Beat insomnia and sleep better – Top tips

22 Dec, 2021

Beat insomnia and sleep better – Top tips

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If you have trouble sleeping either at home or away from home, perhaps housesitting you need to take care. Poos sleep habits can become entrenched and develop into insomnia. Read on to check out our top tips on how to beat insomnia and sleep better.

Top Tips – How to beat insomnia and sleep better

beat insomnia
Beating insomnia will help you with focus during the day

Sleeping is one of the most fundamentally important parts of being a healthy person. A lack of sleep can have several negative effects ranging from memory issues, to high blood pressure, to a weakened immune system.

While many people struggle with poor sleep and have for a long time, this isn’t doomed to continue. There are several things you can do to beat your insomnia and sleep better, and this blog post is going to go over a few of them.

Choose a Better Mattress

One of the first things you should do if you are having some trouble sleeping is to consider choosing a better mattress. Finding the right mattress for you is all about choosing one that offers enough of both comfort and support for your needs.

Some people with a certain sleeping style may prefer a softer bed, while others like something that is firm. Experiment with both and see which you prefer. Of course, be sure to consider your budget, and always buy from a company that offers a trial period to make sure you can return the bed if it doesn’t meet your needs. Checking and testing all your options will help you to beat insomnia and sleep better.

Wind Down in the Evening

Another great way to ensure you sleep better is to take time to wind down in the evening. If you try to sleep right after playing a sport, being out with friends or watching an action movie, you will find it tough to sleep. Your adrenaline and energy levels will be high, and sleeping will be challenging.

As far as how you wind down and prepare your body and mind for sleep, it is up to you. You can do some meditation, perform some yoga, read a book, listen to music, or even have a bath. Each person may find something more helpful than others, so try them all and see what works best.

Avoid Bright Screens Before Bed – essential to beat insomnia

beat insomnia
Turn off all devices to manage stimulation at night

In the hour or so before bed, it is best to stay away from the bright screens of a TV, computer or phone. There is no doubt that electronics impact sleep, and this is largely because of their screens. Bright screens can make it hard for your body to relax and prepare for sleep, and using them before bed can delay sleep onset and decrease the quality of your sleep, too. If you do need to use devices, make sure their brightness is turned down or dark mode is used. 

Watch What You Eat

Many of us like a bedtime snack before we sleep, but this isn’t often a good idea. Eating certain things can actually ruin your sleep and make it harder to sleep through the night, or even fall asleep. This includes things that are spicy, things that are overly heavy and even meals that are very greasy and unhealthy.

While avoiding any sort of food before bed is best, if you do need to eat, make sure it is relatively healthy and light. When it comes to beverages, avoid things like coffee and alcohol before bed, as they can also negatively impact your sleep.

Keep a Consistent Sleep Schedule

Keeping a consistent sleep schedule is another great way to improve your sleep. Your body is a creature of habit, and if you are always going to sleep and waking up at different times, it will be hard for your body to adjust. It may not know whether it should be preparing you for your day, or getting ready for sleep.

Try to develop a consistent bedtime and time for waking up, and your body will soon adjust and sleep better if you maintain the schedule. It doesn’t need to be exact, but you should always try to keep it close.

In conclusion, these five tips should be able to help you beat insomnia and sleep better. They are far from the only things you can do to improve your sleep, but are some of the best.



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