8 Home Pet Remedies to Protect Your Dogs from Fleas

25 Nov, 2019

8 Home Pet Remedies to Protect Your Dogs from Fleas

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Pet owners and dog owners especially worry about keeping pets healthy and free from pests like fleas. A flea infestation is the last thing you want for either your pet or home ,Whether you are into tried and tested home pet remedies or vet prescribed remedies for fleas on dogs you should consider all the options available, whether they are anti flea sprays or edible flea treatments. One way or another, you should always treat your dogs. Here are 8 home pet remedies to consider for your pet dog to help protect them from fleas…

8 Top home pet remedies to protect dogs from fleas

home pet remedies
Home pet remedies for fleas on dogs

Are these pesky parasites feeding off the blood of your furry friend? 

Do you want to save your pet by keeping him away from fleas?

Are you looking for the best treatment that could actually relieve your pet from illness at an affordable cost? 

No worries!!! You are at the right place. In this article, you will get to know about some easy and natural home remedies and flea treatment for dogs. We will help you to consider which you can keep your home and of course, your pet away from itchy pets and toxins. 

Pet care

Most pet owners consider fleas as the worst nightmare as it not only makes your four-legged friend miserable but also overtakes the home. No doubt, there are several medical treatments that can help you to keep your pet away from fleas. But sometimes, it can be a little costly and risky for both your pet and family members. Therefore, most of the pet owners prefer to consider flea home remedies to keep their canine friend away from the worst pests. 

Now, while wanting to keep our pets healthy and safe, let’s take a rundown at eight worth trying home remedies without breaking your banks. 

#1- Home Pet Remedies – Use Herbal Anti Flea Spray

Instead of applying harsh chemicals on the skin of your furry friend, opt for herbal flea spray. To make this remedy, take 16 ounces of lemon juice, one-gallon of vinegar, eight ounces of witch hazel, a half-gallon of water, and one gallon of vinegar. All these products are non-toxic and will not have a negative impact on your dog.  Be careful when you spray. Also, make sure you spray the solution regularly to see good results and help your dog get rid of fleas.  Always check with your vet first. 

#2- Dish Soap

This treatment will depend on your dog and their coat for its’ effectiveness. This is another commonly used home remedy by using which you can keep your dog flea free. For this, you need dish soap and some warm water. But whenever you use this method, make sure you consult the vet first.

To use this method, get your furry friend in the tub and dawn some dish soap on your hand and rub your dog properly. You will see fleas start to fall in the tub. After some period of time, rinse your furry friend properly and let him dry. You have to repeat this process for some time to ensure that your dog is not having any fleas. But please check with your vet first to ensure this will work for your dog. 

#3- Pet Massage with Coconut oil

Coconut oil is another awesome home remedy that you can apply to keep your dog away from insects. It contains Lauric acid that acts as a natural flea repellent. Moreover, it is easily available in most homes. 

To get rid of fleas, massage your dog’s coat with coconut oil properly and make sure it goes down to the skin. Leave it for some time and comb your dog’s coat. You will see that all the fleas will stick or fall off. Try to do this remedy outside the home to protect the indoor environment. 

#4- Apply Cider Vinegar as Anti Flea Spray

Thought an old fashioned treatment, cider vinegar can also act as a great remedy and a repellent to fleas. To make use of it, take a 50-50 solution of water and cider vinegar. Instead of giving him normal water to drink, let him drink a mild vinegar solution. It will not only act as a natural flea repellent but also improves the health of your fur buddy’s coat. 

So, get ready to relieve your dog from the itchiness of flea bites by adding cider vinegar in the dog’s water or applying with a gentle spray on the dog’s skin regularly. 

#5- Salt Sprinkling as a Flea Treatment

We all have heard that salt can act as a treating agent to cure various diseases. It’s true. You can also use it as a remedy for treating fleas in the dog. 

You just have to sprinkle it on the ground or on the carpets very finely. It will cause dehydration in fleas, which eventually kills them. So, get ready to take control over the living fleas and keep your pet safe and healthy

#6- Apply Lemon Water

Have you ever thought that lemon juice which we usually drink can act as a treating agent? Well it could also help pet owners keep their dogs free from fleas. Yes, it’s true. It is one of the best and cheapest home pet remedies to remove fleas from dogs. Lemon juice includes citrus acid, which repels the fleas and so can be an effective flea treatment. 

To make the anti flea spray solution, add two cut lemons in a half-liter of water and boil till it reaches the boiling point. Leave the solution and let it come to a minimum temperature. Add the mixture in the sprayer and apply it to your dog. While applying, make sure it does not enter the eyes of your furry friend. So, get ready to see good results after trying this natural remedy.

home pet remedies
Healthy dog playing

#7- Say Goodbye to Fleas with Garlic

Yes, you read it correctly. By using a single clove of garlic, you can easily keep fleas away from your dog. 

To try this, you have to crush the clove properly and place it in the same bowl in which your dog eats his food. You can also sprinkle a teaspoon of garlic powder or add some water, especially for the dogs who are picky eaters. 

If this works for you and your dog it can help you minimise your spend on conventional flea treatments. Take a fresh clove and use it properly, many people find this gives excellent results. 

#8- Bring Beer Yeast into Use

Last but not least, beer yeast is another product that can be used to treat flea infestations. As a flea treatment it is effective because it includes components like vitamin B1 known as Thiamine, which is very unpleasant to the fleas. 

To use this remedy, take a teaspoon of brewer’s yeast and mix it well in the food of your dog if your dog is small. But if he is large, then use ¾ tablespoon. Make sure you use this remedy once a day after having a conversation with your veterinarian. 

In Summary – Home pet remedies and pet care

Dogs are the most adorable and innocent creatures. They cannot communicate but do express their feeling through different behaviour. Just as we get irritated with somethings so do they, especially when they come across fleas. 

No doubt, professionals can help in getting rid of fleas, but this process can be expensive. Try some of the home pet remedies and anti flea sprays we describe, and as a  responsible pet owner, you can help your pet stay itch-free  We hope you’ll find these solutions easy, effective and inexpensive.

Furthermore, if you have more ideas that can help the pet owners to keep their pets away from fleas by using natural products, feel free to share in the comment section below. Do share your experience after you’ve tried these home pet remedies. 

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