is the lack of proper equipment, space, or team players.

Top tips if you want to play sports indoors

Even if we do have people who are as interested in playing, we can’t figure out a way to turn our outdoor sport into an indoor one.  

Today we’re going to be looking at a few ideas for how to play sports indoors and of course outdoors. In today’s world, we have so many tools available that we can accomplish any goal we want, In this article, we’ll help you to play sports indoors. So let’s get to it and find out how to enjoy the outdoor thrills while staying in your home.

1. Find the space

The most important aspect if you play sports indoors is to find the space necessary to play it indoors. Maybe you have a usable backyard or a huge basement that can be turned into your indoor arena. You also have to get a little creative and find out ways to work with a smaller space if a larger space is not on the cards.

The way you find and use a space for your sport is crucial since you’ll need a space where things won’t crash and break if the game gets intense.

2. Utilize technology

The biggest advantage of living in the 21st century is that you have technology available to make your life easier. You can utilize various available technologies like simulators, launch monitors for golf, artificial turfs, or other electronic signalling devices to help you accomplish a similar goal in a smaller space. And outside you’re not always going to have perfect weather.

So accurate and immersive golf simulators  make it easy and accessible to play the sport in the comforts of your own home when the environment outside is not conducive for it. Sure, you won’t get the full experience, but at least you’ll be able to practice those swings and track your performance. In addition, make sure that you buy golf bags so you can put inside every golf equipment you need.

This directly correlates to the previous point as you can adapt devices and equipment to compensate for lack of space. Get creative and try to find some people who have implemented these solutions before as they could be of huge help.

3. Arrange the gear

Just like an outdoor sport, if you play sports indoors you’ll have to look for the proper gear if you want to play indoors. You’ll need different shoes to play on artificial turf, you’ll need different balls that are smaller and lightweight to account for the lack of space, and you might even need smaller/shorter goalposts or baskets to fit it all inside an indoor space.

Without the proper gear that matches your space, you’ll have a hard time trying to play.  As a rule of thumb when it comes to shoes, you can probably get away with wearing running shoes or basketball shoes for playing volleyball, soccer, or whatever other sport you’re trying indoors.

how to play sports indoors

Sometimes you just need to adapt the equipment if you play sports indoors

4. Adapt the rules

If you play sports indoors and the game has to shrink in size then the rules must adapt to the size of your playing area too. You can’t be taking penalties or fouls from the same point that you do in an outdoor sport. And you can’t stand at the usual distance to take free kicks or shots because there is less space.

You might also have to incorporate some additional rules that’ll change how many players can play at the same time. Alternatively, come up with some creative solution to use the same goal post or basket for both sides.

5. Adapt the game

The game will have to change with a change in the rules as well. This point directly correlates to the previous point. And yet we can take it a step further by changing the very basics of the game. While you might not want to alter the feel of the game, the changes could create an entirely new game.

The birth of Futsal

This is how Futsal was born out of Football. Also fewer players were available and they played with a smaller-sized ball to adapt the game to a smaller space. Even the playing style is vastly changed. This is due to the decreased focus on running and an increased focus on the skills of the player. This is a common feature when you play sports indoors.

These were some of the tips that you can use to adapt your favourite outdoor sport to an indoor area. Learning how to play sports indoors may take a while to get used to. It may feel different in the beginning but you’ll soon get used to it. You might even end up enjoying it more than the original sport played outdoors.

Indoor skills practice

Sometimes if you play sports indoors to practice particular skills you may need special equipment. So consider the space you need for the particular tools you need to use.

play sports indoors to practice skills like golf
If you play sports indoors to practice skills you may need special equipment

And if you are housesitting make sure you check with the homeowner that the room you have chosen  is a safe place to play in. Just keep experimenting and trying out new changes until you get the feel right. Soon, you’ll have a refined game in your hands that could be played from the comfort of your home without having to travel to the stadium or the arena.


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