A Working Dog Parent’s Guide to Puppy Ownership

8 Dec, 2020

A Working Dog Parent’s Guide to Puppy Ownership

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Have you ever hoped to own a puppy but hesitated about becoming a dog parent? There may be various reasons for your hesitation. Read on to learn about the joys and an easy guide to becoming a pet owner. Then when your ready, go get your puppy.

A Guide to Puppy Ownership for Dog Parents

dog parents
You can become a dog parent at different stages in life

If you work a traditional 9-to-5 (or longer!), your go-getter attitude shouldn’t deter you from committing to pet ownership. After all, those working professionals who juggle hectic schedules and cope with demanding jobs may be in greatest need of a canine companion.

Why become dog parents

The physical benefits of owning an energetic dog with a glowing disposition are enough to justify dog ownership. Individuals who own a dog like this will often receive more physical exercise than their cat-owning counterparts. Not only do these neighborhood walks promote optimal heart health and weight management in the owner, but they also allow older dogs to age with grace and lead an energy-burning active lifestyle.

The ownership of a pet dog is also considered to be beneficial for calming the owners. Their very presence can be a destressing factor in a home, to say nothing of the companionship they offer for anyone living alone.

After considering the above benefits of owning a dog, a prospective dog owner still on the fence won’t need any more convincing after recounting the emotional benefits. Generally speaking, owners often experience improved moods, less stress, and report lower levels of loneliness than other pet owners.

Ready for your life as a full-time dog parent and full-time working professional? If so, buckle up and get ready to become a multi-tasking aficionado.

Hire a pet sitter

A professional pet sitter will prove beneficial to both you and your dog. A sitter allows your dog to remain at home while you earn a living for the two of you. Additionally, dog owners who allocate space in their budget for pet sitting services often enjoy the added peace of mind that comes from knowing your pet is safe and secure (and not tearing into your couch cushions)

Besides keeping an eye on your furry friend, dog sitters also help with tasks like feeding, grooming, and making sure your dog receives the recreation he or she needs.

Provide entertainment

If you must leave your dog at home alone while you’re working, you can take measures to ensure your pet enjoys themselves until you return. Before making your morning commute, be sure that your pup has enough room to move around a bit during the day. It’s the least a dog parent can do.

You can then keep his or her mind occupied with a favorite toy or even a television show. If you’re hoping to build a family of furry friends and have the space necessary, you can welcome another dog into your home. That way neither pet will suffer from feelings of loneliness or boredom.

dog parent
Visits during the day help you get closer to your puppy

Schedule a visit

A lunch break is the most opportune time to surprise your dog with a visit to your home. Depending on how far you have to travel to work, there may be time to play a game of fetch or take a walk around the block. Your dog will enjoy the company and extra activity from time to time.

Watch for signs of separation anxiety

Some dog breeds are more likely to suffer from separation anxiety than others. A dog that continuously relieves itself on your floor, despite being housebroken, may be experiencing some degree of anxiety. Other separation anxiety symptoms in dogs include running away, continuous barking, and destroying your belongings.

Let go of the dog parent guilt

Studies show that three out of four dog owners experience debilitating guilt when leaving their dog unattended. These feelings of guilt are unnecessary. Your job as a dog parent is the primary income source that funds your pup’s toy and dog treat obsession. Without your 9-to-5, you might not be able to provide a good life for your furry family member.

That said, your only responsibility as a dog owner is to ensure your dog is safe and comfortable until you return home.


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