Bathroom renovation plans – Top Tips

7 Sep, 2022

Bathroom renovation plans – Top Tips

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If you own property then at some point in your homeowner’s history you will likely have renovated a few rooms. Bathrooms take special planning because of their core functionality and purpose in the home. In this article we offer you our top tips for bathroom renovation plans. Read on to learn more.

How to make bathroom renovation plans – Top Tips

bathroom renovation plans
Making careful bathroom renovation plans helps to deliver a successful project

Bathroom renovations aren’t something any homeowner carries out on a regular basis, but sometimes they’re necessary.

If you’ve been feeling like your bathroom has become more than a little dated, doesn’t work in the way it should, or simply isn’t in line with your needs anymore, a renovation could be in order. But this daunting task can easily go wrong if you don’t spend a bit of time planning and preparing.

First bathroom renovation?

If this is your first bathroom renovation and you’re completely new to the process, our blog is here to help. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how possible your new project begins to seem.

Plus you’ll have the confidence to go create delux new bathroom designs then you’ll soon have the bathroom of your dreams.

Ask for professional advice

Some aspects of your bathroom renovation will be hard to actualise by yourself, which is where the experts come in. Consulting a London based bathroom designer for at least some of your project can help you to wrap everything up much more quickly and successfully.

While some people use a designer for the entirety of their renovation, you may just decide to ask for their input in the early stages to make sure you’re on the right track. Similarly, if your renovation means doing some plumbing, it’s never a bad idea to outsource these tasks to a trained professional.

Take detailed bathroom measurements

Before you begin work, you need to understand how much space you have to work with. The last thing you want to do is to buy a bathtub or shower and find that it doesn’t actually fit into the space you’d planned.

Measuring your bathroom will also help you to understand whether it’s possible to have both a bath and a shower, or whether a wet room would work better. If you have lots of space left over, you might decide to install a heated towel rail or even a mini sauna!

bathroom renovation plans
Take detailed measurements of your existing bathroom space and units and pipe locations

Plan the layout on paper first

The best way to visualise your end result is to map out your bathroom renovation plans, try creating a floor plan on paper – your measurements will come in handy for this part.

Create a diagram of your current bathroom and how much space everything takes up and then take a new piece of paper and begin crafting your new design. Once you have that in place, you’ll be able to find furnishings that match your required dimensions in stores.

Look for ideas in magazines and showrooms

Bathrooms aren’t just about function, they’re about style too. Luckily, there are plenty of places you can learn about the latest trends. Try flipping through some interior design magazines or visiting local showrooms.

If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, ask a sales assistant to show you what else they have on offer. Alternatively, you could try Pinterest and have a look at some ways that other people have decorated their bathrooms.

You might get lots of DIY ideas and tips for upcycling furnishings and creating fun yet functional storage solutions.

Bathroom renovation plans in summary

When you come to the detailed preparation for your bathroom renovation plans take the steps we recommend. If you take these measured steps you will make good strides to ensuring your renovation is as well prepared as possible, that you control costs and what you get is what you expect to get.


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