Bedroom upgrades on a budget

5 May, 2022

Bedroom upgrades on a budget

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Spring is a time of year when we look to try and refresh our home. As homeowners we often priorities the public spaces in our home. But don’t neglect your bedroom. Here are some top tips for bedroom upgrades on a budget.

Upgrade Your Bedroom on a Budget – Here’s How

bedroom upgrades on a budget
A new style of décor in the bedroom can improve the look and feel

The bedroom is always a personal space, irrespective of whether you are living alone or sharing it with your partner. It also means that a bedroom only feels like your own after it has been given that personal touch of décor.

If you take a more practical approach for bedroom upgrades, restyling a bedroom goes well beyond just aesthetics. Any bedroom upgrade should first be geared towards turning it into a shrine of peaceful sleep. Keeping that in mind, here’s how to get things done on a budget.

New Beds for Instant Bedroom Upgrades

Nothing else can possibly be more important in bedroom upgrades than changing or upgrading the very object the room is named after. Even if you make no other changes right away, but only decide to get a better and more comfortable bed, that’s a decision you will never regret.

Consider an adjustable one because those bedframes can double as recliners or couches too, making them a perfect fit for bedrooms of all proportions.

Bedroom upgrades on a budget

Beds are a lot more affordable than they used to be and you won’t need to spend more money on additional seating arrangements either. In case your new bedframe did not come with a mattress, or if the mattress it came with does not feel as comfortable as it should, just get a new one. It can make a world of difference to finally sleep on a bed that supports your frame.

Improved sleep quality and reduced backpain are just some of the many benefits of upgrading the mattress and the bed simultaneously. As far as bedroom upgrades go and specifically the cost is concerned, rest assured that there are plenty of affordable, but high-quality mattresses to choose from online.

Buy Energy Saving Curtains or Blinds

elegant home
Sheer curtains can easily create the ambiance of an elegant home

Curtains or blinds can act as an additional layer of insulation to keep the heating and cooling costs low. They also help us sleep better by keeping sunlight out for as long as necessary. More importantly, shutters, curtains, and blinds can change the way your room looks for an affordable investment.

Slatted blinds

Slatted blinds allow for precise light control, so they come highly recommended for a pragmatic bedroom makeover. Stick with a simple, but elegant venetian blind to make the most out of your small budget. If you decide to go with curtains or shades instead, remember that the darker they are, the better insulation they will provide.

There will still be ample opportunity for the shades to sport intricate embroidery to add a classy touch to your bedroom.

Install Smart Lights in Your Bedroom Upgrades

luxury interior ideas
Your lighting can make a be difference to the impression your decor makes, and accentuate bedroom upgrades

Dimmer lights for mood lighting

Dimmer switches and smart lights can both be used to set up mood lighting and reduce energy consumption. Smart lights will cost more than dimmer switches, but they are easier to control, and the lights change color. If you play around with the settings a bit, you should be able to make the color of your bedroom walls and ceiling change in appearance too.

What we perceive as color is a result of light reflection. By changing the source light’s color, we can also change the color being reflected back from everything in the bedroom. This can lead to amazing effects, especially since the human brain responds to mood lighting quite readily.

Dimmer switches for luminescence

Dimmer switches allow you to change the luminescence, and they can work with most modern lights. This will keep your initial expense limited, as compared to installing a full smart lighting system. However, you may still want to invest in lights with ambient light sensor for saving money in the long term.

Light with ambient sensors shine brighter or dimmer, depending on how bright the room already is. It also helps in maximizing natural light during daytime. This can really help with bedroom upgrades on a budget.


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