6 Home electrical problems and their common solutions

19 Sep, 2021

6 Home electrical problems and their common solutions

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Most homeowners of properties older than 5 years will likely encounter similar home electrical problems. While some issues you encounter may be serious, it is more likely that you can analyse the issue and assess whether you can deal with them yourself before calling an electrician. Read this article to learn the solutions to the 6 most common electrical issues you might find at home.

6 Common home electrical problems (and solutions) that homeowners face

home electrical problems
A little intelligent DIY can be a time and cost saving effort

Why is electricity so important to us?

Electricity is so invaluable that when it fails, many of us feel like a circuit breaker has been thrown on our whole day. From cooking, cleaning, and entertainment, we rely on the wires and circuits that thread through our house to manage most of our daily tasks. It should go without saying that it’s essential that they function properly – and safely.

You might not think about home electrical problems too often, but they can be irritating at home. If you have a home that is more than five years old, then you are likely to experience some of these common electrical problems. The good news is that there are solutions for all of them!

What are the most common electrical faults?

This article talks about 6 home electrical problems and their solutions. We hope it will help you know what to do if any of these happen in your house.

Not enough power

One of the most challenging home electrical problems is not having enough power in the circuit. This can happen if you’ve added too many appliances or electronics to one outlet, and it just isn’t enough anymore.

The seasoned professionals in electrical repair services suggest that if this happens, then the best solution is just getting a power strip for all of your major appliances so that they are on their circuit instead of sharing with other things in your home.

Keep in mind that in Southeast Asian countries such as Singapore, many homes have more than one power strip.

Unsafe electrical wiring

The most common type of home electrical problem is unsafe electrical wiring. This occurs when you don’t use the right materials for your home. It can be solved by using cable clips to keep cords in place and out of walkways. It can also be fixed by turning off an entire circuit if you’re experiencing too high of a load.

You can also hire an electrician to give you a quote on how best to fix unsafe wiring.

What are three warning signs of an overloaded electrical circuit?

Faulty electrical appliances and electronics

Another one of the frequently occurring home electrical problems is receiving shocks or having fires because of faulty appliances, outlets, switches, and breakers. This can happen if your home hasn’t been properly maintained for years, so the professionals recommend getting your house checked out by an electrician.

Sometimes common electrical problems arise from faulty appliances or electronics. Check each appliance individually. Then if necessary take the to a repair centre for technical services. The professionals know how to test these products so that they don’t catch on fire. They can also give advice about whether it is safe to use the product or if it should be replaced.

Burning smell from an appliance

Another common electrical problem you will detect when a burning smell rises from one of your appliances. This can happen as a result of an overload on that circuit. then you must turn off all electronics and then call for professional help. This sign indicates that there might be a bigger issue with your home’s wiring.

home electrical problems
You must turn off the power at the mains when you investigate

Electrical outlet not working

Another common electrical problem is having an electrical outlet that doesn’t work. This most likely happens as a result of worn-out prongs. It also happens if you need to replace the entire faceplate because it has been damaged over time.

This common electrical problem may make itself known during times when you are trying to charge your phone, and it just isn’t working. The best solution for this home electrical issue is to remove the outlet. This way you can access the wires and replace them accordingly.

Flickering lights

Flickering lights are famously one of the home electrical problems that many of us experience. One of the home electrical problems that happens a lot is low voltage or under-voltage on the circuit. This can be caused by a corroded connection somewhere in your home’s wiring or appliances that are drawing more power than they should.

In this case, the solution is to clean all connections thoroughly. Then call an electrician to check whether there might be any issues with insulation problems.

Many frequently occurring home electrical problems can be easy to solve. You should know how to do it yourself, rather than calling an expert every time something goes wrong. Nevertheless, you can also call a professional for help if the problem is too complicated or risky.

These common electrical problems show up in many homes. However, you will likely be able to fix them properly or find someone to call for help. 

 A final thought on home electrical problems and their solutions

If as a homeowner you’re noticing any of the home electrical problems listed above, it’s time to call an electrician. You can also take a few steps around your house to make sure that all outlets are working properly. To do this check for flickering lights or buzzing sounds coming from them.

There is no doubt that home electronics maintenance is really important. Always make sure there is no burning smell coming from any of the light fixtures or wall sockets. Also, be aware of which colour wires are connected to each outlet.

If they don’t match up with colours on the plugs then something may have gone wrong during installation. Then your home needs professional attention before anything else happens!



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