6 Top Tips for garden maintenance and care

21 Nov, 2023

6 Top Tips for garden maintenance and care

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As a homeowner with an outdoor space to care for garden maintenance and care can be a major concern most of the year. We love them but gardens need a lot of work! We have six easy tips to keep your garden care organised and easy to execute. Read on to green those thumbs!

6 Tips To Keep Your Garden Maintenance and Care

a front garden of a white house that looks like it has regular garden maintenance
Front gardens require more regular garden maintenance and care to ensure they keep their curb appeal

Those of us who love gardening spend an average of 105 minutes per week keeping our outdoor areas at their best. While cultivating a thriving, vibrant space is enjoyable, it’s easy for chaos to sprout in our gardening lives. But garden maintenance needs organisation. 

Finding balance and maintaining an organised garden is possible, and we have some practical tips to transform your garden care routine into a harmonious and streamlined experience. 

Tiр #1: Creаting а Gаrԁening Cаlenԁаr 

garden bench in a summer garden
Offering variety and interest around your garden means planning where you locate your plants

Setting ԁeаԁlines аnԁ сreаting а gаrԁening саlenԁаr саn keeр tаsks orgаniseԁ аnԁ аssigneԁ to sрeсifiс months. This рroасtive аррroасh ensures thаt no аsрeсt of your gаrԁen is negleсteԁ аnԁ eасh seаson is mаtсheԁ with the tаsks requireԁ for the ultimаte level of саre.

Plus, you’ll transform your outԁoor sрасe into а yeаr-rounԁ mаsterрieсe by breаking ԁown the myriаԁ tаsks into mаnаgeаble steрs аnԁ аԁhering to а well-orgаniseԁ саlenԁаr. 

Some things essential for garden maintenance аre kiсking off the gаrԁening yeаr by testing your soil to determine whаt аmenԁments аre neeԁeԁ for oрtimаl рlаnt growth. You саn аlso sketсh аny сhаnges or additions you wаnt to mаke to your gаrԁen, inсluԁing new рlаntings аnԁ lаnԁsсарing feаtures.

Tip #2: Add a Well-organised Shed 

garden tools laid on a table
Keeping all the garden tools in a safe dry place where they are easy to find is essential to stay organised

Garden sheds are sanctuaries for gardening essentials, offering multiple benefits like convenience, accessibility, and order. The backyard shed is a great way to corral the chaos of yard tools.

No more searching the depths of your garage or rummaging through the corners of your home for that elusive trowel or hedge trimmer. With a shed strategically positioned in your backyard, every tool finds its designated place, creating a refuge of efficiency for your gardening endeavours.

Tip#3: Label All of Your Plants

plant labels in preparation for planting seeds in pots
Plant labels are essential when you plant seeds and plant out seedlings

Did you know there are roughly 380,000 known species of plants, and around 260,000 of these produce seeds?

So, it can be easy to forget which ones are in your garden! Plant tags are the solution to this issue, but they need to withstand moisture, clearly display essential information, and be easy to insert into delicate seedlings’ soil. 

The best materials for lasting outdoor tags are made of stainless steel, with a label maker tag or UV-resistant marker to list the plant variety in question. But feel free to get creative here!

Tip #4: Organise Garden Maintenance When you Head Away on a Holiday

Gardens suffer the most when we head away and leave them unattended. Solve this issue by organising a friendly and professional housesitter who can tend to your garden while you are away.

Leave detailed instructions on what tasks need completing, and you can enjoy your break without worrying about your plants and flowers! This is really important for effective garden maintenance both when you are at home or when you entrust your garden to a house sitter.

This is also a great solution for those of us with family members who often can make the trip – that’s right, our pets! A qualified housesitter can look after the garden and pets while you enjoy your break.

Tip #5: Opt for Raised Beds When Possible

a long raised vegetable bed
Raised beds help you with garden maintenance and help you care for those tender vegetable plants more easily

Raised beds consolidate your gardening efforts into a confined space, simplifying weed management and plant control without requiring extensive planting areas. Whether for a vegetable garden or flower beds, raised beds prove versatile.

Even if weeding remains a constant garden maintenance task, the visual effect of raised beds creates an illusion of organised tidiness.

Pro tip:

For those who prefer alternatives to raised garden beds, consider container gardening. 

Tip #6: Implement a Crop Rotation Strategy 

Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your garden while preventing nutrient depletion in the soil by dividing your vegetable garden into four distinct quadrants. This makes it easy to rotate the crops within these designated areas to promote visual orderliness and sustainable soil health.

You can also consider rearranging the types of crops planted in each quadrant. This deliberate rotation minimises the risk of depleting specific nutrients from the soil, as different plants have varying nutrient requirements.

Benefits of Crop Rotation

Crop rotation helps maintain soil fertility by preventing the excessive depletion of specific nutrients particular plant families require. This promotes a balanced and sustainable soil profile.

  • Crop rotation disrupts the life cycles of pests and diseases that may target specific crops. Moving crops to different locations reduces the likelihood of persistent issues and creates a less hospitable environment for potential threats.
  • Certain crops may be more susceptible to specific types of weeds. Rotating crops disrupts weed patterns, making it more challenging for weeds to establish and spread throughout the garden.

To successfully implement crop rotation, plan your garden layout and create a rotation schedule that spans several years. This thoughtful approach contributes to your garden’s overall health and provides a sense of organisation and preparedness for each growing season.

Ensure your garden maintenance and care is always well managed

These are some simple, helpful ways to maintain a little more order in your garden. However, it’s important to remember that gardens need continual care, so check out HouseSit Match to find a reliable carer for your home, garden and pets the next time you take a trip.


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