6 Best pets for a student household

26 Aug, 2023

6 Best pets for a student household

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Many students dread leaving home when the times comes to go to college. They fear missing their pets from home. But what are the best pets for a student household? Read this article written by petowners to learn our recommendations for the top choices for pets to take with you go college.

6 Best Pets for a Student House

best pets for a student
Some types of pets are easy to keep in a student house

Student life is often an amalgamation of late-night study sessions, extracurricular activities, and the rush to meet academic deadlines. Amidst this whirlwind of commitments, many students seek the companionship of a pet.

Not only do they offer a comforting presence and a break from academic pressures, but they also bring a semblance of home to a college environment. However, choosing the best pet for a student household is really important, as not all pets suit the chaotic rhythm of university life.

This is much like selecting the right tool for a task; just as a stressed student might need the assistance of a college essay writing service like Paperwriter, they also need a pet that seamlessly integrates into their lifestyle.

best pet for a student
A Guinea pig could make the best pet for a student household

Benefits of choosing the best pets for a Student Household

1. Emotional support and stress relief

Pets have a remarkable ability to alleviate stress. So it is not a crazy idea to consider pets for college students. Their presence, be it the gentle bubbling of a fish tank or the soft purring of a cat, can be meditative. Studies have shown that interacting with pets can decrease levels of cortisol, a stress hormone, helping students remain calm during challenging times.

2. Companionship and combating loneliness

For many, college is a period of transition, often moving away from family and familiar surroundings. A pet can act as a constant, offering unconditional love and comfort. Their companionship can mitigate feelings of homesickness or isolation, ensuring that students have a friendly face waiting for them at the end of a long day.

3. Responsibility and time management lessons

Owning a pet is a significant responsibility. They rely on their owners to take care of them for food, and affection. This need for regular care can instill discipline and time management skills in students, helping them create a structured routine amidst academic chaos.

Factors to Consider Before Getting a Pet

Time commitment

Each pet, regardless of its size or species, requires a specific amount of attention. Between feeding, cleaning, and playing, students must ensure they can dedicate the necessary time to their pet, ensuring it remains healthy and happy.

Cost implications

Pets are not just a one-time investment. There are recurring costs like food, toys, and medical care. Students need to evaluate their budget and ensure they can sustain these costs over the pet’s lifespan.


Not all student accommodations allow pets, and even if they do, space may be limited. It’s essential to consider the space a pet might require and whether the student’s living conditions can cater to that.

Long-term commitment

Some pets have a surprisingly long lifespan. Students should contemplate their post-college plans and ensure they can provide a stable environment for their pets for their entire lives.

By understanding these factors and the inherent benefits of pet companionship, students can make an informed decision, ensuring that both they and their furry (or scaly) friend have a fulfilling college experience.

6 Easiest and Best Pets for a Student Household

Betta fish are an ever popular favourite among students

1. Betta Fish

One of the best pets for a student household that come to mind when thinking about manageable care and minimal space requirements is the Betta fish. Often found gracefully swimming within their decorative bowls or small tanks, these vibrant fish are a delightful addition to any student room.

The beauty of Betta fish lies not just in their iridescent colors but also in their low-maintenance nature. They don’t need a complex filtration system, and their feeding requirements are straightforward.

While their water conditions must be monitored to ensure they remain clean and free from harmful chemicals, the overall effort to care for a Betta is notably less than many other pets, making them a popular choice for students.

2. Hamsters or Gerbils

These tiny mammals have been a staple in many childhood memories and for a good reason. Hamsters and gerbils, with their inquisitive eyes and industrious habits, offer a wonderful blend of entertainment and companionship.

They are nocturnal, so while students are busy attending classes during the day, these creatures rest, and come night, when students are studying or winding down, they’re active. Their cages do require regular cleaning, and they thrive when provided with toys and exercise wheels. One should, however, handle them gently and frequently to ensure they remain tame and avoid getting nippy.

3. Leopard Geckos

For those wanting to venture into the realm of reptiles but unsure about extensive care commitments, leopard geckos present an excellent choice. These terrestrial lizards are small, often measuring up to 10 inches in length, and come in a variety of colors and patterns.

