Best chainsaws for homeowners and pros – Top Tips

18 Oct, 2021

Best chainsaws for homeowners and pros – Top Tips

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If you are looking for the best chainsaws either as a homeowner with a property to manage, or a pro read this blog. In the article we review a number of Stihl chainsaws that might suit your purpose.

The 5 Best Stihl Chainsaws For Homeowners and Pros

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Look at the full range of chainsaws before choosing

You may be looking for the best Stihl chainsaws, but not know where to start. You might have heard of Stihl but aren’t sure which models are best suited for your needs. If you’re a homeowner looking for a heavy-duty tool or professional who wants something more lightweight, this article will help. We’ll discuss the top 5 best Stihl chainsaws. We’ll also describe what to expect of them in order to help you find the best one that fits your needs!

Stihl MS 170

The Stihl MS 170 is a light-duty handheld saw. It features an anti-vibration system that delivers lower vibration levels for operator comfort, while the low weight helps reduce fatigue. This saw offers enhanced fuel efficiency with an engine design to optimize combustibility, so it can run on both gasoline and oil for added convenience. The triple instant stop system saves wear and tear on other parts by instantly stopping the chain when engine power is abruptly interrupted or shut off–providing quicker start up time between cutting operations. It weighs only 6 pounds making it easy to carry around without feeling fatigued since there’s no extra weight pulling down on your arm while you’re cutting wood at different heights.

Stihl MS 461

The MS 461 is a chainsaw that has been designed with the environment and user safety in mind. This product is so unique because it uses an electric engine and powers itself via a battery. This eliminates harmful emissions and reduces noise output to less than 84 decibels. Not only does this do wonders for the environment, but it should be interesting to note that this chainsaw makes less noise than an average vacuum cleaner. This saw also comes with great features like vibration-reduction technology, convenience hooks for both right-handed users as well as left-handed users, three different types of cutting bar lengths ranging from 20″, 24″, or 32″ options available on the market, as well as overheat protection system.

Stihl MS 362

The MS362 is a great chainsaw for those with medium to large wood-cutting jobs. It features a compact design, which makes it easy to maneuver in any situation. What is more, the 36cc 2-cycle engine provides power for handling more difficult tasks without breaking a sweat. With an auto return stop switch, you can rest assured that your saw is safely shut down when you walk away from it after finishing your cut – or even if you accidentally leave it idle. A sharpening stone ensures that this saw is always cutting at its optimum level of sharpness, too. Plus, this model features an anti rigidity adapter which prohibits blade binding and enhances performance during use on crooked material.

Stihl MSA 200 C-BQ

The MSA 200 C-BQ is a second generation chainsaw from Stihl. It’s air-cooled, lightweight, and can be used in wet areas where water cannot easily reach the engine. It has an anti-vibration system that dampens shocks, minimizing the tiring feel of extended work periods.

The Stihl MSA 200 C-BQ also features RapidExchange technology. This enables operators to replace worn or damaged parts quickly and conveniently at ground level without tools using quick connect couplers. It gives you more time on the job, not working on your equipment. 

Stihl MSE 250 C-Q

The Stihl MSE 250 C-Q is a commercial saw. It’s designed for cutting trees up to 16 inches in diameter. The MS250C-Q has an installed power head with an 18 inch blade. It can be modified to take blades of various lengths (from 14″ to 35″). The Stihl MS250C-Q also comes equipped with an automatic tensioning system that automatically adjusts the tension of the chain based on external conditions such as vibration or load applied by the tree being cut. It has a rear handle exhaust blower, full wrap-around non-drip guards, and vinyl hand grip protection panels.

A final thought on the best chainsaws

Stihl is the most trusted name in chainsaws, and for good reason. They are durable, powerful machines that will make quick work of any type of cutting job. As a homeowner you will find they can help you tackle many jobs around your property or homestead. If one catches your eye but seems too expensive for what you want to do with it, be sure to look around for stores that offer the best prices on Stihl chainsaws as well as discounts and other benefits!


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