Best security grilles for shops – Handy for homes too

21 Jul, 2021

Best security grilles for shops – Handy for homes too

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Security is increasingly an issue of concern for homeowners, property managers and shop keepers. During Covid it was remarkable how many homeowners turned a front room into a shop. Yes, this really did happen in the most surprising places. Maybe they had a shop elsewhere but decided to also sell to their friends and neighbours directly from home.  But whether you keep stock or cash in the house, or you live in a city or area where break-ins are an issue, security grilles can help mitigate the risks of security breaches. Read on to learn more.

Best Security Grilles for Shops

security grilles
Many homes in cities especially are having shop grilles installed

If you own a ground-level retail business, restaurant, or another type of shop, you probably have large glass windows that face the street. While this may be great to entice passersby and display your wares, they are also an invitation to theft. Criminals will frequently target these businesses for smash and grab thefts. Security cameras are helpful, but these nefarious individuals will often conceal their faces or wear hoodies to make identification more difficult. You may be considering a security grill for your business to protect your property. Here are a few suggestions and the pros and cons of each.

Side-Folding Grilles

You might be unfamiliar with the name side-folding grille, but you’ve definitely seen these protecting businesses. Side-folding grilles use a collapsible lattice structure to open and close. You can see through side-folding grilles, so your attractive window display is still visible to the public, even after you close. If you’re inside working before or after business hours, you can see anyone approaching the front of your store without having to leave.

This is a minimalist design that usually opens and closes manually, so the cost is lower than other security grilles. You can also use side-folding grilles with other security measures, like plexiglass windows and doors and surveillance cameras. If you have a loading bay in the back, you can install a side-folding grille and take advantage of natural lighting and ventilation while your business remains secure.

Roll-Up Security Grille

This option is a little more substantial than a side-folding grille. You usually can’t see through this type of grille unless you have transparent panels cut into the metal. The grille rolls up along the tracks to a container that’s above the door. They can be automatic or manual.

The advantage of this type of grille is that criminals can’t look into your business when they’re closed. The disadvantage is that your customers may not be able to admire your business after hours. Also, if you have a surveillance camera behind the roll-up grille, it will probably not be of much service. These doors are, however, great for hurricanes and other types of high-intensity storms.

Other Security Options

Some of these options can work with a grille or in conjunction with each other.

Plexiglass Windows

Plexiglass is durable and transparent. It is also tough to break. Even if you take a baseball bat to plexiglass, it may buckle but is unlikely to break. Unfortunately, plexiglass isn’t quite as scratchproof as tempered glass. Even if you work hard to maintain it, it will eventually show the minor nicks on the surface.

Surveillance Cameras

Cameras are a great deterrent to theft, mainly if the thief or burglar doesn’t use masks. You can place surveillance cameras over your doors, windows, facing the parking lot, etc. You should check the local laws. Some states require that you post a sign informing visitors to your property that you have surveillance cameras operating.

If you have a business, you want to do everything you can to protect it. However, you do not want to sacrifice the aesthetic appeal of your business for safety. Security grilles can provide you with a great option that keeps your business safe at night and disappears in the daytime.

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