Affordable Travel Top 5 – House Sitting Benefit

3 Apr, 2023

Affordable Travel Top 5 – House Sitting Benefit

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Many people come to housesitting through an awareness built by searching for affordable travel ideas. Some are drawn to housesitting because they like the house sitting benefit of a working holiday. Or they like the idea of exchanging their services for free accommodation. Caring for pets and housesitting is a great way to do that and earn free accommodation.  Journalist Silvina Lípari shares her love of house sitting, affordable travel, pets, and working on the road.

By Silvina Lípari

A major house sitting benefit

A major house sitting benefit for both travelers and homeowners is the opportunity to travel inexpensively: Travelers do not have to spend money on accommodation and pet owners do not have to pay someone to take care of their pets. It’s a fair exchange between the two. Besides affordable travel, there many other advantages. Here are 5 reasons I house sit when I travel:

Silvina and her “naughty bandit” in Kolossi, Cyprus. Photo courtesy of Silvina Lípari

Live Like a Local

This is one important thing that I love about being a house sitter. I first started house sitting so I could experience my bucket-list destinations a little differently – as a “local,” not as a typical tourist.

Extended stays in interesting locations

House sitting allows me to stay in one place for long periods, so I can see more than just an area’s token tourist attractions. I can explore local walks, parks, shops, restaurants and bars.

Free Travel Accommodation – a good house sitting benefit

One of the best reasons to house sit is free hosting. Over the years, I have saved a lot in hotel costs. This has allowed me to travel the world. House sitting has helped me achieve both my financial and travel goals.

Earn income while traveling with good wifi

I also learned how to earn income while traveling. I freelance remotely, so being a house sitter gives me time and space to take online courses and work online!

house sitting benefit
Buddy and his mom eager to play! Photo courtesy of Silvina Lípari

Enjoy the Company of Pets

Besides affordable travel, a fabulous house sitting benefit for me is that I enjoy caring for pets.  This is a great benefit for me because I grew up with animals and I miss them while I am not able to keep any of my own!

House sitting benefit – Walking dogs

I love walking the dogs I care for and exploring around the home where I am staying. House sitting is a fantastic way to travel while having the company of animals! They can be great company.

Comfortable Accommodations while Traveling

When it comes to affordable traveling and touring, staying in hotels and backpacker hostels can get a little old – especially if you have to share the bathroom or kitchen with other people.

House sitting benefit – A comfortable place to stay

But house sitting provides a comfortable home. This is particularly important if you are working remotely and under pressure to meet deadlines and deliver promised work. Having a quiet and secure workspace, as well as good wifi can be essential for productivity.

I enjoy having all the comforts of a home including a clothes washer, a fully stocked kitchen, a living room and private work space.

affordable travel
Playing with 2 of the 13 cats I cared for in Paros, Greece. Photo courtesy of Silvina Lípari

Affordable travel anywhere – a great house sitting benefit!

You can house sit in your own country or abroad it is a great house sitting benefit. I love housesitting in Europe And aim to travel further afield one day soon.

House sitting in Greece

I am constantly surprised by the places I end up in! For example, I cared for 2 cats in a small town near Chania, Greece, and I really liked to listen to the singers who visited the Old Town.

A unique experience – House sitting benefit

It was a unique experience for me and very memorable. And of course it was quite an added house sitting benefit.

House sitting in off the beaten track locations

I’ve taken house sitting assignments in some random off-the-beaten-track places that I’ve ended up falling in love with! Housesitting offers unusual adventures especially if you like new and interesting experiences. Each one will be completely new.

Silvina Lípari is a journalist in radio and graphic media and an independent documentarian. She is the author of  Las Aventuras de una Mujer Viajera en Solitario (Adventures of a Solo Woman Traveler).  She blogs at





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