Their diet primarily consists of insects, and unlike many reptiles, they don’t require UVB lighting, simplifying their care regimen. While their tanks need to maintain certain temperature gradients, once set up correctly, they demand minimal daily intervention. Their calm demeanor and the intriguing world of reptile care make them fascinating pets for students.

4. Budgies (Parakeets)

best pets for a student
Parakeets are popular and a good choice among the 6 best pets for a student household

These petite parrots fill their surroundings with lively chirps and vibrant colors. Budgies are known for their sociable nature and, with consistent training, can mimic sounds and even form a vocabulary of words.

They thrive on interaction, making them a joyful companion for students. Their care involves a balanced diet, toys for mental stimulation, and regular out-of-cage flight time for physical exercise. While their cage needs cleaning and requires daily interaction, the reward of having a communicative feathered friend is often worth the effort.

5. Tarantulas

Not a conventional choice, but for those who appreciate the world of arachnids, tarantulas are a captivating pet. They take up minimal space and, surprisingly, require limited maintenance. Tarantulas feed infrequently, with some species eating only once a week or even less often.

Their habitats, depending on the species, can range from desert-like to tropical, but once established, demand minimal changes. It’s essential to research specific tarantula species as temperament and care can vary, but for students willing to embrace the unconventional, tarantulas can be an intriguing choice.

6. Snakes 

The world of snakes offers a mesmerizing blend of elegance and simplicity. Surprising though it may seem snakes can be the best pets for a student household. Corn snakes, in particular, are renowned for being docile and easy to care for, making them a favorite among beginner snake enthusiasts.

They have a varied diet, primarily consisting of rodents, and they eat infrequently. The primary concern is setting up a secure and temperature-controlled environment. Once that’s achieved, the maintenance is relatively easy. Watching these serpents gracefully explore their habitat or coil around one’s arm can be a meditative experience, offering students a unique pet that also acts as a conversation starter.

Choosing the right pet aligns closely with understanding one’s capacity to provide care, the environment they can offer, and the kind of interaction they seek. Whether it’s the gentle ripples in a fishbowl or the curious eyes of a gecko, the right pet can immensely enrich a student’s college journey.

Essential Tips for Maintaining These Pets

Entering the world of pet ownership demands an array of responsibilities that go beyond the initial acquisition. Firstly, diligent research to identify the best pets for a student household is of paramount importance.

This doesn’t just mean a cursory glance over care guides but delving deep into forums, connecting with experienced owners, and often consulting veterinarians or pet care experts. Especially for exotic pets like tarantulas or snakes, the nuances of care can be intricate.

Local vet

Finding a trustworthy vet or an expert is another pivotal step. Just as one would ensure they have access to the best medical care, the same courtesy should extend to your pet. Additionally, remember that pets can have off-days, and the sooner an expert can identify and rectify any issues, the better.

Local community support

Moreover, joining local or student community groups can be an immense help. These communities, be they online forums or college clubs, are hubs of shared experiences and resources. Not only can they provide advice and reassurance during challenging times, but they can also offer tangible resources, such as pet-sitting during holiday breaks or sharing costs for bulk pet supplies.

Lastly, it’s essential to prepare for periods when personal availability might wane, such as during exam weeks or family trips. Having a plan for who will care for the pet or how their routines might change can prevent last-minute stress and ensure the pet’s well-being.

Final Thoughts on the best pets for a student household

Choosing carefully for the best pets for a student household, can bring immense joy, companionship, and lessons in responsibility. Just as students, during their academic pursuits, seek out the best paper writing services to ensure the quality of their work, they must also be diligent and committed in their approach to caring for their pets.

This commitment ensures that both the student and the pet have a fulfilling and harmonious coexistence.

Ultimately, pets in a student household can transcend the role of mere companions to become family. The bond formed can be a source of unwavering support during the rollercoaster that is the student life. As students embark on this journey of pet ownership, they not only gain a friend but also invaluable lessons in empathy, responsibility, and love.

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