9 Home Organising Ideas for Hard to Store Stuff

4 Mar, 2021

9 Home Organising Ideas for Hard to Store Stuff

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Keeping a home comfortable and tidy might seem hard in these days when many of us are working from home. Any homeowner will say that storage space can be at a premium at the best of times. During the pandemic with whole families living and working in the same space, it can seem overwhelming. Here are some home organising ideas to help you stay on top of your space.

Hopefully you’ll find some if not all of these home organising tips of use.

9 Great Home Organising Ideas for Hard-to-Store Stuff

home organising
Storage units can be so helpful to store seasonal stuff

It can definitely be daunting when things start really stacking up around you. It can almost become anxiety inducing when things aren’t organised or put away properly. Ideally everything would be exactly where it’s meant to be, but things never work out that way.

As life takes its course, those little errands you have on your list keep getting pushed to the back of your long term list. This last year has doubtless been distracting.  Life is stressful and it’s completely understandable that other priorities have been brought into focus. Our time with loved ones, friends and associates now seems more important and special than ever.

Plans for home organising slip easily into the background.

Starting with the little things

Home organising will help you to take control of your personal life. It will ease some of the burden. The best way to do this is by gradually making small improvements in our environment. Pick up that small pile of paper. Deal with that overflowing bag of rubbish. Whether you start at home or in the office every small improvement gives you greater clarity.

Being mindful of our surroundings can lead to improved mental health, less stress and more clarity of thought for the harder tasks we need to carry out. Surely this is something we can all strive for, an improved reality through taking control of the areas of our lives we think can be improved.

home organising
Keep on top of your workspace to keep workspaces tidy

So Why Should I Want To start Home Organising and Tidy my Stuff?

There are loads of reasons why you should feel motivated to start home organising, declutter and give yourself a spatial breather. You’ll probably find you enjoy the process and wish you had done it sooner.

You should be motivated to start home organising and order your stuff if:

  • You have limited capacity where you currently live and need some extra space
  • You’ve got some old personal things which you want to keep for the long term but don’t need right now
  • Your current situation means you need to fix up and sort your belongings out
  • You’re moving into an exciting new home
  • You are moving into a new office because your business is growing and need the space for growth
  • You’ve been meaning to do your chores for a while and are finally getting round to it

The reasons for starting to organise will be different for everyone, but one thing’s for certain it’s a great way to spend your free time and means one less annoying job to do down the line.

Some Great Home Organising Ideas for Hard-to-Store Stuff

Once you’ve decided that you need to do a bit of home organising and put order in your life, you’ll find ways to get creative. You can brainstorm your own guide to organising your home to help you get there. We’ve put together some crafty little ways for you to get round those little problems you have when trying to organise the annoying stuff.

Organise Shoes In A Tote Bag

Shoes can be difficult as they literally come in loads of different shapes and sizes. They can take up quite a lot of space when in bundles so if you pair them up and face them downwards into a large bag, you’ll find how good this is at saving room.

Take Advantage Of Under The Sink

You’ll probably be surprised at how much space you have under the sink, and it could be a great place to put some larger things than are taking up room elsewhere.

Use A Storage Facility – last resort for home organising

There are all sorts of options when it comes to storage. They are so convenient and secure that you will most likely find one near where you reside. Similar people use wowstorage.co.uk to declutter their homes. The awesome thing about using a storage space is it takes the physical stress away from you. You’ll not only clear your space but clear your mind too.

Tidy the Tech – Store your Cables and Chargers

These are one of the absolute worst to try and store away. You leave them for two minutes and the wires get crossed beyond belief and you have no idea how they got like that. Using cardboard and folding them up into tubes then standing them long ways could give you a wicked way to insert your cables in each section so they don’t mix in with the others.

home organising
Create dedicated areas for certain activities

Keep Things Hidden In Suitcases

Usually, when we’re not preparing to go away on holiday, our suitcases are empty. Well, take advantage of this opportunity and fill them up with the stuff you need to organise and put away. Everything looks the same but you’ve managed to store extra bits.

Organise Things On The Wall With Hooks

This is an easy win and takes things away from the floor or on tables. Simply get the hooks up and start hanging anything you can.

Get Books Onto Shelves

This may seem like an obvious one but books are heavy and once you start to accumulate lots, they take up serious space. Getting them onto shelves will not only look good but free up some precious space too.

You can find wood shelves at celtictimber.co.uk in different sizes and colors to help tidy up your collection. It’s also a good idea to incorporate some bookends as well for a more tidy look. Using a wall-mounted shelf can be even better because it’s space-saving, and you don’t need to worry about the stability of the shelf itself.

Use A Bathroom Wall Organiser

The bathroom can so easily become cluttered and using a wall organiser will alleviate some of this stress. Somehow all sorts of items become stacked up and can become hard to store, so invest in a wall organiser today.

Add Shelves To Empty Corners

You will probably be surprised at how much space you actually have in the corners of your rooms. Measure the spaces, get some shelves in there and sort your hard-to-store stuff out.

home organising
It can help to start the day with a clear mind if your workspace is tidy

Home Organising – The Outcomes

So the best thing to do is just dive right in and experiment with some of these little techniques. it can be liberating to finally be able to see what you need to get done, without wading through clutter to find what you need.

You’ll feel a huge weight off your back when you finally get these things sorted. Then you can afford to give yourself extra space and freedom in your home life. Maybe you’ve been putting it off and have become a bit lazy or feel uninspired. This is understandable given the current landscape and feelings of people in general.

However, give yourself a boost and catapult yourself forward with positivity with this ultimate guide to organising.


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