Build the perfect DIY home for a dog

26 Jul, 2022

Build the perfect DIY home for a dog

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If you have a dog or you are bringing one home remember they need their own space.  Experienced pet owners know that a dog needs a dedicated space in the home. In this article we offer you top tips on how to build the perfect DIY home for a dog to help them settle and feel ‘at home’.

Build the perfect DIY home for a dog

DIY home for a dog
It is a good thing to create a dedicated space a DIY home for a dog

We are a pet-loving nation, and it goes without saying that dogs are the firm favourite pet for UK families. Of the 52% of adults that own a pet, more than half have a beloved pet pooch to call their own. So it’s official!

Naturally, dog owners want the best for their best friend, but sometimes we wish we could do a little better than a squeaky toy and knotted length of rope. But even if you have the space for a dedicated ‘dog kennel’ or playpen, dog furniture and specialised toys can be expensive.

Thankfully, there are some inexpensive DIY solutions you could try to give your dog or cat the best dedicated spaces possible. Even if you’ve barely lifted a drill before making a DIY home for a dog or cat is not too hard.

Every pet likes a space of their own

Brain teaser …

But before we get into the specifics of our dog-friendly room ideas, here’s a little brainteaser to get into the DIY mood. SGS Engineering has put together some visual brainteasers in which common tools are hidden; can you beat the average time of 48 seconds to find the tools?

Find the nail hidden in the tools…

Brain teaser 1

Now find the tape measure hidden in the tools…

Brain teaser 2

The importance of giving a dog their own space

Before we describe ideas and DIY recommendations, let’s consider why this is a good idea.  It’s important to understand the key benefits associated with dedicating an area of your home to your dog. Firstly, your dog will find their own space extremely comforting. They will feel secure especially if it’s filled with things they know are theirs and smell familiar.

This especially prepared space your DIY home for a dog could also have comfy spots and fun distractions.

Secondly, the space can serve to give the rest of your house a bit of a breather from your dog. Fun as they are to own, being able to isolate toys and bedding largely to one area will let you get a bit of your home back for you!

Thirdly, preparing a DIY home for a dog can be beneficial for both you and your dog, mentally speaking. You can put them in their room when introducing new people or guests to the home. Moreover, your dog can go there to let off steam without affecting you! Besides, some dogs can suffer anxiety, and may benefit from having the option to excuse themselves to a safe zone.

Some dogs feel safe in their cage indoors, it is often the best DIY home for a dog

The indoor kennel

Not everyone has a spare bedroom or basement to dedicate to their dog at home. However, you could still make the most of the dog’s existing space by building a closed-off kennel. You could even create a doggy-door into your cupboard under the stairs! A sort of Hairy Potter Home for Pooch.

You’ll need some timber and a little time to try DIY, but building a kennel entrance is easy. If you don’t own a drill, Milkwaukee drill drivers are powerful and easy to use; simply put an arch together over a cubby-hole or under your stairs, paint it a cute colour and chuck some toys inside!

Some dogs prefer to be outdoors, so you might need to build a dog house for them. it might need to be an insulated dog house depending on your climate

Doggy décor

Your dog is less likely to care about their room or space’s colour scheme than you. Remember that when making a DIY home for a dog. However, you still have the opportunity to give them a uniquely characterful area. You could even factor play into your decorations.

Why not drill chew and tug toys onto the wall for them to engage with! Or leave colour coordinated toys in a specific area near their bed or indoor kennel.


Find the nail hidden in the tools…

Find the tape measure hidden in the tools…


If you have at least one dog then you will occasionally need to find a dog sitter. Read on to learn our recommendations for finding dog sitters.

Find a dog sitter – Ideal at-home pet care

find a dog sitter
Find a dog sitter from a reliable trusted source, then introduce them to your pets to ensure both are comfortable and relaxed

Holiday time arrives and every pet owner is nervously looking for dog minding solutions. Do you use a local dog boarding kennels or have a neighbour or family member take care of your pet? Or have you used up all your credit with friends and family so now you need to find a dogsitter?

Staying with familiar people is a good way to keep your dogs calm and to minimise separation anxiety.

Friends and family dog minding solution

If you have a single dog or single pet then often friends and family are happy to step in and do a spot of dog minding while you are away. However, the pet minding ask gets more complex and is a considerably bigger favour if you have multiple pets.

Whether they move into your home or have the pets at their place it is still a big responsibility. Familiarity of location, of smells and of habits all help your dogs feel more relaxed.

Maintain your dog’s routines

Above all keeping your dog’s routines and location as a constant is considered the best practice to keep your dogs relaxed and happy while you are away. However, some dogs will be very nervous regardless, by their nature or perhaps because they are rescued with a sketchy past. So perhaps you need dog sitters at home. Find a dog sitter online.

Dog sitter managing your dog’s routine while you are away

Keeping your pets at home in their own environment is the best way to manage any fear they might experience. Brief your dog sitter to remain faithful to the dog’s routine, feeding times, walking times, treat times all matter and the dogs will expect the same activities every day. The routine gives comfort and shows they are cared for and loved.



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