Best garden for pets – Top Tips

20 Sep, 2023

Best garden for pets – Top Tips

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When homeowners also become pet owners we need to consider the needs of our pets. Most of us will want to make the best garden for pets possible on our property. Here are some top tips for how to go about that and what resources to consider.

How to make the best garden for pets – Top Tips

When it comes to making your home a home, the addition of a pet is often high on the priority list. Whether you live alone, are a couple, or have children, a family pet can really enhance your life. They offer companionship, as well as becoming a huge part of the family.

However, while you may focus on getting your home ready for a pet, the one area that can be overlooked is the garden. For most of the pets we adopt we need to consider how to make the best garden for pets. The likelihood is that your pet will want to spend time in there. Especially if you have a dog or a cat.

So here are some of the top tips for making your garden suitable for pets. 

cat and dog resting
When you have pets you need to consider what will make the best garden for pets on your property

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Our top tips for a garden for pets

English sheep dog on a lawn
Some pets need open space to play. Consider the size of animals when making a garden for pets

Cover any gaps or holes where they can escape

While this might not be so much of a concern for a cat, after all, they will likely hop over your fence and go off exploring anyway, if you have other pets then there is the worry they might escape. Dogs, especially younger ones, or even pets like rabbits, can often find holes in fencing or decking areas and either escape or get trapped.

Take some time to look around your garden and see if there are any holes or areas that need blocking. If you have a shed or greenhouse in your garden it is also worth checking that area as well. 

Install new decking and storage options 

If you have the funds hen planning your garden for pets, it is likely a good time to invest in your garden to make some improvements and new decking could be a great option. You may want to use materials that are easy to maintain.

You might also want to look at adding new storage or even building your own shed. This is handy for storage. Websites like the Clear Amber Shop could be a great source of information and give you an idea of what materials you could use for this. 

decking makes a good garden for pets
Am enclosed garden deck can be a safe space for Children and pets

Artificial versus real grass

Another investment you might want to make would be with grass. It could be that laying down fresh turf will help you to maintain the grassy area of your garden, however, artificial grass is growing in popularity, especially if you have a pet dog. The artificial grass is easy to maintain and keep clean.

You can get rid of any mess by removing it and then washing it away. With real grass, it is a little harder to keep, especially when dogs and cats urinate on it regularly. 

Specific areas for your pets 

pet friendly
For multiple pets you need to consider many aspects and perhaps a designated area in your garden for pets

While you can’t control where your cat goes, with other pets like dogs and rabbits, you could make a specific area for them to enjoy. This helps to keep certain parts of your garden usable for children or to enjoy your plants and flowers without the risk of a dog or other pet trampling on them.

Area with plants that are safe for pets

You will need to consider your planting to make sure you choose plants that are safe for your animals in your garden for pets.  When choosing plants for your garden avoid any plants that are toxic to pets.

Rabbits appreciate some outside space, and may even live outside in their hutches. So creating a protected run for them could be beneficial. For dogs, you might just want to allocate a specific area for them to do their business when they are not being walked. 

Final thoughts on how to make a garden for pets

Let’s hope these tips help you to make your garden suitable for pets. And that your garden for pets is a safe place to rest and play for your animals and your whole family. 

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