7 Cat owner top tips for cleaning your home

12 Jan, 2021

7 Cat owner top tips for cleaning your home

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Keeping a house clean with pets living in can be a challenge.  And each type of pet presents its own particular challenge. Here are the best cat owner top tips to help you keep your home clean.

7  Cat Owner Top Tips For Keeping a House Clean 

cat owner top tips
Cats and their toys leave debris in the house over time

Whenever the word pet is mentioned, a cat is among the very first animals that pop up into the minds of many people. Well, this is because, in addition to being friendly and sociable, cats are cute, playful, and incredible companions. But cat parenting isn’t always a walk in the park.

Keeping cats

Raising a feline friend comes with a fair share of challenges. You have to feed them well, get toys for them, and put measures into place to ensure their safety and wellbeing. Most importantly, you have to constantly keep things organized and clean after your cat, especially if you have one of the breeds that excessively shed fur. This is the part that most cat parents find taxing! Read our cat owner top tips.

Our 7 Cat Owner Top Tips

With this being said, here are 7 cat owner top tips you should know to keep your house clean.

cat owner top tips
As a cat owner you will know your cat’s habits

Pet care in the cat owner top tips

1. Keep the litter box clean 

When they are still young and timid, kitties can be a real challenge to your nerves. Whether they are indoor or out door cats this is one of the fundamental cat owner top tips. They can defecate just about anywhere and everywhere in the house provided it is a hidden spot.

The smell test

The next thing you know, your house is all smelly, and you spend hours trying to locate where the foul odor is coming from. This is where litter boxes come into play.

To keep your home clean, you will want to empty the litter box regularly. As explained at isthatyourcat.com, cat litter can be flushed down the toilet. However, you will want to ensure that the contents used in the litter box are flushable and not clay.

As soon as it is used, dispose of the contents of your litter box. Clean it, and take it back to its usual spot. If you don’t clean the litter box, your feline friend is likely to defecate just next to it because they found the potty unkempt. This is also why most cat owners prefer automatic litter boxes. They make it easier to manage your pet’s messes without strain.

2. Install air filters 

We all love to walk into a fresh clean space despite having fur friends in the house. If you have pets in your home, this appliance will go a long way. You will have your home cleared off all the dust, dirt, and dander. It will have the allergens and odors reduced in your house. The air will be purified, and this will keep it smelling fresher for longer.

long haired cats and the cat owners top tips
You might need a special pet hair suction for your new cleaner if you have long haired cats

3. Recognize common cat messes 

Cats are amazing friends, but their messes can be annoying. This is especially when they poop or pee in the house. The odour is such a turn-off. Once the smell sets in, it will cost you some effort to get rid of them. Identify the most common messes your cat makes and work on them as soon as you can.

Apart from poop, some of the most common cat messes include vomit, urine, and hair. Sometimes they also play with stuff, scratch, and tear things down. Some cats also bring their catch from outdoor hunting inside the house, say a lizard! Knowing your cat’s behaviour will help you take care of their messes before they pile up.

4. Cat Bathing 

Cats should be looked after appropriately, and this includes bathing them every few days. Bathing a cat can be a tedious job; especially since most cats do not like water for various reasons. However, they do not require a deep wash, thanks to their awesome anatomy. On that note, make sure that you get the desired shampoo for your pet.

Regular bathing will help ensure that your cat doesn’t soil and stain your bright furniture and upholstery.

cat owner top tips
Multiple cats makes you focus on the cleaning of your home

5. Grooming 

The feeling you get when you go to the barber or the salon to get a new look is similar to the experience your feline friend gets when their hair is brushed. Regular grooming for your cat will help detangle her hair, distribute the oils evenly, and remove dead fur. This reduces the intensity of shedding, meaning less work for you when it comes to keeping your home clean.

6. Vacuum and purify

The indoor and outdoor life of most cats makes you aware of the need for regular cleaning

It may seem one of the obvious cat owner top tips, but vacuuming is paramount in a home with furry pets, especially cats. Depending on how many cats you have, you can vacuum as often as possible just to ensure that the environment is conducive for everyone living inside that house.

The Cat Owner Top Tips in Summary

Avoid “fur magnet” fabrics as much as possible. Doing so regularly will help prevent illness in those prone to fur-triggered allergies. Along with regular vacuuming, get a purifier with a good HEPA filter and UVC sanitizer feature. It will leave the house smelling so clean that you do not have to think of getting the regular humidifier or freshener.

Live in cat sitters mind these cat owner top tips

If you have booked a live in cat sitter to care for your felines when you are away then brief them on the routines. By briefing the cat sitter on your cleaning routines you can help them understand what is important to you. And therefore they can help to clean your home clean while cat sitting.

Find a cat sitter

One of the best cat owner top tips you need to know early is find a source of good checked cat sitters. If you need to find a cat sitter for a time when you are a away on holiday or on a business trip, looking online. Join a pet and housesitting website. Then you can post a housesit advert and search for the ideal petsitter to suit your needs.

Join a petsitting and housesitting network like HouseSitMatch.com. There you can match with cat lovers who will do cat sitting for you while you are away, for free! Yes that’s true they wont charge you a penny. Instead they offer an exchange of services.

 A final thought on cat owner top tips

Finally, you can also consider automated feeders or water bowls for your cat. They are designed to reduce food spillage while dispensing food and water at regular intervals in adjustable portions. Apart from helping keep your home clean, these devices also help limit overeating to protect your cat from weight issues.

Any cat owner who minds about their home’s cleanliness should find these cat owner top tips helpful.


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