Add character to a home – Top Tips

12 Sep, 2022

Add character to a home – Top Tips

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Whether you are a new homeowner or simply want to refurbish, it is important to know how to add character to a home to reflect your personality. Here are our top tips for you to learn more.

Add character to a home and showcase your personality

add character to a home
Reflect your personality by displaying possessions that mean something to you

Buying a home is the first chapter of an exciting story. It can mark the start of new beginnings, great adventures, and memories to make. Your home provides you with plenty of spaces to create your dream areas. You can bring your vision boards and concepts to life.

A home renovation can add character to a home

Home renovation projects can transform a house into a person’s dream space. With home renovation accounts becoming increasingly popular on social media, it could be one of the influencing factors that have led to the recent rise in home renovation spending.

Seeing how others have decorated their home might have led many people to look at their own space. They might notice areas that could do with improving and where they could inject their personality.

If you are looking for ways to renovate your home to add character, here are a few valuable tips to consider before you start.

Make a plan

Getting swept up in the excitement of renovating your home is easily done. Purchasing items you love that you think would help you bring your vision for a space to life without checking first to see if they would fit.

Manage your impulse purchases

These impulse purchases can quickly become an issue, especially if you have no additional storage spaces where they can go when you begin renovations. Additionally, you might find that the items do not suit the theme or chosen aesthetic.

As you prepare to renovate your home, ensure that you have created a plan. Split the project into rooms and spaces.

Decide what you want the result of the renovation to look like in each room. Having a plan will help you to find suitable pieces that work well in the space but also fit. It will also allow you to create a rough timeline of how long it will take to renovate your home.

Know your budget

During your planning stage, you should consider your budget for the entire renovation project. A budget can help you to determine what is possible for your home renovation. It allows you to see what you can afford in your dream design plans.

Knowing what you can and cannot afford can also help to influence any design changes and elements to your original plans.

Remember, renovating your home can take time. Be patient with the process, and plan for each project in stages. It will help you avoid putting yourself in an unfortunate financial situation and reduce any errors because you have rushed to complete all work.

DIY Vs professional help

add character to a home
Sometimes to set just the right mood you might need a little professional advice

When creating a budget, one area you will likely have to factor in is deciding who will complete certain tasks. Of course, completing tasks yourself will help keep the renovation project costs down.

However, there could be the risk of having to repair the issues later on, which could end up being costly. Unless you or someone you know is experienced in a specific decorating project, it could be worth investing in the help of a professional.

Hire a professional handyman

You might decide you want a professional handyman to help fix televisions to walls or add shelves to rooms for you to decorate. If so, look at MyBuilder and use their services to find a local handyman.

Using their ‘handyman near me’ section, you will find a vast selection of choices. Many of their options have reviews left by former clients, which can be helpful when making your final choice.

Aside from ensuring projects are completed to the highest standard, there will be certain renovation tasks that require a professional and others that could be done yourself – for example, having electrics fitted.

How to showcase your personality

picture gallery
Bring favourite pictures together in a gallery makes an accent wall and shows your interests

The steps mentioned above can help to provide a base to help with your renovation project to inject your personality into your home. If you bought a new build, a common phrase you will likely hear is that a new build lacks personality or character.

These are some of the ways you can showcase your personality in your home and add character.

Choose a colour scheme

As you look to showcase your personality, consider the colour schemes and overall aesthetic you want to have in your home. This is a simple and effective way to inject your character into your home.

Choose the colours that showcase your personality. It can be colours that brighten up your home and help to transform your house into your home – a place that reflects you and your style.

Add gallery walls

Consider adding a gallery wall to display much favourite works of art

The walls don’t have to be one colour or covered in bold wallpaper. Walls can be easily dressed up with prints to make an eye-catching gallery wall. Gallery walls can make a unique feature in your home.

You can choose prints that reflect your style, character and personality to create a wonderful addition to your home. Some of the prints selected could even incorporate the aesthetic or theme of the room.

These gallery walls can feature throughout your home, cropping up in the kitchen, hallways and bedrooms. Use online guides to help you create your dream gallery wall.

Invest in furniture

Furniture can transform a room. It can help to bring a space together or fill the spaces throughout your home. Similar to choosing the colour schemes and gallery walls, the furniture should also be something that is taken into consideration.

Choose pieces that suit the aesthetic and theme of your home. Ensure that you measure beforehand to check that the pieces fit into the places in your home. It saves you from sending pieces back that do not fit into your home. Investing in furniture can be worthwhile as they are pieces that will last and are used often.

Incorporate plants

keep houseplants
If you love the feel of a home with houseplants then start with one or two to add character to a home

If you love the outdoors, bring it indoors by filling empty spaces of your home with plants. Plants can be a cost-effective and impactful way to add warmth and bring life to your home.

They can add colour and character to your home, as well as make great talking features for when guests come to visit. As there are various types of house plants that you could get, you will likely not be short on filling your home with different kinds of plants to create a tropical oasis.

 A boost for well-being

An additional benefit of having plants in your home is that they can help to increase happiness and boost your overall wellness.

If you work remotely due to your job, having plants around you could help to improve your concentration and productivity levels – which are both beneficial when working from home.

Attend to all the details

Over the years, you are bound to collect items and memorabilia that remind you of a special time in your life. When you move into a new home, you can fill the empty spaces with the items you have collected.

These items can be displayed on shelves, coffee tables, windowsills, or your bedside table. They are just small reminders of special moments and add small touches of your personality throughout your home.

The bottom line on how to add character to a home

The longer you spend in a place, the more of your personality you can add. Renovation projects do not happen overnight. They take weeks and months of planning and then days, weeks or months to complete. The result is often exactly how you imagined it – a place that looks like your home and is your home.


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