Board a dog overnight – How much will it cost?

23 Jun, 2021

Board a dog overnight – How much will it cost?

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From time to time you may need to go away just for one night, perhaps for business. And if you are a pet owner, especially if you own pets you need pet care. So what do you do? In your situation can you board a dog overnight at a dog hotel? Or do you find a dog sitter house sitter for dog home boarding in your home? You might find a dog loving neighbour, dogsitter or local student who will step in.

Board a dog overnight or the alternatives

Most people are not keen to board a dog overnight because of the costs of kennels and the disruption to the pet’s routine. Read on to learn more about the costs and options of dog boarding and the best home boarding alternative.

How Much Does it Cost to Board a Dog Overnight?

board a dog overnight
Sometimes dog boarding is the best option for your pet, so you need to find a place to board a dog overnight

As much as you love spending time with your pooch, sometimes you have to go away, and they can’t come with you. When this happens, you can leave them with a pet sitter, or you can board them. Unfortunately, boarding can be a costly expense. 

There are a lot of options to choose from when it goes to dog boarding, but what will it cost? The price depends on a number of factors, including what you want to get out of your dog’s boarding experience. What follows is a review of the cost to kennel a dog and the cost of alternative kennel boarding. 

Planning to Board a Dog Overnight?

So you’re going away on an overnight trip, you need to plan. Most good kennels are extremely popular. And you will want to know how much it will cost to board your dog at a kennel ahead of time. Well, the short answer is, it depends. In general, boarding a dog at a kennel costs between $25 and $45 per night.

If you choose to board a dog overnight with the best pet hotel, costs start around $50 per night and can go into the hundreds. However, in-home dog sitting and home boarding are also options you can look into. 

Let’s go a little more in-depth on your alternatives for dog boarding. 

      Sending Your Dog to a Kennel

Dog kennel accommodations depend on the facility you choose. However, most offer essential services like meals, water, and a place to sleep (usually a crate with bedding). Some will also provide playtime with other dogs and daily walks. 

Wide diversity in kennel offering

Kennels vary a lot. They are kind of the motels of dog boarding, and just like motels, you get what you pay for. Therefore, it’s crucial that you weigh what the facility offers and its environment against the cost. 

The cost for kennel boarding depends on where you live and the kennel you choose. It is common for overnight boarding to range from $25 to $45 per night. 

      Splurging on a Pet Hotel to board a dog overnight

Pet hotels are the upscale boarding options. Pet hotels are different from kennels in that they have premium services and deluxe facilities to board a dog overnight or longer if you need.

Essentially, your dog gets treated like they’re staying at a five-star hotel. Some of the luxuries these facilities offer include swanky private rooms, gourmet food, comfy beds, spa treatments, personal televisions, extra daily walks, lots of playtimes, and 24-hour supervision. 

Boarding luxury comes at a price

Given the luxury that will be showered on your pooch, you should expect to pay top dollar for this ritzy way to board a dog overnight. In general, pet hotels start at $50 a night and go all the way up to several hundred dollars. However, like kennel pricing, it depends on your geographic location and the facility you select. 

      Opting for In – Home Dog Boarding with a dog sitter

how to raise a dog
Finding a dogsitter who will care for your pet in your absence can give real peace of mind

In-home boarding means your dog stays in someone’s home, sometimes with other dogs, sometimes with just humans. The main benefit of in-home boarding is that it reduces the chances that your pup will catch one of the diseases commonly spread in larger groupings for example in kennels.

Minimises separation anxiety

It’s also great for nervous or anxious dogs as the environment is smaller and more intimate. They will also receive personalized attention and more freedom to roam around during the day. 

In-home boarding is pretty affordable, in general, because the hosts set their own prices. Furthermore, these people are usually dog lovers offering this service for a little extra cash on the side. As a result, overnight boarding can cost as little as $15 a night. 

      Finding a Dog Sitter for Dog Home Boarding

If you don’t want to board a dog overnight in a strange environment, finding a live in dog sitter to come to your home is a good alternative. Live in dog sitters will offer you dog home boarding. And if you join a housesitting and petsitting network like the dog house sitters will offer you dog home boarding for free.

Pet sitters come to your house several times a day to walk, feed, and play with your pooch. It’s also possible to hire sitters to stay overnight with your pup. 

Petsitting is a really affordable option from the sharing economy

The price for pet sitting depends on what you need from the sitter as well as their experience and qualifications. It also depends on the petsitting platforms you approach. For house visits, sitters can charge between $20 to $50 per day, depending on the number of visits. The price will go up for overnight stays.

Yet if you choose a platform like the petsitters will be for free. However, likely they will want to stay longer than simply one night. Their reward is the free accommodation as well as the pleasure of looking after your pet.

board dogs overnight
Ensure you pet housesitter is checked and from a reputable source – check online reviews

You need a dogsitter

What is a live in dogsitter?

As soon as you get a new pet dog for your home you realise that actually they need a lot of engagement. This is when most dog owner start asking ‘What is a live in dogsitter’? And can I find a live in dog sitter near me?

The pet minder’s engagement with your pets

The age and state of health of your dog will impact how much engagement they need.  When they are young they need a lot of attention and puppy training. The training ensures they stay safe, and learn behaviour that is suitable to live with humans in the home. House training is also important to make sure they and the house stay clean.

The next phase is one where they are a little older and need more exercise. They need longer walks, they need to run around to build and exercise their muscles.

As they gain in confidence they need socialisation with other dogs to temper their behaviour and to learn dog body language and protocols. Most dogs love human interaction so a live in dogsitter is a great kennel alternative and can keep your dog engaged and happy.

A final word on the options to boarding a dog overnight

Deciding on what to do for pet care for just one night can be a challenge. The costs to board a dog overnight may not be as bad as you fear. Do the research and look at your options. Choose the  best option for your and your dog. It will be the best thing.


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