7 Household bugs and rodents threatening to your pets

19 Apr, 2023

7 Household bugs and rodents threatening to your pets

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Whether you are a homeowner or a housesitter you know there are home hazards that can post dangers to domestic pets. In this article we offer a detailed guide on the 7 household bugs and rodents that can threaten your pet, so you can take proactive action.

Home hazards: 7 Household bugs and rodents threatening to your pet

household bugs
Household ticks and fleas can affect all of our beautiful pets – beware

For pet owners, there are few things more problematic than the potential of pests invading your home and endangering the health and safety of your beloved animals. With many homeowners already concerned about potential threats from insects and rodents, understanding some of the most common household bugs and critters that can be a problem for pets is often a top priority when protecting their feathered or furry friends.

This blog post will look at seven critters that could be potentially hazardous for your pet if left unchecked.

1. Ticks

Ticks are not just household bugs and pesky insects that crawl on your pets. They can also be incredibly dangerous, potentially transmitting severe diseases such as Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever and tick paralysis. These illnesses can have devastating effects, ranging from joint pain and fatigue to life-threatening complications.

As a pet owner, taking the necessary precautions to protect your furry friends, such as routine tick checks and preventative medication, is essential. Plus, you can reach out to residential pest control in Calgary to help in the prevention of ticks in your home. By staying vigilant and educated, you can help ensure your pets stay healthy and happy all year.

2. Fleas

household bugs
Wildlife in your garden can bring household bugs onto your property

These parasitic pests can not only cause unbearable itching and discomfort for our pets, but they can also transmit serious diseases. It’s essential to watch our pets and take preventative measures to ensure they don’t fall victim to anemia or other health issues caused by flea infestations. So, whether through regular flea treatments or grooming, it’s essential to stay on top of these pesky critters to keep our pets happy and healthy.

3. Mosquitoes

Not only are mosquitoes classic household bugs and a bothersome nuisance, but they can also spread potentially fatal illnesses. One such disease is heartworm, which can be transmitted to our beloved furry friends. Dogs and cats are especially vulnerable to this disease, with dogs being the most commonly affected pet.

Unfortunately, heartworm disease can be fatal if left untreated, and symptoms may not appear until too late. That’s why taking preventative measures is essential, such as keeping your pets indoors during peak mosquito hours and using mosquito repellents specifically designed for pets. By protecting our pets, we also protect ourselves from the dangers of heartworm disease.

4. Cockroaches

Among the most insidious threats posed by household pests and rodents is the humble cockroach. These sturdy little insects scurry around our homes are not only unwelcome guests but pose serious health risks to both humans and pets. For pet owners, it’s essential to keep an eye out for signs of allergies and asthma, which these critters might trigger.

Moreover, cockroaches are notorious for carrying bacteria that can cause various illnesses. Thus, taking the necessary precautions to ensure these pests are kept at bay is crucial.

5. Bees and Wasps

As summer approaches, we start seeing more flies, bees and wasps buzzing around. While it can be fascinating to observe these creatures, it’s important to remember that they can threaten our furry friends. Pet owners should know that even household bugs like bees and wasps can cause allergic reactions and life threatening swellings when they sting pets. 

Keeping a close eye on your pets outside is crucial, and watch for any signs of discomfort or distress after being stung. If your pet does experience a reaction to a bee or wasp sting, be sure to seek veterinary attention immediately.

6. Rats and Mice

Fleas and ticks can hide in all kinds of tucked away places on your pet

Rats and mice might seem like cute and harmless creatures, but they can pose a serious health risk to humans and our furry friends. These rodents are notorious for transmitting diseases such as leptospirosis, salmonella, and hantavirus to our pets, leading to serious illness if left untreated. It’s crucial to watch for any signs of infestation and take action immediately to prevent any potential harm.

As pet owners, our furry family members rely on us to keep them safe from household bugs and healthy. Therefore, it is really important to take the necessary precautions against pests like rats and mice.

7. Snakes

While snakes are captivating creatures to observe, for those who own them as pets, they can become a cause of concern. Venomous snakes, in particular, can seriously threaten our furry friends. The best way to protect pets from snake bites is to avoid areas where snakes may be present. This means keeping an eye on your surroundings during walks, especially in areas with tall grass or near bodies of water.

It’s also a good idea to train your pet to avoid snakes and to know what to do in the event of a bite. With proper precautions, you and your pet can safely enjoy the outdoors while avoiding unwanted run-ins with venomous snakes.

A final word on the danger to your pets of household bugs and rodents

As pet owners, you must be mindful of the possible threats associated with various household bugs and rodents and take measures to safeguard your pets. Prevention and early identification are critical for a successful pet pest control plan. Being aware and taking steps like reaching out to pest control professionals and creating a safe environment for our furry friends will help protect them from pests’ dangers.


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