Be a fair and responsible landlord – Here’s how

28 Jul, 2021

Be a fair and responsible landlord – Here’s how

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If you are a home owner or property owner, and want to become a landlord read this blog. It will help you keep happy renters and keep your property well run in a cost efficient way.  It will help you to become a fair and responsible landlord without losing out.

How to be a fair and responsible landlord

When you become a landlord you need to strike a balance between what you want and what you renters need

When someone hears the phrase “landlord,” a variety of thoughts may spring to mind. Many people can recall a terrible experience with a rental home at some time in their life, so those thoughts will not be universally favorable. So, if you’re thinking about buying a property with the purpose of renting it out, you might be hesitant to become a landlord or lady.

Naturally, you don’t want to instil such negative notions in the minds of your potential renters. So it’s crucial to think about how you approach the process of renting out a property. While you don’t want to be overly lenient, there is a way to strike a balance. This will keep you in good standing and guarantee that you never have to wait long for a tenancy in any of your properties. And always remember to research the cost of landlord insurance. However much you like your tenants you need to protect your interests.

Manage multiple properties easily with landlord software

If you have several properties you’ll need to invest in landlord software. This is especially important to help you keep track of the varied expenses, deadlines, rent due dates and arrears. It can get very complicated and the software can be a huge help.

Be flexible

If you’ve ever been a renter, you’re aware of how restrictive certain leases and landlords can be. Now that you own a home, you can see why such a limitation is sometimes essential. But of course you still want renters who want to stay. If you have a tenant in your property, you will be covered for this month’s expenditures. However if you frighten them away, you would be responsible for the mortgage and upkeep of a vacant house. It’s important to be adaptable and provide something that other landlords won’t.

Talk to a UK property developer about the types of things that tenants frequently ask for. Many of them will want to be allowed to keep dogs, which many landlords would not allow due to noise and hygiene concerns. Make it clear that dogs are welcome in your home as long as procedures are in place to guarantee that noise, cleanliness, and other concerns are not a problem. Pets will be present in many of your prospective tenants. Others may choose to obtain one while renting. Cutting yourself off from that vast pool of prospective customers won’t help you.

Give plenty of notice when visiting

Let’s be clear about one thing: no renter looks forward to a visit from the property owner. Even if they have always kept their house immaculately clean and tidy since moving in, the prospect of exposing their property to inspection by the landlord is nerve-wracking. It’s much more so if the visit is unexpected. Some landlords will insist on having unrestricted access to the property at all times,. This is despite the fact that they are the ones who own it. This will irritate tenants, who, like any other human being, cherish their privacy – so make sure you’re not one of those landlords.

An important point for the landlord

Make a 48-hour buffer zone a policy. Call your tenants two working days in advance if you need to obtain signatures on a tenancy agreement, do minor repairs, or access the property for any reason. If you emphasize that guideline to your renters and follow it, they’ll feel more at ease. Then it is much more likely that they’ll be much more inclined to stay and pay their rent on time.



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