A place of work needs air conditioning – Home office or corporate

2 Aug, 2021

A place of work needs air conditioning – Home office or corporate

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Whether you are in your home office or in the corporate office air conditioning will optimise work conditions. If you are one of the homeowners who has moved your place of work to the home during the pandemic, you may find you miss the office.  This could be for various reasons, and most especially the climate control offered by air conditioning. In this blog we have shared a number of ways that air conditioning in your place of work can improve your performance and your health and well being.

Why it’s important that your workplace has air conditioning

Whether you are working from home or in the office

place of work needs air conditioning
Air conditioning helps whether in a home or corporate office

When we think of air conditioning, most of us think of it as a vital piece of equipment that keeps us cool when the weather is hot outside. It does this by removing the heat and moisture from the air so that whatever room it’s being used in remains nice and cool. An air conditioning system is in control of the temperature, humidity, and air quality in indoor spaces; however, it can be used for so much more. With this in mind, this article looks at why it’s important to have air conditioning in your workplace.

To maintain productivity

Studies have shown that if your office temperature isn’t set at a comfortable level, it will not only spoil staff morale, their productivity will decrease. This is because they will spend a considerable period of time trying different things to cool down. Perhaps they’ll even work away from their workstation to find somewhere else to cool down. They’ll drink water more often and take more trips to the bathroom. All of this will inevitably impact your business.

Having a decent air conditioning system in your office will stop this. Your workers will feel comfortable working and wont need to take as many breaks to cool down. They will be cool and at the right temperature. However, you’ll also need to look after your air conditioning system, which will more than likely involve a contractor to come into service it regularly. As Billy Aircon explains, it’s important to keep the system clean and maintained, so it will work without requiring repair. Also, having a servicing contract means someone will immediately come out to repair it, saving you time trying to find someone. It also means you have someone reliable rather than gambling on who to hire.

Improving health

With the recent pandemic affecting nearly all aspects of our lives, it has been found that a good air conditioning system can remove virus particles in the air. Whilst it may not eradicate 100% of them, it’ll do sufficiently more than not having air conditioning installed. Furthermore, working in hot climates without air conditioning can lead to several health issues from being experienced, like dehydration, heat cramps, and exhaustion. If several employees are unwell because of heat, it could have a devastating impact on your business. Therefore, it makes sense to look after them because it’s their work that’s potentially keeping your business afloat.

To save money

However much you agree with the statement a place of work needs air conditioning, you know it will cost something. There are a few reasons why having an air conditioning system will save you money. The first concerns your employees and follows on from the last point. If your staff is falling ill and need to replace them, perhaps because you have a time-sensitive product or service you provide, you may hire agency staff to fill the gaps. This may be a sensible solution if employees are absent for considerable periods. However, this could end up costing you money, especially if you’re paying for your sick employees. This could be avoided with decent air conditioning.

place of work needs air conditioning
You’d be amazed at what people do to stay cool

Secondly, if you have no air conditioning, then your employees have no means of keeping cool. Most of them will opt for the next best thing, which is an electric fan. They may choose to bring their own ones into work. Alternatively, if you have a budget, why not buy fans either table-top fans or office fans. If you have 10 employees in one room, you may need four or five to ensure everyone is kept adequately cool. Collectively, these fans could cost as much as an air conditioning system to run or more. And if they break down, they’ll most probably require replacing.

Consider visitors

Aside from people who work on your premises, you need to consider those who visit. Regardless of the type of business you have, you’ll more than likely have people who come to your business, whether as a customer, supplier, or any other third party.

You naturally want them to feel welcomed and relaxed. Part of this involves them feeling comfortable, which means having premises at the right temperature, amongst other things. There’s nothing worse than inviting people to attend a meeting, for example, and everyone’s overheating in one crowded room. People will leave thinking about how they struggled in the heat, not the impression you want them to have.

Air conditioning can be a life-saver, especially where we work. When it’s sweltering hot outside, many of us will do anything to avoid going out. Sometimes we don’t want to do anything too taxing, simply because it’s too hot. None of us want to work in this kind of heat. So when our place of work has air conditioning, we know that we’ll be able to cool down and focus. From reading this article, you’ll now know that having an air conditioning system at work has more benefits than just keeping you cool, which makes it an important part of your office. So as a homeowner with a home office it is worth remembering these benefits to optimise performance when working from home.

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