Bathroom renovation cost estimates

22 Jun, 2022

Bathroom renovation cost estimates

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Bathrooms need to be renovated on a periodic basis to maintain health and cleanliness standards. As a homeowner you may also want to update the look and feel by adding a new décor. But how do you think about bathroom renovation cost estimates when you are not sure how to start the reno project. Read on to learn more.

How to make bathroom renovation cost estimates in 2022

A new, clean, and nice-looking bathroom surely enhances the value of your property. So, it’s quite obvious if you think of bathroom renovation as a value-added project. However, many homeowners are unaware of the budget that should be allocated to their bathroom remodelling.

Planning and budget estimating are always done before any expensive project. Bathroom remodelling is among the most expensive and complex projects in home renovation. So, in this blog, we will explore every aspect to estimate the cost of upgrading your bathroom.

Assess the addition of each feature whether luxury or utility as part of your overall bathroom renovation cost estimates.

bathroom renovation cost estimates
It can be hard to imagine how to renovate your bathroom, even harder to estimate the costs

Average bathroom cost estimation

Before you start you may ask yourself ‘ how much does it cost to remodel a small bathroom? ‘.

Based on budget limits and your requirement, the average cost to remodel bathroom with tile shower ranges from $15,000 to $35,000.

Of course you don’t have to do a complete renovation. You can undertake a partial renovation which will reduce you cost commitment.

Always ask for a breakdown of the costs and in particular the labor cost to remodel bathroom scaled from large to small.

It all depends on your personal preferences and the style you that you want to opt for and how you manage all the features you want and the overall bathroom renovation cost estimates.


Factors that effect bathroom renovation costing

  • Size of the bathroom
  • Quality of finishing
  • Additional features
  • Scope of renovation

Bathroom size & dimensions

Of course, renovating a large size bathroom means there is a large budget requirement. However, that isn’t always true. You might need to renovate only a part of the bathroom instead of upgrading every corner. Some parts of the upgrade are more costly than others so consider this when assessing the bathroom renovation cost estimates.

For instance, plumbing work, toilet, shower fixtures, and sink costs are high. So, before making an estimation, identify how much renovation is needed:

  • One Quarter Bathroom Renovation – It may include adding a modern style of sink and toilet. You may need to upgrade two fixtures for a quarter bathroom remodelling.
  • Half Bathroom Renovation: This should at least include a modern sink, faucet, toilet, and plumbing work. You will need at least four fixtures for a half bathroom upgrade.
  • Full Bathroom Renovation: It’s like a master bathroom that may have enough size to cater to the vanity area, sink, toilet, bathtub, and shower enclosure. Such bathroom renovation may require more than five fixtures for the renovation.

Size and style matter

It all depends on the bathroom size, your style preference, and the budget that you can allocate to bathroom upgrades. Various fixture options you can use to design your bathroom more bright and elegant. Low-end fixtures may cost between $2000 to $3000, and luxury fixtures may cost more than $12000.

  • Quality of finishing

Bathroom finishing means the quality of materials, designs, and styles used in bathroom decoration. It may include wall finishing, quality brands of flooring tiles, faucets, sinks, and other accessories. A better finishing adds more value to your bathroom because it enhances the durability of the fixtures and makes them more attractive.

  • Low finishing

Low-cost brands offer below-average quality that are having a short life. Low finishing materials only when the homeowner has a lack of budget. A full bathroom renovation of an average-size bathroom with below-average finishing may cost you around $4000.

  • Moderate Finishing

Moderate level of finishing is usually accompanied by a balanced cost of materials. They look stylish but are average-quality products. A complete renovation with moderate bathroom finishing in an average size bathroom may cost around $8000.

  • Luxury Finishing

Premium quality finishing of bathroom fixtures allows more elegance and elite-class ambience. Of course any luxuries will add to your bathroom renovation cost estimates.

Luxury bathrooms have detailed finishing including quality wall and floor tiles with sturdy and durable grout, premium brands that never compromise quality, and elegant style for faucets, shower enclosure, sink, and bathroom cabinets.

It may cost no less than $15000 to upgrade the bathroom with the luxury finishing for an average size bathroom. Consider each additional feature you want as part of the overall bathroom renovation cost estimates.

stunning bathroom upgrades
Some changes can be dramatic and impressive, however, they will likely impact your bathroom renovation cost estimates

Add-on features & services

You may like to enjoy additional features such as a shower enclosure, bathroom shelves, and cabinets, in addition to a steam shower, etc. These features bring more cost to bathroom renovation. This can be categorized into two types: design and construction.

  • Design Service

You hire interior designers to reimagine the bathroom space. Your bathroom architect may cost you around $2000 to $3500 for providing expert advice regarding the best suitable design according to your bathroom.

trendy bathroom ideas

  • Construction Service

It may include demolition as well as installation service.

For instance, you might be interested in building bathroom cabinets below the sink or on the wall, it may require professional service to install cabinets in your bathroom.

Installation service may cost you around $1000 to $5000 based on the fixture. What will this add to the overall bathroom renovation cost estimates and is it in proportion.

Scope of Renovation

It means the extent of work and time required to renovate any fixture.

For instance, you have to convert tube to walk-in shower cost  that may require bath tube demolition, building a half wall, and may also require wall tiles to build an easy-to-clean walk-in shower area.

So, the scope of a walk-in shower installation is not limited to the cost of a fixed shower panel installation.

The bottom line on bathroom renovation cost estimates

Bathroom upgrade is an expensive project that should not be carried out without prior plan and the budget estimation.

You might be interested in a small upgrade or a complete bathroom renovation.

Think about your priorities that you can afford to incorporate and design a completely new and stylish bathroom and assess your bathroom renovation cost estimates carefully before committing.


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