AC Shut down: What to do before calling a service

23 Jul, 2021

AC Shut down: What to do before calling a service

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Keeping cool at home in hot weather, as every homeowner know, is always easier with Air Conditioning (AC). Maintaining the AC units is important to avoid a full scale AC shut down on the hottest day of the Summer. Here are some checks you can do in the unfortunate event that your AC does breakdown. Before you have to call a service make sure you try these simple checks for clues as to what might be wrong.

AC Shut Down: What You Can Do Before You Call an HVAC Service

AC shut down
An air conditioner is a good investment if you live in a warm climate

Imagine you get to your next housesitting gig, then — out of the blue — the AC decides to misbehave. What do you do next? Luckily there are some things you can check before panicking. Consider this troubleshooting checklist from professionals specializing in ac repair in Cherry Hill first.

1.   Take a look at the power source

Power has to be the first and primary step you look out for when your AC shuts down. If it was already on, then you won’t have to check the switch at the door not unless it has burnt out. So, first, check out your home’s circuit breaker box and ensure that it is working perfectly.

Secondly, check the wires leading to your AC and ensure that none of them are damaged. Once you’ve confirmed that the issue isn’t your power source, move to the next step.

2.   Take a look at the thermostat

The thermostat batteries would be the first thing to check. You only need to confirm if the display is lighting up as it should. If the batteries are low, they could be triggering the AC not to balance the heat and cold as it should, and it may eventually shut down. If this is the issue, you can easily replace them without the help of a technician. Once you’ve checked the batteries, then check the thermostat itself.

Every good air conditioner must have a thermostat. The thermostat is in charge of controlling your home’s climate. Depending on the type of AC, the first step would be to check the settings for an error message or, better still, try to change the settings to see if it triggers a response. If this doesn’t work, it’s time to try out something else.

3.   Take a look at the air filters

The primary function of the filters is to clean the air that flows into your home. If the AC filters are old and clogged up with dirt, air doesn’t flow in and out freely from your AC. This may cause your AC to break down since it will be overworking.

If you forgot to do your monthly routine check, then this could be the issue. These checks are important to avoid a full scale AC shut down. Therefore, it is vital to confirm that they are not clogged up. You are also advised to change them every three months and replace them when in heavy use, especially in the summer season.

4.   Take a look at the drain line

Commonly referred to as the condensation pump, it helps clear out excess condensation from your AC. The drain line looks like a PVC pipe with a cap on it, and it is right under the AC unit. Check the pan under the AC to ensure that it is not clogged. If it looks clogged, then it usually is blocked. Pour ¼ cup of vinegar in the drain line may help to clear the clog.

If the AC still doesn’t work after doing this, then it’s time to move on. As usual, be sure to do a monthly maintenance routine check to ensure that it is not leaking or clogged up. If you can’t unclog it or notice a leakage, don’t hesitate to call in a professional.

5.   Take a look at the sensor

There’s often confusion between what the sensor does and what the thermostat does. First, it is essential to note that the sensor is located behind the control panel near the evaporator coil. It is responsible for interpreting the room temperature and communicating the actual temperature to the thermostat.

A faulty sensor can cause your thermostat to misinterpret the room’s actual temperature, causing an issue. Usually, you’d need a professional to remedy this issue.

A final note on avoiding an AC shut down

Sometimes fixing the AC is really as simple as replacing batteries or air filters. Other times it requires the help of a professional.  If you’re in need of reliable AC expert services look no further than Classic Services Air Conditioning & Heating – New Braunfels which offers fast, reliable service and a wide range of AC services to choose from.

Regular checks will help you to avoid a full scale AC shut down.

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