Are cats the best pets for kids?

14 Dec, 2021

Are cats the best pets for kids?

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The old saying goes you are either a cat person or a dog person.  If as a pet owner you like cats but are concerned about introducing them to your home with children then read this blog. In this article we explain why we believe ‘ cats the best pets for kids ‘ is a real thing. Though at Housesitmatch, it has to be said, we also love dogs…

Are cats the best pets for kids?

cats are the best pets
Children love to stroke and cuddle a cat – Good or bad? Cats the best pets?

If you are a parent of a new born or a toddler, you might be asking yourself if it is the right time to get a pet and what kind of pet. Or it is the other way around — you have a pet, but you are looking for ways to introduce your baby when the time comes. Many people believe that cats are not tolerating kids, which may make them not a good choice. However, this is a misconception. And we will tell you why.

Cats can teach kids patience 

Cats are the perfect pet to show your child how and why they should be more patient. Kids are very curious creatures, and they also don’t have a clue what a cat likes or doesn’t like. This is why they might try to chase your cat around the apartment or touch it in a way your pet won’t appreciate. 

The cat will then use different methods to signal the kid that this is not the right time or the right way to show interest and affection. The pet can just walk away, push the kid away or hiss at it. If the child persists, it might have a not-so-good ending for your kid. In some cases, they can end up with some scratches or bites. We don’t say this is good, but it will definitely be a lesson to remember. 

Cats can teach kids to be cautious 

As a pet owner or a future cat owner, you should know that your cat is becoming part of your family. Likely this new addition will require some adjustments from both sides, but shortly you won’t be able to imagine your life without your pet. And here is a really good reason why cats are the best pets for kids. They will teach your children to take care with pets.

In many ways, they will resemble your toddler because you will have to be taking care of them. Same as you did for your kid, you will want to give your cat the healthiest cat food to make sure they are happy and healthy.

Your cat’s diet will play a significant role in how your furry friend feels, therefore, engaging with the environment and people. If they are not very happy and feel hungry, they might not be so patient with the new little humans. 

cats are the best pets
Children often have a strong relationship with their pets

As we mentioned, children might not know how strong they are. This is why they might give a bit of a thought to your pet initially.

However, once they see that the cat is not feeling fine being squished or pulled by the tail, your kid will understand that this is not the right way to treat an animal. Of course, you will be there to teach them how to pet their new four-legged friend, and soon your kid will know how to do it properly. Cats the best pets for kids ? yes we believe they are great companions.

Cats can teach your kids to love even stronger

The bond between a kid and its first pet will always remain a fond memory. It might take some time in the beginning for them to get used to each other, but just wait and watch the love grow. Your kid will learn to appreciate and cherish the friendship of its new pet, and your cat will start to love your child and look for more and more ways to show their affection. 

Once your furry friends start to give your kid some bumps with his head, gentle licks, or they play together, your kid will learn that an animal can be just as good a friend as another kid (perhaps better).

The bond that will form between a pet and a child will be something beautiful that your kid will remember even when they are older and might be the reason for them to get a cat themselves. Cats the best pets for kids? Yes we believe that is a valid claim.

Cats can teach your kids to be responsible

If you start ear marking several of the daily tasks concerning your cat for your child, this will be one way for them to learn about being responsible. The jobs might be something small like brushing your furry friend every day to make sure they have silky hair or giving them their food. Cat care is a good way to introduce a sense of responsibility in your child.

Of course, you will be there to help them and supervise this, but the kid will feel responsible for the well-being of your cat as well.

They will know that they are taking care of another living creature dependent on them by completing that small task. By doing this, they will also understand that responsibilities shouldn’t be taken lightly because others depend on you. Here are some other tips on how to teach your child to be responsible. 

Cats the best pets for kids? Well they do teach your children about routines and responsibilities.

Final words on why cats are the best pets

We are not going to deny that having a kid and a cat might be challenging in the beginning. But rest assured that even cats are more temperamental than dogs, they are still a great companion for your kid. They will learn a lot from each other and most importantly will be the greatest of friends. 



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