Avoid these mistakes when decorating a bedroom

4 Nov, 2022

Avoid these mistakes when decorating a bedroom

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Whether you are a homeowner or you are renting your home you can find inexpensive ideas when decorating a bedroom. Read on to learn the easy steps to take and more especially the mistakes to avoid.

6 Mistakes to avoid when decorating a bedroom

decorating a bedroom
You can display personal items without making the bedroom too crowded

Bedrooms are the most intimate spaces in your home. They reflect your personality and style, and you spend about a third of your life there. So it’s important to decorate your bedroom with care. 

If you share your room with another person, you must decorate it in a way that is appeals to both. But sometimes, people go overboard when decorating their bedrooms. Often, people get so focused on creating a beautiful space that they forget about practicality. The result is a room that looks great but doesn’t function well as a place to sleep or relax. 

Here are six common mistakes people make when decorating their bedrooms to help you avoid them.

Putting too many personal items on display

Make some personal touches when decorating a bedroom. it is your personal space and so it is important. But don’t go overboard. Too many items can make the space cramped and cluttered, especially if you share the room with another person. 

When decorating a bedroom remember to keep the number of items on display to a minimum. Ensure these items compliment each other. For example, if you have a bunch of photos hanging up, try grouping them in one place rather than spreading them all over the walls.

Keeping  furniture that’s too big

Keeping furniture that’s too big for the room can cause problems. They take up too much space for you to move around. For example, larger beds and wardrobes will occupy a lot of space. This can make it harder to get ready in the morning and even lead to accidents. 

If you have large furniture items in your bedroom, try arranging them so they aren’t touching each other. For example, you could put a bed against one wall and a wardrobe on the other side of the room. It will give you more space to move around and make the room feel bigger.

perfect bedroom
Most of us have idea for decorating a bedroom. Your furniture and personal touches are key

Inadequate lighting

Inadequate lighting can make a room feel smaller than it is. Hence it’s important to have good lighting in your bedroom. It’s also important that the lighting is warm and cozy and doesn’t cause glare or reflection. If you don’t have enough natural light in your bedroom, consider adding extra lamps to provide more illumination. 

If you have too much natural light, try  closing the curtains and blinds during the day. If this isn’t possible, consider installing blackout blinds on your windows when decorating a bedroom. These will help keep out unwanted sunlight and make your bedroom cooler, cozy and inviting.

Not changing pillow covers

Changing your pillowcases every few days is important because they build up dust and germs over time. This is more crucial if you have allergies or asthma. 

If you want to add a fresh touch to your bedroom, try alternating between white, colored, and floral pillow covers. It will add some personality to your space without overdoing it. This is such a simple and low cost way to go about decorating a bedroom and a way to keep it fresh.

Not cleaning your mattress

It is important to clean your mattress regularly. It prevents dust mites and other allergens from building up. Consider using a mattress protector to keep germs and bacteria from transferring from your body onto the mattress. 

Try cleaning your mattress at least once a month. You can do this with a vacuum cleaner or  a mattress cleaning kit to remove dust and allergens.

Not experimenting with bold colors and patterns

You may be hesitant to experiment with bold colors or patterns when decorating a bedroom, but you’ll never know until you try. If you are used to neutral and earthy tones, it may be time to try something new. It is easier if you hire a home painter to help you. 

Consider painting one wall of your bedroom a bright color like hot pink or sky blue. You can also use floral pillow covers for the bed pillows to give your bedroom some character.

Final word on decorating a bedroom

You can change the look and feel of any room with just a few simple tips. And as we have discovered it is relatively easy to avoid some significant mistakes when decorating a bedroom. Keep a consistent theme in the décor, don’t present too many exhibits making the room crowded and cluttered, manage your lighting and refresh your linen.

No need to spend tons of money or  an interior designer; follow these simple steps to get started.


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