Boost home curb appeal – 5 Tips

20 Sep, 2022

Boost home curb appeal – 5 Tips

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Are you thinking of selling your home? To help get the presentation of a home ready ready this blog for homeowners on how to boost home curb appeal.

5 Upgrades that boost home curb appeal

boost home curb appeal
Pay attention to the outside presentation of your property to boost home curb appeal

Nothing highlights your home’s issues more than spending time within its four walls. Many homeowners learned this over the past two years.

It’s not surprising that the number of home renovations increased during the same period. These upgrades weren’t limited to the interior of the home.

Benefits of upgrading your outdoor space

Spending time outdoors became a form of therapy for many over the past two years. This increased the importance of the home’s exterior during this period. It made outdoor upgrades the new hobby for 70% of homeowners.

Enhanced home curb appeal can also positively affects the value of a house. So, outdoor renovations seem to be the perfect win/win scenario for homeowners. Read on to learn more curb appeal tips.

How to boost home curb appeal

Convinced that it’s time to enjoy your outdoor space and increase its value in the process? Here are five upgrades that could make relaxing in your yard even more appealing.

1.   Window Shutters and Boxes

Window shutters add an elegant touch to any home. Most can go on any type of window and on any style of home. You’ll need to choose a design that works well with both.

There are four main types available and each complements specific home styles. They include:

  • Bahama
  • Raised panel
  • Board and Batten or Bed and Breakfast (BnB or B and B)
  • Louvered

Match window boxes

You can pair any of these with window boxes for a more complete look.

Window boxes can breathe life into a home. Simply plant the right foliage which can include beautiful floral accents. The combination of window shutters and boxes is sure to brighten up the exterior of your home.

2.   Landscaping your exterior to boost home curb appeal

boost home curb appeal
Planting is very important in your landscaping

Landscaping can beautify a home. But it also serves a practical purpose. It creates privacy and can make your home more secure.

However, it doesn’t hurt to add unique touches while ensuring it still achieves its goal. Your landscaping should incorporate color and texture. You’ll also need to pay attention to line and form. These are important when considering the scale of landscaping you’ll need.

Find the natural flow of your garden to boost home curb appeal

Ideally use the natural contours of your yard so that they blend into the final look. Landscaping doesn’t only need to focus on greenery.

You can add special touches including water features, an archway, or a birdfeeder. These are the elements that can personalize your garden to suit your taste.

3.   Front Door

Modern, well lit and well presented front door to a house
Make the most of the presentation of your front door access to boost home curb appeal

When enhancing the exterior of your home, why not start with the first thing a visitor will see? Your front door. Making an impact with your home’s entryway doesn’t only have to be about color.

The design of your front door is also important. There are many options available. The one you choose should complement the architectural style of your home.

If you’re adventurous and want to make a statement, add a bold color. Red, teal, and yellow are some popular paint color options.

But you can also consider more classic, subtle tones that still make an impact. These include black, navy, and gray.

4.   Lighting

How do you make all these elements stand out as the sun goes down? With strategically placed lighting. You’ll also need to focus on the types of lighting fixtures you choose, depending on their location.

Spotlights can enhance a water feature at night. It can also act as a deterrent for would-be burglars.

Use appropriate fixtures to brighten your entryway and show off your front door. These can also serve a dual purpose if they have built-in cameras.

Ensure that pathways and your main entertainment areas are well-lit to prevent accidents. You can also create the perfect evening ambiance by up lighting surrounding trees.

5.   Hardscapes

Your driveway and pathway might seem insignificant compared to these other elements. But they require more than proper lighting to make an impact. When they’re thoroughly cleaned you can’t help but notice.

Pressure washing these arteries of your outdoor space can give your home a fresh, new look. Including fences, patios, and siding in this process can also spruce up the rest of your home’s exterior. It’s a great, affordable upgrade option.

Creating an Outdoor Space You’ll Want to Spend Time In

Your home is your haven. Creating a space you feel safe in and can enjoy means adding touches that will help to enhance it.

Often homeowners focus on their home’s interior. But the last two years saw a significant shift in this mindset.

Fresh air and spending quality time outdoors were in demand. It increased the desire of many homeowners to create a space they could enjoy.

You can start your own outdoor upgrade with some of the suggestions above. You can also find many other DIY projects you can undertake to enhance your home here on Refab Diaries.


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