Affordable travel for students – Exploring Mexican culture

28 Mar, 2023

Affordable travel for students – Exploring Mexican culture

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A remarkable number of our housesitters love visiting Mexico. It is no surprise that this country offers affordable travel for students. Young people choosing to explore the Mexican culture discover that their budget can go much further than in many other countries. Read on to learn more about why this might be so.

Exploring the Mexican culture: Affordable travel for students

As a student, you could be planning a trip to Mexico to explore the Mexican culture for several reasons. The first is that rich history awaits, especially if you are studying a related course. You could also be after broadening your worldview by experiencing a whole new way of life. Whatever the case, your priority might be to do it on a budget for an authentic experience.

It is also good to be mindful when spending to nurture self-reliance.

This post informs college students looking for cheap places to visit in mexico. It provides practical suggestions for every stage, from booking flights to top destinations. 

affordable travel for students
Exploring Mexican culture offers a diverse and exciting adventure, and very affordable travel for students

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What to bring with you

The goal is to pack only the essentials to ensure you do not incur expenses hauling things you do not need. This section discusses what you should carry, starting with a notebook. It is a must-bring for students who may need to submit an explore the Mexican culture essay after the trip.

Your tablet, phone, or portable computer should also not be left behind, as you can record videos and take pictures. Remember to keep all the materials you gather safely and use them to write your essay. That will not be hard as you can refer to free essay samples, Mexican culture examples, in particular.

Next, you should bring cash and your credit cards. The former will save you trouble where the latter is not accepted. Lastly, pack comfortable clothing and footwear. They should be lightweight and breathable, given that the weather in Mexico is warm and humid.

Booking flights to ensure affordable travel for students

After packing, the next step when planning affordable travel for students to explore mexico on a budget is booking a flight. The most important thing to know is that flight costs may vary depending on several factors. Some include the airline you choose, the time of the year, and the city you depart from. For example, traveling during holidays will be more expensive.

Always look for booking platforms that allow you to compare the prices of different airlines. Give priority to those that give you access to free coupons.  

Places to visit, plus things to do when exploring Mexica culture on a budget as a student

The goal for education institution goers is to get an all-inclusive experience cheaply. Here are the destinations and mexico culture activities to accomplish just that:

1- Explore the cuisine

affordable travel for students
Mexican cuisine is famously healthy and affordable and enabling affordable travel for students in this country

Food and drinks are among the top things that put Mexican culture on the map. There is a fine range of flavors for all palates, sophisticated or not. 

That said, one of the things you should consider trying is street food. Not because it is affordable and you are traveling for cheap but because it is a great way to try authentic Mexican foods and beverages. Luckily, street vendors selling tacos, tamales, quesadillas, and other Mexican dishes for just a few pesos won’t be hard to find.

If you are skeptical about buying from the street, you can source food from local markets. San Juan and la Merced are examples of trading centers with affordable prices for fresh produce, spices, and dishes. 

2- Visiting museums and cultural sites for free

This is another way to experience Mexican culture without overspending. Most of these destinations even extend free admission to students, including university goers enabling a greater appreciation of their culture and of course enabling affordable travel for students.  The National Museum of Anthropology and the Palacio de Bellas Artes, for instance, won’t charge a dime.

Museums and cultural sites offer insight into Mexico’s rich history, art, and culture. Visiting archaeological sites is also an option. Chichen Itza makes the top list of places worth visiting to explore the ancient ruins of indigenous civilizations.

3- Travel in time for different celebrations

The people in Mexico stay true to the festivals passed to them by their forefathers. Attending them is a great way to experience Mexican culture and meet locals. For starters, you can experience the events that inspired Disney’s animation Coco firsthand courtesy of Dia de los Muertos or Day of the Dead.

The best part is that attending the festivals is not only an immersive experience but it is also enables affordable travel for students wanting to learn about the culture.

The colorful commemorations take place at the end of October, teaching young locals and visitors to pay homage to the dead. Besides the music and parades, the celebrations give you access to authentic traditional foods that may be hard to find on regular days. Other popular festivals include the Carnival and Guelaguetza.

4- Attend cultural events and exhibitions

Dance and music add to the colour of Mexican festivals

For one, the concerts at the Palacio de Bellas Artes will offer reduced price tickets to many people, this also helps to ensure that reduced price entertainment delivers affordable travel for students. Secure one to enjoy a myriad of events and exhibitions on Mexican traditions. That is not to forget Lucha Libre matches. This is a unique form of professional wrestling duals, making for another worthy sighting in Mexican culture.

Affordable travel for students in Mexico – In summary

Saving money while traveling to Mexico as a student doesn’t mean you miss out on anything. Instead, it makes for a more authentic and rewarding experience that will linger in your memory for years. As for where to stay without overspending, there are many budget hotels and hostels for all students, including those who study in mexico.

You will be thrilled to discover that most of them offer free breakfast, Wi-Fi, and other amenities at no extra cost. This makes for really affordable travel for students.

Try house sitting if you’re looking for affordable travel for students

What is a house sitter?

A house sitter is some one that a home or pet owner invites into their home to care for property and pets in their absence.

Housesitters – What you need

House sitting gives you the chance to travel to new places, earn, and have a place to sleep while on the road. The practice is fast becoming the go-to option for many traveling homeowners due to the benefits it brings to the table. Are you searching for a way to get in on this train? Here are nine tips on how you can go about becoming a house sitter.

Trusted house sitters

It is good to consider all the elements that make up a good trusted housesitting arrangement. In our opinion they would include the following:

A love for pets

You must have a strong affection and way with pets before you become a house sitter. Most homeowners have these furry companions, and her hoping to find someone to care for them too. The more passionate you are with animals, the more jobs you can land online.

Pets often range from dogs to cats, fish to hamsters, lizards to birds, and more. Having one yourself or owning a farm is an extra touch.

Trusted housesitters

Consider all the elements you will need to have and to project in your housesitter profile in order to be considered a trusted housesitter.

Housesitter profile

A profile that stands out features the following information will help you become a house sitter more readily.

  • A clear picture of you.
  • Your previous job and pet experiences
  • The qualities you bring to the table
  • Your relevant skills and qualifications
  • Your passion for pets
  • References

Having a unique profile can significantly improve your interview call-ups and help you to become a house sitter. Many house sitters who get assistance from top resume writing sites don’t even have to send applications anymore. Their profile and introductory messages attract homeowners to shortlist them for interviews right away.

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