7 Tips to Get Your Cat Petsitter ready

9 Nov, 2020

7 Tips to Get Your Cat Petsitter ready

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Getting ready to go away somewhere lovely? Then if you have pets you’ll be planning for a pet sitter. And if you are going to leave your cat with a pet sitter, you should prepare your fluffy friend for this moment to eliminate unpleasant consequences. Here are 7 top tips to help you get cat petsitter ready.

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7 Tips to Help You Get Cat Petsitter Ready

You can love your cat to the moon and back and want to spend every single minute with it, but life can make you change your initial plans. So, you should do your best to find the best pet sitter possible and prepare your cat for your leaving. Both of you may get stressed because of the situation, especially if it happens for the first time.

Still, if you do everything right, you will minimize the separation anxiety level. Your preparation should consist of some serious and complex points to ensure the maximum comfortable conditions for your cat while you will be absent. So, what points should you pay attention to?

Prepare your cat petsitter in person –

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Peter and his cat Tatti live in the UK. They like to greet new cat petsitters together

Share particular info about your cat

As soon as you close the door and leave the house, your cat may feel confused, especially if your pet sitter is a stranger to your cat. If you welcome a cat petsitter to your house, it means your cat doesn’t need to get used to a new territory. However, it needs some time to get used to a new person.

Thus, it’s worth sharing all possible info about your cat before you leave. Don’t skip tips and tricks on how to cheer up your furry friend to make the blues disappear in the shortest time possible. Besides, if your pet sitter stays at your house, they should know where to find all the required stuff for your cat.

Help the sitter get to know your cat

Pack a bag of cat treats and goodies

You are the only person who knows all the peculiarities and preferences of your cat. So, it is worth packing a bag of the best wet kitten food your cat is crazy about. It’s enough that your cat feels stress because of your absence; it shouldn’t miss out on the things it likes too. Such a bag may contain both yummy treats and favorite toys if it has some. Thus, your furry friend will have something tasty to survive your separation.

And even if you have an expenses arrangement with the cat petsitter, it is worth making sure you are cat petsitter ready by buying all the basics for your pet in advance, and it’s better to keep everything in one place, so your pet sitter will not have a quest, looking for a new porting of cat food or best wet puppy food in case you have one more four-legged friend.

Sometimes cats have a daily routine and it’s useful for the cat petsitter to know their habits

Update your cat’s tag with ID

Even though you don’t leave your furry friend on its own, it will not be superfluous to make sure that your cat will not get lost. Whether they will stay at your place or you send your cat away to the sitter’s house, your cat must stay recognizable, especially if it is supposed to go outdoors.

Thus, your cat’s collar should be safely secured around its neck and accompanied by an ID tag that provides its name and contact info. If your cat has a microchip, update its info if necessary and inform your pet sitter about this peculiarity.

Prep for your live in pet catsitter

Helping the sitter get to know your cat gives you all peace of mind
  • 1. Provide your petsitter with feeding instructions – Even if your cat doesn’t keep a special diet, the chances are high that you have developed a feeding routine. And it would be useful to keep it even when you are away. Thus, your cat will face less stress, adhering to the usual schedule. Create a note highlighting the size of the portion and time when your cat gets food and treats. If your cat gets some medication or vitamins, don’t forget to provide detailed info. Creating a note with all the required points ensures that everyone is on the same wave about your cat’s needs daily, and nothing important will be missed. So, if your cat is allergic to something, make sure your pet sitter is aware of it.
  • 2. Ahead of the petsitting – Leave emergency contact info –  If you constantly go to the same vet, it is worth proving your pet sitter with the preferred animal hospital. Besides, if your family members or friends live not far away, you should provide their secondary contact number. It is worth informing your pet sitter about your cat’s medical history that can play any role. Even if your cat feels great now, you never know what can happen in 10 minutes. This point may also include info about how your pet sitter would pay for an emergency. You may point out that in the pet sitting agreement or make an arrangement with your vet beforehand.
  • 3. Prepare some general household instructions – If your pet sitter stays at your place, it is worth discussing the general rules of behaviour. These are important things for a live in cat petsitter to know. What things they can and cannot use, take, etc. It goes for cleaning your cat’s litter, eating schedule, and allowing your cat in some rooms. Besides, maybe you want your pet sitter to put the bins out on Tuesday or grab your parcels. Do you have a cleaner that should come around on Friday, for example? Your pet sitter should know about such things in advance, not to get confused. Thus, you will provide your furry friend with the most comfortable conditions possible. It’s okay to delegate certain things if they are pointed out in the arrangement.
  • 4. Provide info about your cat’s habits – Every fluffy friend has several unique characteristics and habits. Thus, besides feeding and giving medicines, you may have a playing routine based on your cat’s preferences. Before searching for cat sitters near me,  or rover cat sitting take a moment to check what kind of cat petsitter you need. Then prepare your information that will help them understand your pet’s habits. At Housesitmatch.com we have template documents to help.


A final thought on how to brief a cat petsitter

To get cat petsitter ready it is worth informing your petsitter about the peculiarities of your cat’s behaviour and what certain gestures may mean. Things that seem natural and ordinary for you may be a complete surprise for a stranger. It is best to be prepared and for your cat petsitter to have that advantage also.



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