Adopting a guinea pig? Buy guinea pig cage liners

8 Mar, 2023

Adopting a guinea pig? Buy guinea pig cage liners

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Many families like to start pet ownership with a small pet like a guinea pig. If as a new pet owner you are also thinking along these lines, you need to prepare. That preparation includes buying equipment and supplies, and many people forget the cage liners. Read on to learn our top tips on how to choose guinea pig cage liners.

Adopting a guinea pig? You need guinea pig cage liners 

guinea pig cage liners
Taking care of your guinea pig will help them have a healthy life

Guinea pigs have been a favorite pet for years for being low maintenance. Although caring for one is relatively straightforward, keeping the cage clean and comfortable is crucial, and guinea pig cage liners are the starter essentials to invest in. If you plan on adopting a guinea pig soon, you must invest in the right guinea pig cage liners. It will ensure the environment of your guinea pig is safe and comfortable.   

If it is your first time caring for a guinea pig, expect to deal with the droppings and urine daily. A guinea pig follows a detailed daily schedule comprising eating, defecating, urinating, and sleeping. Often, you can see them popcorning, which involves jumping around, adding up to any mess already present.   

A close look at guinea pig cage liners   

A cage liner is the best way to prevent the mess from becoming overwhelming. The primary purpose of guinea pig cage liners is to provide your guinea pig with a comfortable yet clean surface, making it easy to maintain and clean. As part of your daily routine, discard any droppings on the liner and set it back in the cage. To prevent odor, you must also wash the liner, ideally once to twice weekly.  

Guinea pig cage liners are readily available nowadays, and you have several options, such as those made of fleece. The main purpose of the liners is to ensure your guinea pig has a soft and comfortable surface while at the same time keeping messes to a minimum.  

Considerations when choosing a guinea pig cage liner   

guinea pig cage liners
Keep your guinea pig safe while cleaning their cage

If you plan on investing in guinea pig cage liners, there are several considerations to remember. Some things to remember include the cleaning amount, your available budget, and the surface material your guinea pig prefers:

  • Cleaning   

Today, you can find guinea pig cage liners that are both reusable and disposable. If you go for a reusable liner, it requires routine cleaning on your part. You need to remove any visible waste and wash it thoroughly. As for disposable liners, you can readily discard them once it gets soiled. Decide how often you want to clean and the amount of effort you can dedicate to the routine to ensure the cleanliness of the liners.   

Remember that cleaning is essential if you plan to go on vacation soon. If you hire a house or pet sitter, the right cage liner for your guinea pig will ensure a simple cleaning routine.   

  • Material   

Most of the guinea pig cage liners available on the market are soft. It is to create a comfortable surface for your guinea pig to walk and relax. Among the various options, fleece and cotton are the most popular as the upper layer of reusable liners. Additionally, both boast a soft texture and are machine washable.   

The interior layer of most liners has absorbent properties, while the bottom layer has a waterproof barrier. Some liners are also built with a slip-resistant layer to keep the liner in place. 

  • Budget   

If you have a budget range to follow for your guinea pig’s care, reusable cage liners may have a higher upfront cost, but it’s a worthwhile investment since they’re guaranteed to last for a long time. As for disposable liners, most are available at an affordable price range but discarded once soiled.    

The price of multi-layered cage liners is higher, but they can provide a good surface and stay in place. Luckily, you can find several options for every budget that can get the job done.    

Popular Guinea Pig Cage Liners and their Materials   

Once you have purchased a guinea pig cage that has adequate space, the next consideration is none other than the guinea pig cage linters you need for the flooring. Knowing the commonly used materials will be a good starting point if it’s your first time buying a guinea pig cage liner. Here are some of the widely used materials that are used as cage liners.    

  • Fleece   

Fleece is a common material for guinea pig cage liners. The fleece liners are preferred since they offer warmth, a comfortable surface, and are easy to clean. The material can absorb liquid quickly, making it easier to clean. During the selection process, go for a heavier one to avoid pilling. Additionally, you should ensure the fleece is free of fabric treatments or dyes that can harm your pet.  

  • Cotton Towels   

Cotton towels offer comfort and warmth for your guinea pig with several color options. The material will require a more frequent cleaning routine, ideally washing the material every week to minimize odor.   

  • Newspaper   

For some, layers of newspaper can be a cost-effective and readily accessible cage liner. Generally, it works best as the base liner on the cage’s base. You can easily roll it up along with other bedding material during routine cleaning, which helps save time and effort.   

The main drawback with newspaper is that it’s unable to soak up urine and should be paired with an absorbent liner. 

Regular cleaning is essential for any pet cage
  • Chenille Bathmat  

In recent years, guinea pig owners have switched to chenille bathmats as cage liners. The material boasts several advantages, such as being thick, soft, and absorbent. Routine cleaning involves washing weekly to maintain cleanliness and minimize odor.    

Final thoughts on choosing guinea pig cage lining

Using the right guinea pig cage liners will ensure your guinea pig has a soft, warm, comfortable surface to walk and sleep on. If it’s your first time buying one, you may find choosing from the vast array of options challenging.

The best way to ensure a good head start is to know what to look for in a liner and the materials used. The ideal cage liner will keep your guinea pig comfortable and makes the cleaning routine manageable.   


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