Best of Two Worlds – Alarm System and Housesitters

11 Jul, 2019

Best of Two Worlds – Alarm System and Housesitters

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At we have long been exponents for home security through the presence of housesitters keeping the home occupied. We also believe in the ideal combination of having an alarm system and housesitters together.  When you leave your home for any period of time, it becomes a target for criminals.

That’s why it’s essential to always have a protection plan to ensure your home is monitored at all times. Finding the perfect balance between monitored and realistic can be a challenge, but there are two things you should always have when you’re out of town: an alarm system and a house sitter. 

Alarm system and housesitters
Empty homes without an alarm system and housesitters are vulnerable

In this guide, we’ll discuss how these things both work together to make sure your home is safe no matter how far you are. In addition, we’ll give tips for choosing the best alarm system and sitter for your needs. 

Why Do You Need an Alarm System?

Believe it or not, crime happens everywhere. It doesn’t matter how safe you think your neighbourhood is, you’re always at risk. In fact, criminals are getting smarter. They’re using social media and other indicators to discover when you’re likely to be away from home or out of town.  All the more reason to find a housesitting platform like HouseSitMatch that doesn’t give away any details about you. 

An alarm system is the only way to make sure your home is protected even when you’re not home. You can monitor your home from anywhere by using your smartphone, and that’s irreplaceable peace of mind. 

You can trust an alarm system to get the job done no matter what. In a study of 86 home burglars, most noted that security cameras or visible alarms would act as a deterrent. That means your home will not be made a target. However, there are times when an alarm system alone isn’t enough. In that case, you need a sitter. 

How do you choose the right alarm for you? Look for a system that’s reliable, wireless-based, and that has device enabled features for ongoing support. 

It is important to care for the things and spaces you value, use and alarm system and housesitters

Home Sitters Protect Your Home

House sitting is more than a way to keep your pets safely at home, your plants watered and your mail checked. They’re a great way to make it clear that your home is not a target. When scouting properties to break into, criminals often look for signs that a home is empty and has been empty for several days.

If they see evidence of an alarm system and housesitters they will back away and move on to another property. 

Dog sitters
Housesitters let you keep pets at home and care for the garden. You are safest with an alarm system and housesitters

Things like mail left outside the home, untrimmed yards and gardens, and no vehicles in the driveway are like waving a flag saying your home is prime for looting. The best way to avoid this problem is to have a house sitter who spends time in your home every day, ideally staying overnight. 

In addition, many home insurance companies don’t provide coverage if you’re away from home for long periods of time. They’ll cut their support on break ins usually after 7 days so a home sitter will help ensure you have no gaps in coverage. 

How can you help your house sitter make the home more secure? When you have robust locks set by a professional locksmith service, such as the Lockboss Dublin,  you can have trust the mechanical security of the property. Let them know the importance of locking all windows and doors, and have them pay attention to signs that someone’s watching.

Let all your neighbours know you’ll have someone house sitting so don’t set off any neighbours’ warning bells either.

Holiday Home Security
Using both an alarm system and housesitters is the safest way to protect your property when you are absent

Protect Your Home

Is your home protected? If you’re planning to leave your home unoccupied any time soon, give close thought to having a security system and a sitter. These two things make your home criminal-proof so you can enjoy your time away. 

Don’t let your home become another target. Secure your home with security alarms and homesitters. Crime happens everywhere, and you can never be too careful. Take these steps above to ensure you’re ready for anything, even when you’re away. 

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