Attract birds to the garden – 7 Top tips

6 Sep, 2023

Attract birds to the garden – 7 Top tips

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Many homeowners who have an outdoor space or yard love the idea of supporting wildlife. Finding ways to attract birds to the garden is one way to enrich the natural history of your outdoor space.

How do you attract birds to the garden? 7 Top tips

attract birds to the garden
Choosing the right food and feeders will attract birds to the garden

Birds are not only beautiful creatures that bring joy and wonder to our lives, but they also play a vital role in maintaining the balance of nature. By attracting birds to your outdoor space, you can create a harmonious environment that benefits both you and these feathered friends. In this blog post, we will explore what you need to do in order to attract birds to your yard and create a bird-friendly haven.

Understand bird behavior

To successfully attract birds, it’s important to understand their behavior patterns. Different species have different preferences when it comes to food, water, shelter, and nesting sites. By becoming familiar with the birds commonly found in residential areas, you can tailor your efforts to attract specific species.

Certain birds, such as finches and sparrows, prefer to feed on seeds, while others, like hummingbirds, are attracted to nectar. Woodpeckers and chickadees, on the other hand, are fond of suet. Knowing what types of birds frequent your area will help you choose the right feeders and food options to entice them into your yard.

Choosing the right bird feeders will attract birds to the garden

There is a wide variety of bird feeders available in the market, each specifically designed to cater to different bird species and their feeding preferences. Tube feeders with multiple perches are suitable for small birds that eat seeds, while platform feeders are ideal for ground-feeding birds like doves and juncos.

Using a bird feeder hanging pole is an excellent option to attract birds to your garden, especially if there are squirrels in your area. A sturdy and well-designed pole ensures that your feeders are secure and easily accessible to birds while minimizing the risk of damage or interference from other animals.

It’s important to consider the birds’ safety when placing feeders. Position them near shrubs or trees where birds can seek refuge from predators. Keep the feeders clean and regularly replenish the food to ensure birds keep coming back.

bird feeding from a hand
Wherever your garden is located birds will come if you offer them the food they like

Essential bird foods attract birds to the garden

Offering a diverse range of bird foods is key to attracting various species to your yard. Seeds, such as sunflower, millet, and nyjer, are a staple for many birds. Suet, made from animal fat mixed with seeds or fruit, is a high-energy food that attracts woodpeckers, nuthatches, and other insect-eating birds.

Hummingbirds are attracted to nectar, so providing a sugar-water solution in a hummingbird feeder will entice these delightful creatures. Fruits and berries can also be used to attract birds like robins and thrushes. Additionally, it’s important to remember that many birds rely on insects as a food source, so allowing areas of your yard to grow naturally can provide them with a valuable foraging habitat.

Creating a bird-friendly habitat

Birds thrive in natural environments, so incorporating native plants, trees, and shrubs in your yard is essential. Native plants provide a familiar food source for birds and support the ecosystem by attracting insects. A mix of flowers, bushes, and trees of varying heights will create different layers within your yard, offering shelter and nesting sites for birds.

Nesting boxes are a great idea

Providing nesting boxes and birdhouses is another way to attract birds and encourage them to stay. Different species have different requirements for their nesting sites, so research which types of boxes or houses are suitable for the birds in your area. Place them in quiet, undisturbed areas of your yard, away from bird feeders, to give birds a safe space to raise their young.

cats prowling the garden for birds
If you have domestic cats at home they will be a threat for birds. They could wear bells to warn the birds

Providing Water Sources

Just like humans, when we attract birds to the garden we need to ensure they have access to fresh water for drinking and bathing. Birdbaths, fountains, or drippers can be used to provide water sources. Make sure the water is shallow and has a rough surface to prevent birds from slipping. Placing rocks or pebbles in the water can achieve this.

Regularly clean and refill the water sources to prevent the spread of diseases and ensure birds have a clean and hygienic environment. Adding a small water feature or pond to your yard can also attract a wider variety of birds, as they provide natural habitats for aquatic organisms.

Avoiding Common Pitfalls

While trying to attract birds to the garden can be a rewarding experience, there are some common pitfalls to avoid. Large windows can be a hazard for birds, so consider using window decals or placing feeders and birdbaths away from windows to reduce the risk of collisions.

Beware of predators

Predators like cats can pose a threat to birds, so it’s important when we attract birds to the garden that we keep the cats indoors or make sure they wear bells on their collars when outside.

Lastly, some deterrents may unintentionally discourage birds from visiting your yard. Chemical pesticides and herbicides can harm birds and their food sources, so opt for natural alternatives or integrated pest management techniques. Similarly, avoid using excessive noise or bright lights that may disturb birds’ natural behaviors.

Some feeders are designed for small birds

Final thoughts on how to attract birds to the garden

Creating a bird-friendly yard will attract birds to the garden. Also it enhances the beauty of your outdoor space and it contributes to the conservation of these incredible creatures. By understanding bird behavior, providing appropriate feeders and food options, creating a diverse habitat, and offering water sources, you can attract a wide range of bird species to your yard.

Remember to research the specific birds in your area and tailor your efforts accordingly. By following these steps, you can create a welcoming haven for birds and enjoy the beauty and wonder they bring to your surroundings.


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