Before getting a dog: 4 important questions

18 May, 2023

Before getting a dog: 4 important questions

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Whether you’ave previously been a petowner or are planning to bring a pet into your life, think before getting a dog.  Before getting a dog consider the four important questions that can help you prepare and decide if this is the best time for you to get a pet dog.

getting a dog
Think carefully before you make the decision to buy a dog – a dog is a commitment

4 Important questions before getting a dog as a pet

Are you thinking of getting a new pet dog? Maybe you’ve always wanted one or your kids are begging for their own furry friend. Before making this big decision, there are some important questions to ask yourself.

Owning a pet is a huge responsibility and commitment that requires time, care and patience, and money. 

In this blog post, we’ll explore the most critical questions to consider before adding a dog to your family. By answering these questions honestly, you’ll be able to determine if owning a pet dog is right for you and which breed would be the best fit for your lifestyle. So let’s dive in!


1.Why do you want a dog?

getting a dog
Companionship is one of the main reasons for getting a dog

There are many things to know before getting a dog. Adding a pet dog to your family can be an exciting and rewarding experience. However, before making that decision, it’s essential to ask yourself why you want a dog. Is it because they’re cute and cuddly? Or maybe because your friends have dogs as pets?

These reasons may seem valid, but they shouldn’t be the sole reason for getting a dog.

One of the most common reasons people get dogs is for companionship. Dogs are known for being social animals and provide unconditional love and support to their owners through thick and thin. They can help alleviate feelings of loneliness or anxiety in both adults and children.

Plus, as the folks from note, dogs are fun-loving creatures that need to socialize with both other dogs and children. Also, for active people, dogs make great running and hiking partners.


2. Are you prepared to handle the responsibility?

Owning a dog requires significant financial commitments. You will need to provide food, shelter, toys, and medical care for your dog throughout its life. Not only do these necessities cost money upfront but they require regular spending as well.

Dogs require attention and time on a daily basis. They need exercise and social interaction in order to maintain physical and mental health. This means setting aside time each day for walks, playtime, and training sessions.

In addition to this, dogs can also experience behavioral issues such as chewing or barking excessively which can result in damage around the house or neighborhood complaints from neighbors.

3. What kind of dog would be a good fit for your lifestyle?

getting a dog
Are you looking for a dog with a personality?

Choosing the right dog breed is essential when getting a pet. You have to find a breed that suits your lifestyle and personality. If you live in an apartment, for example, you may want to consider adopting a smaller dog as they’re more adaptable to limited spaces.

If you’re an active person who loves going on long walks or runs daily, then breeds like retrievers or shepherds might be perfect for you. These dogs require plenty of exercise and can keep up with your active lifestyle.

On the other hand, if you prefer lounging at home most of the time, then adopting a low-energy dog like a bulldog or Basset Hound would be ideal. These breeds are known for their laid-back personalities and don’t need extensive exercise routines. Your living environment also plays an important role in choosing the right breed.

If you have children at home, it’s best to go with family-friendly breeds such as Golden Retrievers or Labradors because they’re gentle and patient around kids.

Additionally, some dog breeds shed less than others which makes them suitable for people who suffer from allergies. Poodles and Shih Tzus are hypoallergenic dogs that make great companions for those with sensitive noses!

4. Do you have enough time to care for a pet dog?

Care for dogs takes time. They need to be walked and exercised, and generally cared for and stimulate.

Taking good care of a pet dog requires time and effort. Before getting a dog, you need to ensure that you have enough time in your schedule to dedicate towards its care.

Dogs require daily exercise, feeding, grooming, and affection. An important factor to consider is how many hours per day you are away from home for work or other commitments. A puppy needs even more attention than an adult dog because they are still learning the basics of potty training and obedience commands.

If your schedule is already packed with activities, it may be difficult to find the necessary time for your furry friend without sacrificing some of your other responsibilities or leisure time.

Can you commit to taking regular walks during lunch breaks? Or hire a professional dog walker? Aside from daily routines, dogs also need socialization opportunities like playdates at the park or visits with friends who have pets. These interactions can help keep them happy and mentally stimulated.

getting a dog
Dogs need exercise, care, attention and companionship


Dog sitters near me – The ultimate search

Perhaps you posted a local advertisement to find a regular dog minder. Local dogsitters are usually fairly available in most towns. A search for dog sitters near me delivers a range of appropriate results. There could be professional dogsitters in the results listed.

Looking for trusted pet sitters

How to find dogsitters near me

You might prefer to research the ways to find the right solution for you. Perhaps you have even Googled ‘How to find a dog sitter near me?

Maybe you have found kennels that are local to you. Or perhaps your search engine has returned a list of various options including dog sitting websites, or house sitting websites.

What makes an ideal dogsitter?

A good dogsitter is one who will care for your pets while you are away. More than likely they will be a live in dogsitter. They will be a dogsitter that will come to your house, and will stay for as long as you need them by agreement. And when the dogsitter is caring for your pets they know what a dog needs before the dogs knows it.

local dogsitters
A great dogsitter will anticipate what your dog needs

Organising the dogsit

Dog sitting prices

You may want to hire a professional dogsitter. If so you will be ready to pay the daily rate. And if you are away overnight or for a longer period you may wish to agree a set rate for your period of absence. In the UK dog sitting prices vary from £ 10 per day up to £ 50 + per day.

In home dog sitter

So if you are to cover all your holidays with a holiday dog sitter the total annual price for dogsitting can add up significantly. So it is worth considering alternative options such as an overnight pet sitting in my home.

Petsitting and housesitting websites

One relatively new and effective alternative comes in the form of petsitting and house sitting websites. usually there is a nominal administrative fee to joining. Once you have joined as a pet owner and homeowner you create a profile and post an advert.

Professionally run housesitting platform

The good and professionally run sites will then check your ID for the safety of all those in the network. Sitters are also checked and their current police and background checks are displayed alongside their sitter reviews.

Free petsitters and housesitters

The other perhaps major advantage is that the sitters are for free. They wont charge you for dogsitting in your home.

In house dog sitting

There are many sitters who are happy to move into your home to care for your pets. Or you could hire dog sitters at their home.

Rent free living in exchange for petsitting

Joining such a petsitting website can save you a great deal of money. And you can find remarkably well experience dogsitters, dog handlers and dog lovers.

The most important questions to ask before getting a dog in summary

When you are considering getting a dog as a pet it is a big decision that requires careful consideration. Before bringing home a furry friend, ask yourself why you want one and if you are ready for the responsibility of caring for another living being.

Determine what kind of dog would be best suited to your lifestyle and make sure that you have enough time to give them the love and attention they need. 

By asking yourself these important questions before getting a dog, you can ensure that both you and your new companion will enjoy a long and happy life together. Remember that owning a pet is not just about having someone to play with or taking cute photos for social media – it’s about giving an animal a loving home where they feel safe, secure, and cared for.




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