A germ free home – The pet owner’s guide

7 May, 2021

A germ free home – The pet owner’s guide

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Having pets in the home can make you either fastidious in cleaning as a homeowner, or a little more relaxed. Being a petowner seems to pull people either in one direction or the other. However, maintaining a germ free home really does have many advantages. Read on to learn more.

Sterilized Spaces: A Pet Owner’s Guide to a Germ-Free Home 

germ free home
Regular cleaning with specialist materials will help maintain a germ free environment

Are you hoping to tidy up dingy, discouraging, and dander-ridden living spaces? If yes, maintaining a clean home is a critical step towards healthy living and a positive mindset. Often, simply decluttering a countertop relieves feelings of stress and discombobulation. However, there’s nothing quite as frustrating as finishing a deep cleaning session only to have your furry friend dust every surface with fur and dander.

Big dogs prone to heavy shedding can quickly contribute to a messy and unhealthy house. Even petite felines bring in unwanted germs from an adventurous outdoor exploration. Pet owners must address irritating fur and dangerous bacteria to maintain a safe space for both you and your pet. 

Ridding your house of pet-generated filth requires more than a weekly sweep or countertop dust. To truly sterilize your home, pet owners must take a measured approach to clean. Not sure where to start? Consider this complete guide for achieving a germ-free abode. 

General tips for a germ free home

Whether you own several pets or none at all, every homeowner should practice basic house care. Consistently cleaning every day prevents you from undertaking a tiresome deep clean of your whole home. Start by picking a straightforward act of cleaning each day, like dusting shelves and wiping down bathroom surfaces.

Other tasks include regularly washing bedding, shaking out shower curtains, and disinfecting sponges to protect your home from becoming a bacteria breeding zone.

One area that requires special sanitization is the kitchen. Sweeping daily and emptying the trash wards off pesky ant invasions while avoiding foul aromas. 

Additionally, switching to germ-resistant stainless steel appliances like these allows for effortless cleaning while elevating your kitchen’s appearance. As a non-porous material, stainless steel resists lingering germs much longer than wood or plastic, making it the perfect pet-friendly appliance. 

Some pets get into all kinds of tucked away spaces

Fur-baby baths 

Cleaning your animal may seem like an obvious solution to germs, but many owners don’t bathe their pets often enough. As a rule of thumb if you aim to achieve a germ free home, aim to wash your dog every three months. Curly breeds may need more frequent baths, while long-coated breeds require the attention of a professional groomer.

Cats clean themselves naturally but giving an outdoor feline a quick wipe down every once in a while rids them of pesky bacteria. Both dogs and cats should have their paws cleaned consistently, especially if you are a pet owner with allergies. A germ free home will really help anyone who suffers with allergies.

germ free home
Stock up on all your key cleaning materials

Stock your cleaning supplies to keep a germ free home

You never know when an accident may occur, and having a tried and true cleaner on hand will prevent permanent stains. Stock up on urine remover and an odor-based cleaner to tackle harmful enzymes and aromas. Don’t forget the classic mixture of water, white vinegar, and dish soap that is pet-safe and hard-working.

Another unsuspecting cleaning hero is shaving cream. Apply it on delicate rugs or carpet and let sit for one minute. Once it starts to foam, wipe with warm water and watch the stain magically disappear.

Final thoughts on keeping a germ free home

Caring for animals brings joy, laughter, and germs into your home. Whether it’s a playful pup bringing muddy paws inside or a sly kitten dragging in foreign bacteria, a messy house is hard to avoid. Keep a germ free home and your inside spaces healthy and safe by practicing routine cleaning tasks and switching to stainless-steel appliances.

As a pet owner give your fur babies a regular bath and stock up on supplies to ward off germs and stains. With the right tools and approach, you can achieve a clean, pet-friendly haven.  And if you have pets you’ll need pet sitters! read on to learn more…

How to find pet sitters for when you travel

find pet sitters
Using a trusted housesitting and petsitting network you can connect with pet lovers who will pet sit for free

Depending on the kind of pet you have you will need to find a petsitter who will be caring and attentive. Dogs and cats are the most popular pets in our Housesitmatch network. However, we have many other pets that we care for including smaller pets like rabbits, and pocket pets like guinea pigs.

Find pet sitters well ahead of your trip then you and your pet can relax and enjoy the break

At Housesitmatch we can help you to find pet sitters who will travel to your home at their expense. They will live on your property while looking after your pet and pay for their own upkeep. It is a very affordable collaboration that benefits both you and the pet housesitter.

Try a network that offers trusted pet sitters who pet sit for free

The beauty of a trusted housesitting and petsitting network like Housesitmatch.com is that we have thoroughly ID checked all our members for safety.

So every one can see when the checks are clear and complete. We like to offer transparency to build trust within our network.



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