Best ways to heat a home

7 Oct, 2023

Best ways to heat a home

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One of the big challenges for homeowners especially in a cold climate is how to heat a home economically. In this article we offer a description of the best ways to heat your home with a cost conscious frame of mind. Read on to learn more.

Economical ways to heat a home

wood burning fire
An open fireplace is one of the common ways to heat a home in more traditional houses

Photo by Alex Lázaro

The best ways to heat a home economically

The most economic ways to heat your house is also often the most efficient way. When your home is comfortably heated and not losing any heat, you won’t have to worry about spending any more money than necessary. If you’re concerned about how you use heat for the sake of the environment, read on to learn more about the best heating systems.

Options for how to heat a home

Here are some of the most economical and efficient ways to heat your home today whether you have a home with electricity or not:


No matter what type of heating system your home uses, it won’t be anywhere near as efficient as it should be if your home isn’t properly insulated. Before the cold weather sets in, it can help to check if your home needs more insulation. For instance, if your loft isn’t properly insulated, a lot of heat can escape through it.

There are often other areas of a property that will need insulation to ensure heat stays where it’s supposed to. It can help to have your property viewed by a professional.

Hydronic Heating

Many people these days are opting for hydronic heating as a way to heat a home economically long term. This type of heating uses a system that heats up water and delivers hot water to radiators and pipes. It then utilizes an evaporative cooling method.

Although this heating system can be costly to install, it’s far more of an investment than a purchase. It’s one of the best ways to ensure you have clean energy in your home, meaning you can have peace of mind when it comes to reducing your carbon footprint.

Terracotta Heaters

While terracotta heaters aren’t sophisticated, they do work. Essentially it’s just a clay pot with candles inside but the larger your terracotta heater, the more heat you’ll get out of it. The heat from the candle flame bounces off the clay and into the room.

If you want to keep your energy usage down, these clay heaters are ideal. They’ll only heat a small space so if you know you’ll be sitting in the same room for a long period of time, they can work perfectly.

Block Your Chimney

Many people don’t use their traditional fireplaces anymore. In fact, modern designs have fireplaces covered up entirely. However, even when fireplaces are covered, the chimney can still exist.

If your chimney is open, it could be letting cold air into your property through the walls. Consider having your chimney blocked or taken off altogether. However, if you want to install a log fire, you’ll need to keep it open.

Couple in a cozy home at Christmas near the fireplace
In cold climates keeping warm is essential, keeping a cozy home becomes important

Photo by Eva Michalkova

Log Fires

Which brings me to my next point. Log burners have become incredibly popular in recent years. Not just because they look cozy and release a sizable amount of heat but also because they’re cost effective. It often costs less to burn wood than it does to use energy for heating.

If you don’t want to burn wood on a log fire, there are other economically friendly options that won’t break the bank either.

If you’ve found this article and these ideas on how to heat a home helpful, take a look at the others.


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