Bringing baby home – Baby toy mistakes to avoid

29 Jul, 2021

Bringing baby home – Baby toy mistakes to avoid

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If like me you were a new homeowner and a first time parent when you brought your baby to your new home for the firs time read on. It is so easy to get caught up in the excitement of all the exciting new beginnings. I certainly did and went crazy buying all manner of things baby wouldn’t need for ages. They simply added clutter and many were not appropriate. Here is a short blog that will guide you through the baby toy mistakes to avoid first time round.

Mistakes to avoid when buying baby toys for your new born

baby toy
While your baby is still very young the use for toys is limited

Toys form an important component of childhood development since they keep the babies entertained. However, the little ones tend to be curious and want to experiment with different things. Kids can put anything in their mouths, and this is the primary reason you need to be careful with what you buy for your child. Read on to learn the mistakes to avoid when buying toys for your baby.

Ignoring your child’s age when buying a baby toy

Each baby toy is made for a different age groups, so you must avoid the temptation of just picking colorful and attractive items on display. Many people often make the mistake of ignoring their children’s ages when buying toys. You should choose an appropriate toy to ensure that your child enjoys the fun. As children grow, they build self-esteem, so you must buy those that help them become active learners and develop confidence. If you purchase a plaything that is beyond your child’s age, it can frustrate them.

No matter how smart your child appears, you must heed the manufacturer’s warning and buy suitable items for your child’s age group. It is crucial to start with small and easy-to-use playthings and gradually improve as your child grows. Complicated toys can confuse children, and they can also put off their interests.

Avoiding dangerous toys

Children want to explore different things about the environment around them and this is part of their growth and development. For this reason, it is important to buy safe products to protect your child during playtime. With the help of veritable information from child specialists, the reviews found at explain that you need to shop around and get safe playthings that your child can play with. You must avoid small toys that pose choking hazards to children. Broken balloons, marbles, and games with small balls may not be appropriate for children under three years. Simulations with tiny magnets and other smaller components can be swallowed easily by children, so you must stay away with these as well.

Not knowing your child’s interests

When you buy toys, you must know your child to avoid wasting money on items that will be ignored. Some children like dolls, cars, and miniature playthings. You also need to understand the types of games that your child likes and understand their weaknesses and interests. Buying a dull present can impact your child’s interests.

Buying similar toys

Another baby toy mistake that you should avoid at all costs is to buy the same type of toy. You should try to bring a variety of items that can last longer, as well as check your list to ensure that it contains a mixture of fun playthings that can captivate your kid. Continuous use of similar things can end up boring in the same way repetitive tasks impact adults in different work environments.

baby toy
As your baby grows the baby toys will become more important

Disregarding toxic toys

Some playthings consist of toxic materials like weak plastic, paint, or rubber that you must avoid too. Before you allow your kid to play with different items, make sure that these have been tested for safety. Additionally, you should also try to avoid second-hand toys since they can have components that can be dangerous. These products are usually cheap, and they can consist of loose components like buttons, wires, beads, batteries, and plastic parts that can be dangerous to your child.

Buying toys with sharp edges

Other playthings can cause injuries to your child if they break. So it is crucial to avoid products that can cut or scrape your baby’s skin, which is very delicate. Protruding parts can also be harmful, the same with a baby toy with long wires or strings. These can strangle the child unintentionally, or they can also affect the flow of blood.

All children love to chew toys and banging them around. It is part of playing, so you should make sure that their playthings do not break easily. You need to inspect all of them to ensure they do not consist of loose components that can harm your child. Additionally, it is essential to change your child’s toys to not reach a stage where they become badly worn out. Keep other playthings in a safe place and avoid taking them out at the same time.

A final note on the ideal baby toy

Toys play an important role in the development of children. They help to keep them entertained, however, you need to be careful when buying playthings to ensure they are suitable for the needs of the young ones. It is vital to buy products that are ideal for a specific age group and make sure that they are safe. Try to mix the toys to avoid monotony, and you must also understand your child’s interests.


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