Add a touch of class to the living areas of your home

8 Jul, 2021

Add a touch of class to the living areas of your home

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If you own a property and regularly like to improve  the décor on a regular basis, think before you buy anything new. There are some simple ways to add a touch of class especially to your main living areas, without spending a lot of money.  These are some tips and tricks shared by homeowners who love to decorate. Read on to learn more.

Add a touch of class to your main living area

add a touch of class
Good lighting always adds a touch of class

It’s not uncommon for the modern living room to be bathed in comfort. From massive televisions to couches that you can seemingly sink into forever, even a refined family home living room can feel closer to a bedroom in terms of how comforting and indulgent it feels.

But what if we wanted to add a little class, too? Well, that could be just wonderful. What matters here, however, is how we apply ourselves to this approach. There’s no need to add an overly beautiful lampshade to each fixture in the room if it doesn’t match with any other implement in the room.

A ‘touch’ of class often denotes class that doesn’t shout from the top of a mountain, but rather helps elevate a room with a tasteful fixture that most people can appreciate.

That’s the kind of design choice that you can’t really force, it has to be right for the room and how you use it. So, in this post, we’ll discuss three simple means of getting you there, hopefully helping you become even prouder of your living space:

A Rug Can Tie The Room Together

simple decorating tips
You can achieve a great deal with a well chosen rug add a touch of class and refinement.

A rug can really tie a space together in a manner that you may not have been expecting. This is especially true if the rug is high quality and made from proper materials, such as the Cow Hide rugs, that are becoming more popular thanks to their fanciful aesthetic and durability. 

Make sure to opt for a shade that works with the general tone of your flooring, be that laminated wood, vinyl or carpet. Make sure it’s angled and oriented correctly in the room. Then, before you know it, the room will feel as though it’s no long missing that ‘special something’ you had been wondering about.

Natural greenery and plant life always adds freshness

There’s nothing that can make a space feel more natural than… nature itself. Bringing in some lovely greenery can help a space open up and feel like its best self, and a little goes a long way. It will add a natural elegance and a touch of class.

Something as simple as a bonsai tree you prune from time to time can add a lovely addition to your living room table. You may also decide on more striking implements, like a cactus, Venus flytraps, or perhaps a wall garden. Or, perhaps you just want to have a nice living room, not a living room that implies danger.

In that case, a vase with a lovely bouquet of flowers can be a great place to start, or, if you wish, just opt for some fake greenery and flowers for now to get a feel for how this can elevate the room. You never know just what kind of ideas this can encourage.

Tasteful lighting will add a touch of class to your living area

light pendants
A classic Chrystal chandelier adds light and sparkle and a sense of light airiness which delivers a touch of class

Tasteful lighting can truly make all the difference when it comes to presenting a living space. The right lightbulb or light fitting can set the mood for the room and add a touch of class to the space.

It might not seem like much, but a colored lamp, or even a lamp filter, or LED lights placed in tactical places (with RGB support, a television mount can look even more magical), will really make a difference as to how inviting and calming your room feels.

Sometimes, it’s not so much the light you use as how you use it. For instance, you might be fond of using candles, which add their own form of flickering light.

A candle holder that helps the light better reflect around the room in a soft fashion could be a lovely way of not only using the light, but helping it become more appropriate and suited for your space.

Show some taste for art when you add a touch of class 

There’s nothing that can add a touch of class quite like a refined sense of taste. Of course, this can come through your choice of décor and furniture, but you can also display it a little more prominently, while also reinforcing the visual theme of the room with well chosen wall art – to add a touch of class.

From classical paintings to minimalist photography to iconic posters for the more contemporary room, there are plenty of different options. Wall art looks good in almost any room, you just need to find the right art to suit the space.

add a touch of class
Subtle, warm muted colours come a live with fresh plant life, together they add a touch of class

Box compartments & stands

If you keep up with technology, it might not be that uncommon for your living space to have games consoles, cable boxes, retro equipment, televisions, speaker systems, and more. This can take space and defines how the space looks. Therefore, it’s only healthy to consider how to organize all this equipment in a discrete way.

For instance, you can use box compartments and stands, where every piece of equipment has its own slot and you can access them properly.

Choosing a suitable piece of furniture will tidy everything away discretely and demonstrate a touch of class that your living space is spare and ready for use, not cluttered by boxes and wires for occasional use.

HDMI Splitters

If you use HDMI splitters and cable management, you may even be able to keep all of your devices ready to go instead of having to dive back behind the television and switch over cables each and every time you want to try something new.

This will help you save time plus it helps the space feel more open and welcoming, which may be exactly what you need.

Ambiance & home comforts

Never ignore the power of home comforts. While we have suggested that living rooms can feel a bit too indulgent and oppressive when they are overly cushioned and feel as if there’s too much ‘stuff’ on every surface, provided a home comfort works with the ambiance of the space, it can feel more classy.

A comforting rug can make all the difference even on carpet, or digital photo frames that celebrate your family can work, too. Ambiance might involve a subtle speaker system and lighting setup that helps the room take on something of a light and relaxing atmosphere, even if that’s as simple as turning on light jazz when you hope to read a book.

A nice footrest and chez lounge in the space can help further increase the utility of how you interact with and ultimately rest in the room.

Theme your furniture to add a touch of class

You don’t have to have the nicest furniture in the world, or the most expensive, or the most hard to find. You just have to make sure it works with the space, and so theming it appropriately can help.

This might mean that using similar elevations of sofas with similar colors and matching couch cushions can be a great idea. Class denotes thoughtfulness, and so it can be achieved without having to spend over the odds on a totally rare antique piece of furniture, too. Just apply your creativity, and you’ll get it right.

If you adopt even a few points of this professional advice, you’re sure to add a touch of class to your living area.

This might mean selecting elegant yet comfortable furniture pieces that not only elevate the design but also serve a functional purpose. For instance, incorporating Wayfair recliner chairs into your living space can offer both comfort and style, seamlessly blending with your existing decor to add a **touch of class**.


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