Baby bedroom checklist – For first time parents

19 Jul, 2022

Baby bedroom checklist – For first time parents

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When you are new homeowner, and setting up your new living space for a planned family, you need a baby bedroom checklist. Read on to learn our top tips for the essentials to welcome and to care for your new baby at home.

Baby bedroom checklist: 6 Things first time parents need

Welcoming a baby into your home is one of the most exciting yet challenging parts of becoming a first-time parent. At this stage, you will start putting effort into preparing your little one’s room and getting creative with your design ideas.

Ensure function and aesthetics work together

While adding cutesy decorations will surely bring life into your baby’s room, it would serve you best to have a room that balances function with aesthetics. Your little one needs to have a comfortable nook, be it their own room or a space shared with you as their loving parents.

Putting together a room that’s just right for your baby requires a lot of time and patience, but seeing them enjoy their rooms makes it worth it in the end. To help you make your dream baby bedroom a reality, we’ve narrowed down the top baby essentials every family should have in their rooms.

a baby bed is usually the first thing on a baby bedroom checklist
Your baby’s bedroom must be functional enough to provide comfort. Plan your baby bedroom checklist.

What do you need in your bedroom for a new born baby?

Baby sleepers

Sleeping should be a time to get peace of mind for you and your baby. Some parents even prefer putting their babies in sleepers to ensure optimal rest. However, recent studies show that some sleepers, particularly the inclined ones, actually pose risks to infants.

While there are a number of effective baby sleepers on the market, it’s still important to know the types of baby sleepers recalled to ensure your baby’s safety.

If you’re interested in learning about these sleepers and why they were recalled, you can go to this link to read more about them. Be mindful, this is certainly worth noting for your baby bedroom checklist.

Bassinet or crib

If you have a new born baby, you should consider buying a bassinet for the first few months. And don’t forget the crib or bassinet mattress. Bassinets allow you to keep your baby within sight if you prefer sleeping in the same room with them.

Some bassinets have safety features such as firm mattresses and mesh sides. Make a note for your baby bedroom checklist.

Once your baby has outgrown their bassinet, you can get a sturdy crib with a high-quality mattress. Your baby will spend most of the day sleeping in their crib, so it’s vital to have fitted sheets, swaddles, and a blanket to keep them warm.

Consider getting waterproof and breathable mattress pads or covers that provide optimal comfort while preventing leaks, moulds, and moisture accumulation.

baby comfortable and safe
Establishing the right atmosphere in a baby’s bedroom is really important

Wardrobe and other storage items

Baby wardrobes may look cute, but they tend to be inconvenient, impractical, and unusable as your baby gets older. You should instead purchase a regular-sized wardrobe that is more likely to last longer.

Aside from a wardrobe, consider installing shelves and a chest with drawers to make it easier to store clothes. While having sufficient items in the baby room can be helpful for first-time parents, having too many items that are not correctly stored can become a safety risk once your baby starts to move around and explore.

A bassinet is often a starting point in a baby bedroom checklist and can help you keep your new born within sight. Image source: Unsplash

Feeding chair

Getting your baby to eat can be a daunting task, but feeding chairs are there to help you out. Consider getting a high chair with a cushion to keep your baby comfy.

Even if your baby is not yet old enough to pass the breastfeeding or bottle-feeding stage, it would still be good to have a feeding chair once they grow a bit older.

Changing table

Having a changing area for your baby keeps you from kneeling or bending too much when changing your baby’s diapers and clothes. Invest in a changing table with ample space underneath to give you enough room and reduce muscle strains. Again another item for your baby bedroom checklist.

If you prefer more space-saving furniture, some changing tables also have shelves and drawers for storage.

Baby-focused appliances and accessories

When starting your baby bedroom checklist and setting up a baby room, you should ensure that there’s adequate lighting during the day and at night. Consider buying a nightlight to help your baby rest their eyes and sleep better at night.

It can also help you as a parent when you need to feed your baby late at night.

Using separate rooms?

A baby monitor can also help you ensure oversight if you need to be in a separate room away from your baby. But aside from appliances, you should also consider getting covers for electrical outlets in your baby’s room.

Once your baby gets older, they will start getting curious about their surroundings. Invest in outlet covers that cannot be easily removed, even if your little one happens to be a persistent investigator.

baby bedroom checklist

Installing a nightlight will help your baby sleep more soundly at night. 

Build the Best Room for Your Baby – Prepare with a baby bedroom checklist

Setting up your first baby room is a major milestone for any first-time parent. After all, preparing your baby’s first room is a way of finally welcoming them into the family. When planning your baby’s room, be mindful of what makes them comfy and happy.

And most importantly, don’t forget to fill the room with the love and care that only you can give.


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