Avoid smelly dog syndrome – Here’s how

15 Aug, 2022

Avoid smelly dog syndrome – Here’s how

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Most pet owners are aware of the risks of smells and odours in their home because of resident pets. Dogs especially are prone to certain smells for example when they have wet fur and winter coats. Here are some top tips of how to avoid smelly dog syndrome.

How to avoid smelly dog syndrome – Top tips

avoid smelly dog
Ensure you bathe your dog periodically to keep their coat clean

As a dog owner, you’re doubtless aware of your responsibilities – namely to ensure your canine companion eats well, has regular vaccinations and worming treatments when necessary, and that you take your pet to your local veterinarian if they become very unwell.

Aside from that, dog owners should ensure their pets are clean. But, some owners can find grooming challenging for various reasons. You’re probably reading this today because you find it hard to keep your pampered pooch looking and smelling great.

With that in mind, take a look at the following tips and tricks to prevent your pet from becoming a smelly dog:

Give Your Dog A Quarterly Wash

avoid smelly dog
Watch carefully where your dog runs in the park and where they rub themselves

Did you know that one of the most significant mistakes dog owners make with their canine companions is not washing them? As you probably know, dogs shouldn’t have daily washes like humans because their skin can dry out, and their coats soon lack oil and volume.

But that doesn’t mean you should never wash your dog! Choose a dog shampoo that is most appropriate for your dog’s coat and breed, and bathe them gently so they don’t get anxious about the experience.

Have Your Dog Groomed

Does the thought of washing your dog fill you with dread? Perhaps your pampered pooch finds it challenging to move around due to mobility issues? A viable alternative to washing your dog yourself is by paying a dog groomer to take care of that side of things for you.

While you would normally drop your dog off at a dog grooming parlour, mobile dog groomers also exist and can groom your dog in their specially-adapted vehicles.

Brush Your Dog’s Coat Every Other Day

If you own a dog breed with a short coat, like a greyhound, you can probably ignore this tip. However, canines that have long coats will require regular brushing. 

The process is similar to how you’d brush your hair, and for your dog, the experience is very therapeutic. Many different dog brushes exist on the market, so it’s simply a case of choosing one that is best suited to your dog’s breed and your budget.

Brush your dog’s hair regularly especially if they have a long coat

Ensure Your Dog Has A Balanced Diet

As you’ve likely seen during trips to your local supermarkets, many different dog food products exist – with some aimed at specific dog breeds or ages. You’ll also come across budget-friendly foods and premium alternatives. All these can contribute to minimising smelly dog syndrome.

It makes sense to choose a dry or wet dog food containing the right ingredients and nutrients for your dog, rather than simply letting price dictate your purchasing decisions.

Your veterinarian can recommend products that are best suited to your dog’s breed and take into account any pre-existing medical conditions like arthritis.

Brush Your Dog’s Teeth

Lastly, you know the importance of brushing your teeth every evening before bedtime; the same applies to your dog too. Unfortunately, dogs can’t brush their own teeth, so you need to do that for them.

You can buy dog-specific toothpaste and brushes, and you can complement your dog’s regular teeth cleaning regime by giving them treats like dental sticks.

How to avoid smelly dog syndrome in summary

There are many ways to ensure you avoid smelly dog syndrome at home. Make sure you wash and groom your dog on a regular basis. It is also useful to brush their teeth regularly, and to brush their coat on a frequent basis if they have a long coat.

Minimising the smelly dog syndrome at home means cleaning your living space frequently, and especially the dog bed and blankets. By staying on top of all these routines you will ensure you avoid having a smelly dog.



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