6 Reasons to leave pets with a sitter when travelling

24 Oct, 2023

6 Reasons to leave pets with a sitter when travelling

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Taking your pets overseas might sound like a fantastic idea. However, the reality sees you stuck with a small bundle of joy you’re going to need to watch whole time you’re en route. Here are six reasons to leave pets with a sitter when traveling away from home for holiday or work. We believe is the best way for your pet.

Reasons to leave pets with a sitter when traveling

There are many reasons why you might need to leave pets with a sitter when you are traveling away from home. In this list of top six reasons we try to explain why we believe it is important to leave pets with a sitter when you travel away from home, usually for the good of the pets!

  1. Traveling and the trauma of flying for some pets can be too much

Dachsund on grass - Travel the world
Dachshund on grass – not all pets like to travel

There are a fair number of humans who don’t enjoy flying in a giant metal car in the sky. So just imagine how it must feel for a small animal who has no clue what’s going on.  They are unfamiliar with the smells, the sounds and the vibrations. It can be quite a traumatic experience.

As clever as cats and dogs are, they’re not built with the ability to comprehend every situation they’re thrown into. So sometimes it is just best to leave pets with a sitter.

While there are methods which can make the process considerably easier for your pets, you’re better off – both in terms of effort and peace of mind – to leave the critters at home.

  1. When Traveling the world – factor your pets into the holiday plans

Unless you’ve decided to embark on a pet-specific holiday, bringing an animal along with you when you travel the world will only serve to make the planning process considerably harder for everyone involved, and usually more expensive.

Prepare your children if you are going to leave pets with a sitter, so they minimise any emotion when leaving

Fancy taking a tour of a historical landmark? Well good luck with that – enjoy the face of the staff when you try to take a dog around the Colosseum or the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. You’ll end up leaving your dog outside with one of your group. This is one of the reasons it is best to leave pets with a sitter at home.

With an animal in tow you’re massively restricting your possibilities when it comes to the destinations you can freely check out. Extra hassle on holiday is never good.

  1. Remember – If you leave pets with a sitter it’s not forever

It might feel like you’re leaving your little furry loved ones behind for a crazy amount of time, but when you leave pets with a sitter at home it’s just a few days (or weeks at most).

Remember – pets are actually very receptive to your moods and emotions, so try not to give them too much of a send-off, or it might freak them out a tad. It is good to prepare and when you are going to leave pets with a sitter, don’t have any dramatic scenes on exit.

If you and the kids fawn all over your pet, hugging and kissing them they’ll think you’re never coming back.  Be careful how you treat them, and try to maintain their routines by finding a housesitter to stay with them.

  1. Traveling the world with your pets incurs added expenses

Travel the world - two cats in kennels
Kennels can be expensive – it is more affordable to leave pets with a sitter at home

Holidays can be costly at the best of times. However, the additional funds you’ll need to round-up for your cuddly bundles of love might put you over the edge financially.

These costs will wrack up not only on for the holiday itself, but also in the build-up. In preparation, you’ll need to:

  • Have a pet micro-chipped – although in some countries like the UK this is a legal requirement already
  • Get the required vaccination
  • Acquire travel documentation for the dog
  • Arrange the transport.

When push comes to shove, there’s a lot of planning and money spent when you take your pet with you on holiday. As much as you love them, is it really worth taking them when you can find free petsitters? Check out through house sitting websites like HouseSitMatch.com

  1. House sitters – There are plenty of havens for them at home

leave pets with a sitter
If you leave pets with a sitter at home they can enjoy they usual routines, and favourite walks

While animal care in the past has been relatively poor, advancements in housing methods for pets means they’re likely to be far safer in the modern day and age.

There are plenty of high quality kennel services out there which strive to ensure your loved ones are cared for in a secure and appropriate manner.

They’ll be having just as much fun with their new friends as you’re experiencing on your vacation, so there’s no need to feel guilty at any point.

  1. Finding accommodation can be a challenge if you take your pet with you

Finding accommodation that caters to the needs of pet owners is not always easy.

Dog and cat owners can sometimes struggle to find a flat where pets are accepted, let alone a hotel or cottage for on holiday.

There are locations out there which will accommodate to the needs of your pets, but you’re limiting your options drastically when you’re forced to opt for one of these locales.

These are just six of the best reasons why taking your pets on holiday is perhaps not the best idea. Instead, why not leave them at home with a loved one, or opt to house them in a specially designated kennel area, or better still find a housesitter to stay with them in their own home?

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