7 signs of a bad real estate agent

10 Jul, 2020

7 signs of a bad real estate agent

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Whether as a first time home owner or experienced property investor you’ll bump into property agents. Your experience with each transaction will either reinforce your confidence or your impression of stereo types of the real estate agent. Here are some warning signs of a bad real estate agent.

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What makes a bad real estate agent?

7 Signs of a Bad Real Estate Agent

Working with a real estate agent is beneficial, especially when they are professional. With a qualified real estate agent, buying or selling an investment property becomes a smooth and less stressful process.

But what happens when you don’t know who is a qualified realtor and you end up hiring a bad real estate agent? That can be frustrating, right? Fortunately, it is possible to detect a bad real estate agent. Below are the 7 signs of a bad estate agent:

Inadequate Relevant Experience

Experience is an essential aspect that you should consider before hiring a realtor. You need to hire an estate agent who has enough relevant experience to help you sell or purchase a property.

The Realtor should have records of successful transactions that are similar to the kind of property you want to buy or sell. Also, they should have a good understanding of the local market. If an agent fails to provide you with these details, then they might not be the right fit for you.

If you find out that your agent has only been in this industry for just a few months, think twice before hiring them. Such agents do not know much about buying and selling properties. For those looking for a professional realtor, hire an agent from a well-known real estate company Singapore. Such companies have the most experienced sales agents.

Ba d marketing can delay the sale of even a fabulous home

Ineffective Marketing Skills

Professional agents have effective marketing and negotiating skills. Agent who don’t understand how property markets work will not help you sell your home. If you want to get most out of your property, stay away from those agents who have poor marketing abilities. They won’t make any efforts to create networking materials to promote your property.

Poor Communication

Good communication is super important in any business, and that includes real estate. Your agent should be easy to reach and give you regular updates. If they’re dodging your calls or emails, or only getting in touch when it’s convenient for them, that’s a red flag. Companies that specialize in real estate in Cambodia are known for their great communication, making sure you’re always in the know. Even if they’re working long hours, good agents will make time to chat about any worries you have.

Although they may be working for long hours, real agents should set apart time for you to talk about your concerns.

A bad real estate agent doesn’t listen to you

When you are talking with your agent, they should pay attention, and listen to you to ensure that they understand all your concerns. If you notice that your agent is always on their phone when you are talking, this is a sign that you should dump them and go for a professional realtor.

A bad real estate agent will also not ask about your goals and plans for your property. After all, they don’t care much about it.

They Behave Unprofessionally

Since they are desperate for your business, bad property agents often have unprofessional behaviour. For instance, they may keep changing their contacts, and sometimes give contradicting information.

They will also show up late when you have an appointment with them.

Their lack of knowledge will also give away their unprofessionalism. All real estate agents have to finish their pre-license educational requirements with online training, before acquiring their license. So if your agent seems to make many mistakes while working, that shows that they might’ve not completed the training.

Good real estate agents should have a professional website where you can find more information about their services. If your agent has a weak and complicated site, they are not trustworthy.

 Lack of Self Confidence

A professional estate agent should be confident enough to help you sell or buy a home. If they lack self-confidence, real estate agents may seem overwhelmed by their work. Hence, they won’t be effective.

Do not hire an agent who cannot even convince you of their capabilities to secure buyers or find the right seller for you.

Does your real estate agent pressurise too much?

A bad agent will continuously push you since their focus is receiving a paycheck and using much of your money. Being a pushy agent, they will end up making promises that they cannot keep.

The main reason why we hire an agent is that they have more experience in how to sell or buy homes. But a faulty agent will constantly enquire about your intentions as they cannot make sound decisions. It is worth investing time in an interview before you commit to the agent who will help you. And work with them to ensure you get the best results.


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