Affordable home improvements you can make

10 Dec, 2021

Affordable home improvements you can make

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If you own a property and find the costs of running your home are always a challenge, worry not. In this article we offer you a homeowner‘s selection of ideas and tips for affordable home improvements you can make without breaking the bank. Read on to learn more.

Revealed: Affordable home improvements you can make

affordable home improvements
Scatter cushions and a matching throw add depth and a splash off colour to a bedroom

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Have you noticed that your home is looking a little lacklustre lately? If so, you likely want to spend some time making it look nicer and improving the general appearance of your abode. The trouble is, you haven’t got the budget for any major renovation work.

All is not lost because it’s possible to make some cheap improvements in your home to make the most significant impact. Check out the following suggestions and tips for some inspiration:


There’s no denying that painting a room is an excellent way to make the most significant visual impact. Walls refreshed with new colours will transform any space into something fresh, bold, and inspiring.

You might think that paint is expensive, and in some cases, it can cost you a small fortune to paint even the smallest of rooms. However, there are many free or cheap sources of paint to consider. For example, there’s the Community RePaint scheme.

You’ll also likely find some bargains on Facebook Marketplace and local Facebook groups. Plus, relatives or friends might want to offload unwanted paint, and it’s worth looking around for free or cheap paint in the colours you want.

Towel Storage

Everyone uses towels each day as part of their bathing routines. Do you find that you don’t have dedicated towel storage in your home? If the answer’s yes, consider storing them in a cheap or free wardrobe if you don’t have an airing cupboard you can use.

Plus, you can buy relatively cheap clothes rails to hang up towels; you may find that your bathroom allows enough wall space to have more than one towel rail. That can be helpful if you share your home with other people.

Stair Runners

Does your staircase let down your otherwise flawless-looking home? If you can’t afford to have all your stairs and landing carpets replaced, there is another option to consider. Stair runners are cheap to buy, offer excellent grip, and come in various patterns and colours.

They enable you to remove worn carpet from your stairs and turn your staircase into a focal point for householders and visitors alike. Plus, they’re relatively easy to install for the novice DIYer with handyman skills.

affordable home improvements
House plants add texture and colour to any environment

LED Lightbulbs

Do you hate the way energy-saving lightbulbs take so long to “wake up”, and even then, they don’t offer a bright light output?

The good news is you can carry out an inexpensive improvement: replace your lightbulbs with LED equivalents.

LED lightbulbs use significantly less electricity than energy-saving CFL bulbs, plus they come on instantly when you turn them on.

Another advantage of LED lightbulbs is that you can choose from different light outputs and shades, such as warm or daylight glows.

It’s even possible to buy LED lightbulbs that you can control with a smartphone app via a Bluetooth connection!

Add house plants

House plants make fabulous affordable home improvements.

They add texture and colour to any home environment, and bring life and natural movement to even the quietest home.

Easy to maintain you can add house plants of all shapes and sizes and colour.

Visit a plant conservatory or garden centre to choose a selection of indoor plants to breathe life into your home.

Final thoughts on affordable home improvements

The above is by no means an exhaustive list of the affordable home improvements you can make. But, it goes some way to show how you can create some cheap improvements to your home that offer maximum impact.



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