Amy’s Pet-Sitting Blog

8 Dec, 2013

Amy’s Pet-Sitting Blog

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A Pet-sitting blog, and a new profession for Amy ex-advertising exec

A year ago, almost to the day, I lost my job in Advertising. Don’t feel bad for me; it was a blessing. In actual fact, it was the second job I’d lost in two years, and I decided at that point that I had had enough; I wanted to do something I LOVED, something that helped others and something that made me happy. Why not try pet-sitting I thought! And out of that came a Pet Sitting Blog.

Photo from the pet-sitting blog -Amy cuddling a cat

Amy's Rabbit

I started my pet-sitting blog and business alongside a second online business that I can work from anywhere. The idea to go into house-sitting came purely from a love of animals; I am the girl who will be late because I don’t want to move the settled cat from my knee! It turns out that with few responsibilities and a lot of time on my hands, pet-sitting truly is the perfect fit for me.

Rooski on my lap

When I started out as a pet-sitter, my first move was to ask friends if they would promote me to their pet-owning friends, and that has worked out very well for me so far. I created a page on Facebook and asked my friends to Like it. I use it to send out updates of what I’m up to, and when I have long periods of availability that I’m looking to fill. I also use Instagram and Twitter to both keep my clients up to date with photos and videos of their beloved pets while they’re away, and find new clients. This pet-sitting blog helps too, it keeps everyone in the loop.

Shaka cherry blossom

Most of my pet-sit bookings to date have been from friends, friends of friends, or even friends of friends of friends! One of my top tips would be not just to obtain references from each appointment, but also to use them to promote yourself. Send your recommendations on to your existing and potential clients, post them on your Facebook page, add them to your HouseSit Match profile, maybe even print one on your business cards.

Amy's Poodle

It has been key for me to build up a clientele to keep me busy throughout the year. The pet-sitting blog helps too.

A friend of mine introduced me to HouseSit Match, and I now use the site to fill in the gaps when I am not working for people that I already know. Being able to select the dates that I know I have availability is hugely useful. HouseSit Match is a fantastic way to broaden my list of clients, and its always helpful to read the pet-sitting blog and articles by others in the same field.

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